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P&E Group Ashwani K. Gupta January 8, 2012. Agenda Opening Remarks & Introductions (5 minutes) - Gupta & all 2012 JPC Planning – Dave McGrath (10 Minutes)

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Presentation on theme: "P&E Group Ashwani K. Gupta January 8, 2012. Agenda Opening Remarks & Introductions (5 minutes) - Gupta & all 2012 JPC Planning – Dave McGrath (10 Minutes)"— Presentation transcript:

1 P&E Group Ashwani K. Gupta January 8, 2012

2 Agenda Opening Remarks & Introductions (5 minutes) - Gupta & all 2012 JPC Planning – Dave McGrath (10 Minutes) 2013 JPC Joaquin Castro (5 minutes) JPC Steering Committee Chair- Dave McGrath (5 minutes) Design competition- Ian Halliwell (5 minutes) JPC- IECEC for out-years (2012, 2013 and 2014), including sponsorship – Gupta /KC/Cathy/Cecilia/ (10 minutes) TAC Future Conference Strategy – Jeff Hamstra (45 minutes) TC Chair presentation to the Group (4 to 5 minutes each) Any other Business--all

3 P&E Organization Deputy Director Air-Breathing Propulsion Jeff Hamstra Aerospace Power Systems TC Terrestrial Energy Systems TC Gas Turbine Engines TC High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion TC Air Breathing Propulsion Integration TC Deputy Director Rocket & Space Propulsion I-Shih Chang Hybrid Rockets TC Liquid Propulsion TC Solid Rockets TC Electric Propulsion TC Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion TC Energetic Components & Systems TC Propellants & Combustion TC Deputy Director Advanced Propulsion & Technologies Selma Goldstein Director Propulsion & Energy Ashwani Gupta Deputy Director Energy David Lilley Green Engineering (GE) PC Jason Slagle/Valerie Lyons

4 TC Chair (* = New TC chair) NamePositionAffiliation Energy TC's Dr. David LilleyChair – Terrestrial EnergyOklahoma State University Mr. Gregory A Carr Chair – Aerospace Power SystemsJet Propulsion Lab Past Chair: Harout Ayvazian, NGC PCDr. Jason Slagle/Dr. Valerie Lyons Co-Chairs– Green Engineering Technology PCGE / NASA GRC Propulsion TC's ABPJeffrey Flamm Chair - Air Breathing Propulsion Systems Integration NASA Langley Research Center Past Chair: Dr. Ray Best, Hawker Beechcraft Dr. Ian HalliwellChair - Gas Turbine Engines Avetec Past Chair: Dr. Robert Bruckner, NASA GRC Joaquin CastroChair - High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Pratt & Whitney Past Chair Dr. Marty Bradley, Boeing Rocket * Vlab Hruby Chair - Electric PropulsionBusek Co. Ltd & Space Past Chair: Prof. Lyon King, Michigan Tech Univ. Prop. * Steven Flrolik Chair - Hybrid RocketsThe Aerospace Corp. Past Chair: Arif Karabeyoglu Space Propulsion Group Inc. * Dr. Eric Besnard Chair - Liquid Propulsion California Sate Univ. Long Beach Past Chair: Mr. Scott Miller, Aerojet Corp. * Robert Black Chair - Solid Rockets Aerojet Past Chair: Clyde Carr, ATK, Baltimore, MD Advanced * Mr. Donald Jackson Chair - Energetic Components & SystemsATK Space Systems Prop. Past Chair: Karl Link University of Idaho Mr. Bryan Palaszewski Chair - Nuclear & Future Flight PropulsionNASA GRC Past chair: Benjamin B. Donahue, Boeing Dr. Joseph OefelinChair - Propellants & Combustion Sandia National Lab Past Chair: Prof. Fred Gouldin, Cornell University

