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Florida Atlantic University Office of Student Financial Aid “Money, Money, Money”

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1 Florida Atlantic University Office of Student Financial Aid “Money, Money, Money”

2 Contact Information Office of Student Student Support Services Building- SU80 #233 777 Glades Road Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991 (561) 297-3530 Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.** **The Financial Aid Office will be open on Mondays & Thursdays ONLY until 6:00pm during the first week of classes and the first week of advanced registration. (Hours subject to change when school is out of session.)

3 Student Financial Aid Raton/Main Campus: (561) 297-3530 Boca Raton/Main Campus: (561) 297-3530 Davie Campus: (954) 236-1229 Northern Campuses: (561) 799-8698 Website:

4 Types of Financial Aid We can help make your education affordable! If you're interested in financial aid for college, you've come to the right place. These programs provide more than $60 billion a year in grants, loans, and work-study assistance. Below is a list of the types of aid that students are eligible to receive: ºBright FuturesBright Futures ºFAU Loans & GrantsFAU Loans & Grants ºFederal Loans & GrantsFederal Loans & Grants ºFlorida Student Aid ProgramsFlorida Student Aid Programs ºLoans (Stafford, PLUS, Alternative)Loans (Stafford, PLUS, Alternative) ºNeed Based EmploymentNeed Based Employment ºScholarshipsScholarships

5 After Applying for Financial Aid Be on the lookout for emails from the Office of Student Financial aid via your FAU email account: If you receive an email stating to submit “Additional Required Documents”, you have been selected for verification and/or additional documentation is needed. These documents should be submitted ASAP. Not submitting these documents in a timely manner will cause a DELAY in the processing of financial aid awards. For a complete list of missing information: Log on to MyFAU, Click on the Money Matters! tab Click on “View Financial Aid Information” link Click on the Financial Aid tab or menu link Click on Eligibility Click on Student Requirements. SUBMIT ALL DOCUMENTS LISTED UNDER THE “UNSATISFIED REQUIREMENTS” SECTION

6 Verification Process Applicants randomly selected for verification by either the U.S. Department of Education or the Financial Aid Office must complete a verification worksheet form (Independent or Dependent) and provide any additional documentation requested by the Financial Aid Office.verification worksheet form Financial Aid applications are not considered complete and funds will NOT be disbursed until the verification process is complete. Please submit copies of all required documents with the exception of citizenship documentation which MUST be submitted in its original form.

7 Student Requirements In order to prevent unnecessary delays, be sure to submit your complete and readable Required Documents as described below to the appropriate FAU Financial Aid Office. Below is a list of possible required documents which may appear in your account. ISIR Report (received incomplete) Student US Income Tax Form Parent US Income Tax Form Verification Form (Dependent or Independent) Bankruptcy Birth Certificate Selective Service Registration Copy of Social Security Card Copy of Alien Registration Card U.S. Citizenship Documents Please submit copies of all required documents with the exception of citizenship documentation which MUST be submitted in its original form.

8 After Applying ---- continued Be on the lookout for emails from the Office of Student Financial aid via your FAU email account: If you receive an email via your FAU email account stating that your financial aid awards are available and have been posted to the system, you may ACCEPT or DECLINE awards offered. To View Accept/Decline Awards Offered: Log on to MyFAU, Click on the Money Matters! tab Click on “View Financial Aid Information” link Click on the Financial Aid tab or menu link Click on My Award Information link and select award year, if prompted Click on Award for Aid Year link Be sure to read the instructions on the General Information tab on how to Accept/Decline your Awards and the Terms and Conditions of Awards.

