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BY S C Pathak Head – ER Bhailal Amin General Hospital VADODARA.

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1 BY S C Pathak Head – ER Bhailal Amin General Hospital VADODARA

2 INTRODUCTION OF NEW DECLARATION FORM- 11(new) * This form replaces form No 13(Declaration form) when member having UAN and KYC verified digitally * Form No- 11 (new) available on the member portal with prefilled information * It also replace form No- 13 in case of having UAN and KYC details are digitized. Rest of employees shall continue to fill up Form -13 along with Form NO 11

3 ON LINE REGISTRATION OF ESTT.(OLRE) * Establishment can obtain PF code on line by filling form No 5 A  Existing establishment requires to fill up Form 5 (A). It is mandatory  Establishment would receive all notices in Email ID of the estt. in addition to through post 3 11-04 - 2015

4 REDUCTION OF RATE OF ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGES  Administrative charges are now 0.85% in place of 1.10%. EPF  Minimum amount of Adm charges are Rs 500/- for functional estt and Rs 75 /- for non- functional  Administrative charges for deposit link insurance is 0.01% subject to minimum Rs 250/- per month for functional and Rs 25/- per month for non functional  The above is effective from 01-01-2015 4 11-04 - 2015

5  Act does not define ‘Principle Employer’ or ‘Contractor’.  The scheme makes employer responsible for all compliance of regular or contractual employees The term of contractor needs to be understood in common parlance. 5 11-04 - 2015

6 Penalty for non compliance by the contractor on employer  Financial penalties : damages up to 25% and penal interest at 12%  Imprisonment : Up to one year and up to five years in case of repeated offence 6 11-04 - 2015

7 Securing compliance by contractor * compliance of contractor can be checked in official website in ‘establishment search option’  Monthly contribution of employees of contractor can be verified from ECR OR insisting to submit hard copy of ECR of each employee.  Insist for E challan of the establishment separately. 7 11-04 - 2015

8 No Class of employees Rates in Zone-1Rates in Zone -2 1Skilled293/-284-/ 2Semi-skilled284/-276/- 3Un-skilled276/-268/- Annexure is given in notification giving details of which categories of different industries falls in class as mentioned above. In case of piece rate, the amount earned in piece rate per day shall not be less than wage as specified here. For temporary workers, the wage shall not be less than 50 % of wage specified above. In case if more than 4 hour, the workers should be paid full wage as above. Existing perquisite or facilities shall not be withdrawn or deduction be made after revising the wage as above. 8 11-04 - 2015

9 PERIOD OF TRAININGSTIPEND aDuring first year 75% of minimum wage of semiskilled b During second year80% of “ “ c During third year 90% of “ “ 9 11- 04 - 2015

10 THANK YOU 10 11-04 - 2015

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