5 Technical program organizing committee contact list Conference Partners ASME Technical Program Chair John W. Robinson Boeing Company P.O. Box 3829 Seal Beach, CA 97040 Phone: 714-625-2107 Fax: 714-896-6930 Email: SAE Technical Chair Ramon Chase ANSER, Suite 800 2900 South Quincy Street Arlington, VA 22202 Phone: 703-416-3290 Fax: 703-416-3329 Email: ASEE Technical Chair Robert A. Frederick, Jr. UAH Propulsion Research Center Univ. of Alabama 5000 Technology Drive, TH S231 Huntsville, AL 35899 Phone: 256-824-7203 Fax: 256-824-7205 Email:

6 Future JPC Planning JPC Locations 2004Ft. Lauderdale, Pratt & Whitney 2005Tucson, Raytheon 2006Sacramento, Aerojet 2007Cincinnati, GE 2008Hartford, Pratt & Whitney 2009Denver, LM 2010Nashville ( NASA GRC, NASA Marshall, NASA Stennis, LM, GE Aviation, ATA, AFRL, Dynetics, JAXA, Battelle ) 2011San Diego (AFRL, Jacobs, ATA, GE, SpaceX, Cobham, Sierra Nevada Corp, Battelle, JAXA), Aug. 1-3 2012 Atlanta ($105K, ATK- Lead Sponsor, MSFC, AMRDEC, Jaconbs,..), July 29- August 1, 2012 2013San Jose, July 15-17, 2013, Gen. Chair: Joaquin Castro, Technical Chair appointed 2014 Cleveland (Sponsorship? ) Gen. Chair: Chris Pestak, Technical Chair appointed 2015....

7 2

8 JPC/IECEC Paper/abstract Statistics Preliminary JPC/IECEC 2011 Paper Statistics TotalUndecisionedRejected Accepted Oral Only Published Papers Withdrawn JPC70303920503161 IECEC13605210526 Total83904422608187 JPC/IECEC 2010 Paper Statistics TotalUndecisionedRejected Accepted Oral Only Published PapersWithdrawn JPC72733911498176 IECEC1492408855 Total87654311586231 JPC/IECEC 2009 Paper Statistics TotalUndecisionedRejected Accepted Oral Only Published PapersWithdrawn Total843Unknown39Unknown554243 2012 Abstracts JPC: 589 IECEC: 135

9 2011 Attendance: Total: 1430 Full paid: 964 No shows: Significantly reduced

10 2011 JPC/IECEC Highlights JPC/IECEC No. of sessions: 212 + 11 panels JPC, 6 panels IECEC Papers: 608 (503 + 105) Exhibits: 47 Energy  Awards: Aerospace Systems (Dr. Albert Zimmerman), Energy Systems award (Dr. Naeim Henein) and AP 2 Best paper award  Sustained Energy: Dr. Essam Khalil, Cairo Univ., Egypt  Luncheon speaker Irene Stillings, Executive Director of California Center for Sustainable Energy Green Engineering PC: One session at ASM. Cosponsored one panel session with IECEC in San Diego. Propulsion  Awards: P&C (Dr. Richard Yetter), ABP (Dr. James Mace), Wyld Propulsion award (Dr. Kenneth Kuo), Ground Testing award (Dr. Michael Holden),  Gardner-Lasser Aerospace Literature award (Allan McDonald and James Hansen)  AIAA Foundation Gordon Oates award (Sean Torrez), Martin Sommerfield graduate award (Brian Pommeroy)  Best paper awards: EP, Energetic components and systems, Ground testing, HSABP, HRTC (also student best paper), LPTC, P&CTC, SRTC, ABPSI, and ASME Propulsion TC  Sustained Service: Jeffrey Hass, NASA GRC  No Luncheon speaker ASM Sessions: 48 EC (3),GEPC(1), GTE(7), HSABP (9), P&C (22), TES (6) AP workshop ~120 attendees

11 Short courses at JPC Liquid propulsion Systems- Evolution and Advancements Hybrid Rocket Propulsion A practical introduction to preliminary design of air breathing engines

12 12 6 Month Planning Meeting, 6 December 2011 2012 JOINT PROPULSION CONFERENCE & EXHIBIT Excellent Sponsorship Progress ($128K)!  ATK - $45K  MSFC - $30K  AMRDEC - $10K (bags for attendees)  Jacobs - $15K (memory sticks)  Battelle - $10K (IECEC support lumped in)  LM - $15K  JAXA - $_K (confirmed)  AIAA Cecilia Capece working additional funding  AIAA Local chapters and local industry outreach - working