9 MyFAU - Enter Username and Password

10 Lookup FAU Net ID (click on FAUNet ID Information link)

11 Lookup FAU Net ID (click on FAUNet ID Lookup link and enter SSN or FAU Z Number) What is an FAUNet ID? FAU provides a username, called the FAUNet ID, to all students, faculty and staff, which is used for access to a wide variety of services. Your assigned FAUNet ID is unique across all FAU campuses. The FAUNet ID is used for e-mail, MyFAU, Blackboard, network access, Active Directory, and Blackboard. Some departmental services may also use the FAUNet ID. The FAUNet ID is also used as your FAU email address, which is based on the following format: (Example: How do I get an FAUNet ID? Your FAUNet ID is created when you are admitted as a student or attend orientation as an employee or faculty member. It is automatically generated in the university's central database (aka Banner). How do I find out why my FAUNet ID is? To look up your FAUNet ID, go to MyFAU ( and use the link labeled Lookup Username/FAUNet ID. It will display both your FAUNet ID and Znumber. What is my password? Starting on October 30, 2007, the initial default password for all users will be your birth date in the format mmddyy. If the default does not work, there is a chance your account was created before October 30th, and then the default password will be different according to your role in the university system. Student: 00ddyy, where dd is the 2-digit day of your birth and yy is the 2-digit year of your birth. Don’t forget to activate your Network Access so that you can use computers on ALL of FAU campuses.

12 MyFAU - You can customize this homepage to fit your needs Z00000123 Welcome John Doe You are currently logged in.

13 To View 2009-2010 Award Information and Student Requirements – ( click on the Money Matters Tab! and then click on “View Financial Aid Information”) View Financial Aid Information

14 Self-Service Main Menu: John Doe

15 Financial Aid: Accepting Awards NOTE: To accept/decline financial aid awards online, click on the “My Award Information” link. NOTE: To view if your Short Term Advance has been received or approved. (For Informational Purposes ONLY) NOTE: To view missing required documents, click on the “Eligibility” link. NOTE: Learn how to navigate through Financial Aid Self- Service.

16 Accepting Your Award Select “Award for Aid Year” link Select Aid Year, if prompted (i.e. Award Year 2010-2011) General Information tab gives details on how to accept/decline awards. Award Overview tab gives you details on types of awards offered to you. Printing option available Terms & Conditions tab - must accept Terms and Conditions before you are able to accept/decline awards on the Accept Award Offer tab (this tab is NOT accessible until the Terms and Conditions are accepted. 2010 - 2011

17 Terms and Conditions tab John Doe NOTE: Once Terms and Conditions are ‘Accepted’, a message will display that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions. The Accept Award Offer tab should NOW be accessible to accept/decline awards offered. 2010 - 2011

18 Accept Award Offer tab Available Options in Accept Award Column (Default is set to Undecided) Accept Decline NOTE: If student chooses to Accept a Partial Amount, choose Accept in the drop down box and then enter a whole dollar amount in the Accept Partial Amount field. 2010 - 2011

19 Financial Aid Deferment To receive a deferment of your tuition & fees, financial aid recipients must accept their awards online via MyFAU (accepting an amount which is sufficient to cover your tuition & fees) by the end of the drop/add period. If you decide NOT to attend classes, you will be liable for all fees UNLESS you formally withdraw from all courses.

20 Need Based Employment (Community Part-time Jobs) Off-campus job resources are open to all registered, degree- seeking, U.S. Employment Authorized students, regardless of financial need. The Office of Student Financial Aid acts as an employer/employee resource center for FAU students and the community via the “Get a Job!” database. Website: Office Phone Number: (561) 297-3680 “Get a JOB!” Database (located on MyFAU – Click on Money Matters! tab) : An online system for students to look up job listings for off-campus employment with local employers. (i.e. Babysitters, Tutors, Technology/Computer Aids)

21 “Get a JOB!” Database (located on MyFAU under the Money Matters! tab) View Financial Aid Information John Doe

22 Bright Futures Scholarships Bright Futures awards will be pro-rated based on actual enrollment and will be applied to tuition. Recent changes in the Florida Legislative The Florida Medallion Scholarship (FMS) and the Florida Gold Seal Scholarship (GSV) will NO LONGER pay 75% of tuition and/or related fees. The FMS and the GSV Scholarships will pay $94 per credit hour. The Florida Academic Scholarship (FAS) will no longer pay 100% of tuition and/or college related expenses. The FAS Scholarship will pay $125 per credit hour. The FAS Scholarship will NO LONGER pay the additional amount towards the purchase of books. Requires institutions to refund the State for any Bright Futures award amount received for courses which were dropped or withdrawn AFTER the drop and add period. Amendments to the Bright Futures Renewal Requirements requires students to REPAY their institution for any award amount received for course(s) which were dropped or withdrawn after the drop/add period. Bright Futures Hotline: (888) 827-2004 (toll free) Bright Futures Website:

23 Accept Awards (Bright Futures Scholarships) NOTE: Bright Futures Scholarship Awards are automatically Accepted on the system. NO FURTHER ACTION is needed! NOTE: Your Bright Futures Scholarship is an estimated award based on 15 credits. Your award will be adjusted at the end of drop/add. All awards are subject to eligibility and renewal criteria. 2010 - 2011

24 Award Messages Click on the Award Name in the Fund Column on the Award Overview tab or the Accept Award Offer tab. Review the messages for each individual fund i.e. Click on the Federal Unsubsidized Loan link and this message displays.

