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US History Chapter 7 Note Page 26 “Reconstruction Ends”

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2 US History Chapter 7 Note Page 26 “Reconstruction Ends”

3 Reconstruction  North becomes weary of Reconstruction  Republicans split over Grant scandals Credit Mobilier – Railroad money scam Whiskey Ring – tax evasion scam  Panic of 1873  Radical Republicans have less and less control over South Reconstruction Ends….

4 Compromise of 1877 1876 Election  Samuel Tilden (Dem) and Rutherford Hayes (Rep) run for election  No electoral winner (tie)  Some southern votes are disputed  Hayes is given all disputed electoral votes in return for a favor  Southern states threaten succession again= leads to the Compromise of 1877

5 Deal is Made  Compromise is made  Republican Hayes wins the election (given the Presidency in exchange….)  He Promises that Northern troops are withdrawn from the south  Reconstruction Ends!  Effects of withdrawn troops: Home Rule of South reverses many of the Rep. advances - Black Codes Return - Republicans lose power - 14 Amendment is ignored!

6 New Rules -Black Codes are quickly reinforced -Jim Crow laws: legalized segregation of separation of the races -Segregation – Separate Blacks and whites physically -KKK: military organization used violence and terror to take away the political, economic, and social rights of African Americans -Financial Control - No Land = No Money!

7 Segregation  Decline in freedoms  End of Freedmen’s Bureau  End of voting: - Poll taxes - had to pay to vote, - Literacy tests- excluded poor whites, opps! - Grandfather clause - could not vote if your granddad had been a slave  Southern leaders ignored the Constitution  14 th & 15 th Amendments were NOT enforced in the South.

8 The New South  Southern economy eventually emerged stronger than before the war  Sharecropping replaced slavery  More industry - mainly in textile manufacturing  Better transportation – rail lines  Politically, whites were still in control and blacks were denied citizenship  ”Solid South” emerged = all Southern states voted overwhelming DEMOCRAT party for the next 70 years

9 The End Note Page 26 “Reconstruction Ends”

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