13 “New Event Model” Issue: How do we make AIAA more relevant to the profession and the industry while retaining the technical rigor that is our foundation  Our “presence” in the disciplines is unmatched  Our “presence” up the product chain is minimal How to we grow the second and retain the first?  While making participation easier for all members Applies to every aspect of AIAA “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” 13

14 Dealing with Ethics Issues Ethics-related concerns increasing for Pubs and TAC  Pubs and TAC processes are different  Publications authority clearly defined in by-laws New member of Ethical Conduct Panel (ECP) recommended  Bob Walters (VA Tech) appointment Mike Bragg to restate his suggestion to create an ad hoc committee:  To review the ECP structure and procedures, overall ethics polices and structure in AIAA  Opportunity to harmonize Publications and TAC processes, define relationship with ECP AIAA to join Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)  “a forum for editors and publishers of peer-reviewed journals to discuss all aspects of publication ethics. It also advises editors on how to handle cases of research and publication misconduct.” 14

15 15 New eLibrary Coming AIAA partnering with Atypon for the development and implementation of AIAA’s new eLibrary website  New capabilities: –e-first publication of journal articles –Alerts on subjects of interest –Post links to research articles on social networking website – “Suggest” other articles that might be of interest to users  All books, journals, standards, and conference proceedings  Resource for: authors, editors, librarians, researchers, students, general public Available in the first half of 2012

16 Region 3 Technical Activities May 22, 200916

17 17 6 Month Planning Meeting, 6 December 2011 2012 JOINT PROPULSION CONFERENCE & EXHIBIT Primary Contact Information Executive Chair (Industry) Bart Olson, Vice President ATK Missile Products General Chair (Industry) Gary Flinchbaugh, VP Programs ATK Propulsion and Controls Phone: (410) 392-1111 Email: Technical Chair Dave McGrath, Director, Systems Engineering ATK Propulsion and Controls Phone: (410) 392-1716 Email: 2012 Panel Session Coordinator Mike Lara, VP Programs ATK Propulsion and Controls Phone: (410) 392-1111 Email: Deputy Technical Chair Jeff Moorehouse – LM Aeronautics Co. Phone: 817-935-4699 Email: jeff.a.moorehouse@lmco.c om jeff.a.moorehouse@lmco.c om Deputy Technical Chair Dr. Jerry Welch – NASA Glenn Phone: 216-433-8003 Email:

18 18 High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Technical Committee Chair: Joaquin H. Castro Phone: 561 796-3453 Email: joaquin,castro Vice Chair: Dr. Ryan Starkey Phone: 303 492-0871 Email: Update as of: 7/30/2011 Membership Profile Government: 11 Industry: 19 Academia: 17 Total: 47 U.S. 37 International: 7 Associate: 3 Total: 47 Member 2 Sr. Member: 22 Assoc Fellow: 22 Fellow: 1 Total: 47 Recent Conference Performance Initiatives & Plans Abstracts Received: 40 Abstracts Accepted: 40 Sessions: 8 Withdrawals 3 Issues / Help Needed ASM 2011JPC 2011 Abstracts Received: 47 Abstracts Accepted: 44 Sessions: 13 Withdrawals 3 Need new Subcommittee Chair for Honors & Awards Subcommittee ABP Award nominations Accomplishments / Status AIAA Propulsion and Energy Group, Air Breathing Propulsion Branch Air Breathing Propulsion Systems Integration TC High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion TC Gas Turbine Engines TC Adopted 8 new Members - Industry, Government and academia + 4 international members Published Biannual Newsletter – Issue 1 at ASM2011, issue 2 at JPC2011 Continued to mature Website; usage growing for TC members and public visitors - e-mail distribution implemented Supported implementation and approval of HyTASP Hypersonic Award (F.K.A. Fred Billig Award) Banner at ASM2011 and JPC2011 Published 2010 Year in Review article in Aerospace America – 2011 article in preparation Published 2010 Annual report Energize members for Newsletter, YIR Article input, and other communications initiatives Recommend Membership upgrades (Like to increase number of Fellows) Generate at least 2 nomination for ABP Award Define and execute plan for TC members participation in AIAA CVD – Coordinate with HyTASP PC Write position paper “HSAB Propulsion: An Assessment of Our National Capability” – A Communications Initiative