25 Veterans Affairs The Veterans’ Affairs office of FAU is designed to act as a liaison between the student and Veterans Administration. Although, we are not employees of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, we can still assist and counsel you on the following: Completion of Paperwork Certification of Attendance Educational Benefits Florida Atlantic University's Policies and Procedures related to VA Benefits VA Phone Number: 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) to speak with a Veterans Benefits Counselor. VA official website:

26 Disbursement of Financial Aid Financial Aid is disbursed approximately the third week of classes each semester. To monitor disbursements, log into MyFAU, click on the “Money Matters!” tab and then click on “View Financial Aid Information”.

27 Disbursement of Financial Aid FAU encourages students to open a bank account. Students will be able to sign up for direct deposit online (link is located in the “Money Matters” tab in MyFAU).direct deposit Direct deposit of funds is preferred to go to BankAtlantic accounts, however, FAU is able to direct deposit funds into your existing financial institution.BankAtlantic For those students without direct deposit, a.NET check will be mailed to the local address on file with the Registrar’s Office.

28 Short Term Advance for Books - (Available two weeks prior to the start of each term until two weeks prior to the end of the same term) The Short Term Advance Application is available exclusively online in MyFAU under the Money Matters! tab. ******Students will need to enter the FAU Z Number to proceed with the application****** (SPRING 2011) Students MUST establish direct deposit in order to receive the Short Term Advance. No paper checks will be issued!

29 Summer Financial Aid Request for 2011 Summer Financial Aid will be available beginning February 1, 2011 on MyFAU. Click on the Money Matters! tab. Under Financial Aid Online Applications, click on ‘Request for Summer Financial Aid’. Students MUST have a completed a 2010 – 2011 FAFSA & it MUST be on file with no unsatisfied document requirements. Please review the Important Summer Information Bulletin for additional enrollment criteria (located on the main Financial Aid website).Important Summer Information Bulletin

30 OWLCAST! (located on the homepage of the Financial Aid website) The Financial Aid OWLCAST is updated at the beginning of each month. Various topics include: Financial Aid Policies & Procedures FAFSA information Scholarships Volunteering Student Employment Short Term Advance Summer Financial Aid Veteran Affairs information And much more

31 Top Ten Tips! 1.) Apply for Financial Aid early – Beginning January 1 st for the upcoming 2010-2011 academic year and NO later than the end of February 2010! 2.) You must be degree-seeking and enrolled at least half-time to receive financial aid. 3.) Complete the Request for 2011 Summer Financial Aid beginning the February 1, 2011 if you would like to be considered for financial aid during the summer semester. Financial Aid recipients must register for ALL summer sessions during the first drop/add period. Classes that are added after the first drop/add period will NOT be considered for financial aid (exceptions will be made for entering Gateway students). 4.) Check the FAU Financial Aid website, OWLCAST, and the Money Matters tab of MyFAU periodically for updates.

32 Tips cont’d… 5.) Accept your awards and the Terms and Conditions of Award by the last day of drop and add to avoid a late payment fee and cancellation. 6.) If you take classes at FAU and another institution, e.g. community college, you MUST complete a Concurrent Enrollment form. This form is available online on the financial aid website under “Forms to Download”. Students must submit all paperwork by the deadline. Please read all requirements on this form CAREFULLY. 7.) Open a FREE BankAtlantic Account. BankAtlantic is conveniently located on the Breezeway across from the cafeteria on the Boca Raton campus.

33 Tips cont’d… 8.) Maintain and/or update FAU email account and mailing address at all times. 9.) Respond promptly to requests for additional information. 10). Keep your Financial Aid documents organized Keep records of who you talk to. ****REMEMBER: READ WHAT YOU SIGN!!!**** **Ask questions if you don’t understand!**

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