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Campus Specific Practices for Transfer Students. Fall 2011 Applicant Pool Applications Received: 16,771 Students Admitted: 7,447 (44%) Average GPA: 3.11.

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1 Campus Specific Practices for Transfer Students

2 Fall 2011 Applicant Pool Applications Received: 16,771 Students Admitted: 7,447 (44%) Average GPA: 3.11 Top Declared Majors Business Administration788 Psychology299 Communications274 Art170 Child Adolescent Studies155

3 Selection Process CSUF is impacted at the FTF and UDT levels across all majors. For Fall 2013, it is expected that ALL applicants will need to surpass minimum CSU eligibility. The CSUF admissions process is deadline driven. Missed admissions deadlines may lead to a cancelled application or rescinded admission. This includes but is not limited to the ELM and EPT placement exams (if required) Prospective Division I athletes (men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, and track and field; men’s baseball; women’s softball, tennis, and volleyball) are encouraged to register for a CBS College Sports Interactive account at In addition, women’s dance team tryouts are held each fall In order to be accepted as a music major, students must be admitted to the University AND must also successfully audition for the music department. Transfer students are admitted as theatre majors, but are not in the BFA Program until they pass their juries. Transfer students are admitted as juniors to the university but as sophomores to the program until the May auditions

4 Local Admissions Area for Upper Division Transfers with Community College locations identified.

5 Upper Division Transfer Deadlines Application Filing Period: Oct 1 – Nov 30, 2012 Major preparation is not currently required but may be required in the future AS-T & AA-T Degree must be verified prior to enrollment If not yet admitted, all official transcripts from colleges attended with grades through Fall 2012: March 15, 2013 Accepting Admission & Enrollment Deposit: June 1, 2013 Unofficial transcripts or grade cards (Winter and Spring courses ): June 25, 2013 All official transcripts with grades through Spring 2012: July 16, 2013 Admissions Deadlines: Transfer

6 Upper Division Transfer Notes CSUF only admits Upper Division Transfers (UDT). All Golden Four Courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Completing Golden Four by Fall 2012 or before is recommended. Students will need to submit grade cards for Golden Four in progress Spring 2013. UDTs are required to accept admission/pay enrollment deposit by June 1, 2013 Participation in New Student Orientation is required before the beginning of their first semester at CSUF. All offers of admission are conditional upon verification of application information and final grades earned. Local area status determined by number of units taken at local area community college. Admissions Notes: Transfer To Do List…

7 Admission Appeals At Cal State Fullerton our process is deadline-driven and we hold applicants to our stated deadlines. If a student was not offered admission, or if their application was withdrawn because of a missed deadline, it is unlikely that our decision will be reversed on appeal. However, if a student has significant extenuating circumstances and wishes to appeal our decision, they can download information on our process at

8 Counselor “Must Know” Cal State Fullerton communicates with prospective (and current) students through their student portal. Information about accessing the portal can be found at ortal_First_Time_Login.pdf. ortal_First_Time_Login.pdf All admissions appeals must be received by CSUF within one month of the date on the "missed deadline" or "deny" notification / communication from the Office of Admissions. Students appealing a residency decision should contact the Residence Specialist at (657) 278-2396 or Responses to appeals will be provided to student within 3-4 weeks of submission, by electronic communication only. It is the student’s responsibility to watch their portal.

9 SB 1440 - Associate Degree for Transfer Students Majors Accepted Please note that The AS- T and The AA-T degrees must be posted on final transcript Administration of JusticeBACriminal Justice Art HistoryBAArt - Art History Business AdministrationBAEconomics Communication StudiesBASpeech Communication - Argumentation and Persuasion emphasis Speech Communication - Communication Studies emphasis Speech Communication - Intercultural Communication emphasis Speech Communication - Interpersonal Communication emphasis Speech Communication - Organizational Communication emphasis Speech Communication (without emphasis) Early Childhood EducationBSChild and Adolescent Development - Adolescent/Youth Development Child and Adolescent Development - Early Childhood Development Child and Adolescent Development - Elementary School Setting Child and Adolescent Development - Family and Community Contexts EnglishBAEnglish GeologyBAEarth Science BSGeology HistoryBAHistory KinesiologyBSKinesiology MathematicsBAMathematics PhysicsBSPhysics Political ScienceBAPolitical Science PsychologyBAPsychology SociologyBASociology - Aging and the Life Course concentration Sociology - Deviance and Social Control concentration Sociology - Education concentration Sociology - Family concentration Sociology - Race, Class and Gender concentration Sociology - Social Work concentration Sociology (without concentration) Studio ArtsBAArt - General Studio Concentration Theatre ArtsBADance Theater Arts - Liberal Arts Concentration Theater Arts - Production/Performance Concentration Theater Arts - Teaching Concentration (Single Subject)

10 CSU Fullerton & Transfer Students Cal State Fullerton is number one in California for transfer students and has been for almost 10 years Has one of the only Transfer Centers in the CSU with walk-up peer advisors Late and early classes are available for working students Various student services are open later in the evening to accommodate working individuals We are one of only 10 campuses with extensive AA-T and AS-T programs offered

11 Final Thoughts Contact Info: Admissions - 657.278.2370 Campus Tours - 657.278.3120 Disabled Student Services -657.278.3117 Financial Aid – 657.278.3125 Housing – 657.278.2168 Transfer Services – 657.278.3358 University Outreach – 657.278.2086 Please Note: Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day: Saturday, April 13, 2013. Cal State Fullerton has just added 1,064 new beds in on-campus housing, for a total of 1,900 bed spaces. Priority applications for housing will be accepted from March 1 – 16, 2013 The choice of the elephant as the university’s mascot, dubbed Tuffy Titan, dates to the early 1960s when we hosted “The First Intercollegiate Elephant Race in Human History.”

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