19 HSABP TC Overview 07/31/2011 Liaison - Balu Sekar HyTASP – J. Castro, R.starkey JANNAF – P. Drummond,S Beckel European Orgs. – TBD Aero Thermal TC – Moehlenkamp; Fluid Dynamics TC – H. Hassan Ground Test TC – Balu Sekar CVDs – Joaquin Castro AIAA Sections – Dora Musielak AIAA University Chapters - Joel Malo-Molina,. NASA Aeronautics – May Fun Liou / D.R. Reddy / Jinho Lee T.C. Chair Joaquin H. Castro Phone:561 796-3453 Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Dr. Ryan Starkey Phone: 303 492-0871 Past/Chair Dr. Marty Bradley Phone: 714 896-1371 Membership Venkat Tangirala Communication Dr. Dora Musielak Honors and Awards Mr. Jinho Lee Education Dr. Daniel Kirk Liaison Mr. Balu Sekar ASM Mr. D.R. Reddy JPC Dr. Tim O’Brien TC Members 47 Total – 37 Regular – 3 Associate – 7 International Category – 19 Industry (40 %) – 17 Academia (36%) – 11 Government (24%) International members –2 Italy –2 Japan –1 Russia –1 Australia –1United Kingdom 8 Rotated Off – 3 Regular Subcommittees

20 Air Breathing Propulsion Joint TC Meeting Gas Turbine Engines - High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion - Air Breathing Propulsion Systems Integration 47 th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit Tuesday, August 2, 2011 San Diego, California

21 P&E Group Response to Conference New Event Model P&E Group recognize the need to evolve AIAA conference portfolio to match membership needs & financial reality We have “systems oriented individuals” with component, sub-system and propulsion system, design, development and testing activities that has provided a foundation for strong U.S. Propulsion Industry. Want to see “Systems Engineering” approach – basic need, substantiating data, requirements, analysis of alternatives, etcs Very strong desire to build on JPC as Foundational Element of new model rather than break JPC Into pieces. Co-locate other relevant confs (power, energy, environment, hypersonics,..) with JPC Recognize that JPC is not perfect, but is profitable with a large, cross-application audience; Internationally known branded conf.; Have opportunity to augment and build a better product Data in support of a split, both in terms of attendance and cost savings, is lacking Little time exists for consulting appropriate constituents to implement the change in 2013 JPC has a long history (2 nd longest and largest at AIAA); (Elon Musk: He noticed 47 th JPC and commented what it will be like in 150 years, perhaps JPC at Mars! ) Breaking of JPC will be most detrimental to members, P&E international and AIAA. Detailed comments are available. Promote technical excellence: More authors, audience exhibits will evolve

22 Path Forward Transparent plan of study and decision process with representative and inclusive study panel from all stakeholders What is the perceived need/product, what is the data that supports that need and resulting design requirements What are the plan & schedule to identify and quantify options, solicit membership opinion and critique, quantify the payoff/risks, and identify an implementation approach to address the needs How is Group/TC/PC/individual/ international contributor input captured How does each alternative respond to the requirements and what risks are involved What are the milestones for implementation and final recommended approach Must be conducted in an “open communication” framework with well-understand review/approval from all stakeholders Technical discipline focus conferences, such as, Materials and Structures, Propulsion, Operations and Economics

23 LPTC Resolution In light of the following facts: 1.JPC is a successful conference with a large, cross-application audience 2.Data in support of a split, both in terms of attendance and cost savings, is lacking 3.Little time exists for consulting appropriate constituents in order to implement the change in 2013 4.And while recognizing new synergies offered by integrating LP sessions in Space 20XX The LPTC is opposed to dismantling JPC. The LPTC supports keeping a strong Joint Propulsion and Energy Conference. Further, the LPTC would be in favor of adding ITAR sessions to the conference

24 Program Overview

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