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GS1 ProductRecallNZ Introductory webinar – we recommend you reference the user guides for additional information The sessions.

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1 GS1 ProductRecallNZ Introductory webinar – we recommend you reference the user guides for additional information The sessions are run over the web and via telephone. Please follow the below link for your training at least 5 minutes before the meeting starts. (Meeting ID: ) Step 2: To access the audio content of this training, please call the conference telephone number. Phone Number: (09) and then dial the access code: # (Note: standard phone charges apply). NOTE: you can opt to select 'Mic and Speakers' if you wish to use VOIP rather than phoning the 09 number.

2 Agenda ProductRecallnz – An Overview Recall/Withdrawal Walkthrough

3 What is ProductRecallNZ
A web-based service where registered companies have a fast, easy-to-use tool to communicate all information relating to product recalls and withdrawals Replaces your existing, largely manual processes that rely on paper-based communication, s and phone calls.

4 Company Types Initiator - the organisation responsible for the product being recalled or withdrawn. Creates and Approves a notification Receiver - receives a notification from their suppliers. Responsible for taking action on the information. Both – Can both receive and create/approve notifications. Regulator (MPI) – Receives notifications containing Regulator information

5 User Roles Initiating Company has 2 user roles:
Initiator – completes the notification form and includes any attachments Approver – receives a completed notification. Approves or rejects the notification. Following approval of a notification, issues the notification now or in the future

6 ProductRecallNZ Notification Process
RECEIVERS Foodstuffs Auck Other Retailers Foodstuffs SI Progressive Foodstuffs Well Store 1 INITIATOR (Supplier) Initiator Approver Store 2 Store 3 Store 1 Store 2 Store 3 Store 1 Store 2 Store 3 (Click1) Rectangle appears. Explain the players in the scenario = - (CLICK2) The Initiator Company (Supplier) and their two users; the initiator and the approver. - (CLICK3) The Regulator. - (CLICK4) The Receivers like FS and Progs. (CLICK5) Initiator creates notification. (CLICK6&7) Initiator then submits for approval. (CLICK8) Company’s Approver then logs on to check the notification to make sure it is correct. (CLICK9) Given the option to Approve the notification or Reject; in this example we see the Approver reject it. (CLICK10) Initiator goes and makes required changes, submits again and in this instance we see it get approved. (CLICK11) The approver, having approved, then needs to Issue it and it goes to the Regulator and all targeted receivers. (CLICK12) FS then issues it out to all relevant stores, Progs upload the notification to their PWRM system that stores access. (CLICK13) Retailers can then report back, via the system, re results/products found. PWRM Regulator

7 The Jist… There are 4 parts to your Product Recall Notification (see below) 1 Create Notification = selection of templates relating to the nature of your recall/withdrawal, the products involved etc. 2 Regulator Forms = Another set of templates specifically for the regulator of your industry, e.g. Food & Grocery = MPI. 3 Add Recipients = Adding those Retailers/Recipients you wish to receive the information outlined in first step (1 Create Notification). 4 Notification Workflow = Process of internally Approving the notification and then sending it off to the selected recipients from the third step (3 Add Recipients)..

8 ProductRecallNZ Walkthrough

9 Now Login using the new password you created when completing the admin phase with a GS1 staff member. If you search your mailbox for an called “Password Reset Notice” you will find an with your Username, Password and a link to the log in page.

10 Once you login you will be taken to the home page of your account.
You will see a heading “My Company Notifications” – underneath you will have all previous notifications created by your company, which you can archive when finished with. Near the top left of the screen, beneath the logos, you will see the option to ‘Create New Notification’ which we will simulate clicking now.

11 Once you have clicked on ‘Create Notification’ you will be taken to the first of many templates called ‘Notification Details’. On Each template there will be fields to fill out. If you hover over a field name a description will pop up describing the field itself (CLICK1) Some of these fields will have red stars to the left of the name indicating the field as a mandatory requirement. You will not be able to complete a template until all mandatory fields are filled out.

12 On this screen you can see that all the mandatory fields from the previous screen have been filled in. If you try and save, or move on to the next template, without all mandatory fields filled in you will get an error message like so (CLICK1) NB: (CLICK2) – You can also select Create PDF Report to create a PDF Report of your progress at any time – this may be useful for distributing the notification internally before you have sent it out to the Retailer.

13 Scrolling down the first template (‘Notification Details’) you will see there are further ‘Optional’ Fields. For Example you could upload a product image which may be useful to someone in store trying to identify the product. (CLICK1) Once you are happy with the information on the template you can press ‘next’ on the bottom right of your screen to go to the next template and save the current one.

14 Having pressed next, on the previous template, we have now been taken to the next template ‘Item Details’. The Notification has now also been saved which you can see highlighted in green = ‘Notification has been saved successfully’. (CLICK1) On the left hand side of the screen (CLICK2) you will also see a list of the templates – those with green ticks next to them are completed and saved while those without ticks are still to be filled out. All of those template names also act as links which you can select at anytime to transport you to a specific template. - (NB: Notification Snapshot, Issuing Company Details and Contacts are already completed at the start of the notification). Now Select “Add Items” to add an item to the notification. (CLICK3)

15 Now onto a new ‘Item Details’ template sheet begin filling out product specific information for the product like GTIN (Barcode), Product Name, Brand, Functional Name, Size (Net Content) and its UOM.

16 Scrolling further down you will see further mandatory fields and the option to select Manufacturing locations and add a specific Base Unit Image.

17 Scrolling even further down you will see the option to put in an Alternate Product Identifier (CLICK1&2) – Which you will enter in if your product is not delivered to the supermarkets with a barcode; like deli counter products or fruit and vege. It is also mandatory to put in tracking codes to further identify the product beyond the barcode along (CLICK3&4) then (CLICK5&6) Press Save Progress to save the template.

18 (CLICK1) You can continue to add more items to a notification by selecting “Add Items” otherwise press next again to move onto the next template.

19 Once you have finished the first set of templates (see all the ticks on the left hand side) you will be able to keep moving through to the ‘Regulator Forms’ if your are performing a Recall. The Regulator Forms follow the same logic so if you keep moving through filling in the mandatory details and clicking next you will soon get ticks next to all those templates also.

20 Once you have filled out the Regulator Forms Correctly you will also see ticks on the left hand side next to those templates. You can now click ‘Next’ to go through to ‘Add Recipients’ or simply click ‘Add Recipients’ on the left hand side as it is also a link.

21 Add Recipients is the part of the notification when you choose who you will send notice of the recall or withdrawal to. You can either add Subscribed Recipients or Non Subscribed Recipients or both to the notification. Subscribed recipients are those Retailers already set up on the Product Recall system like Foodstuffs and Progressive. Non-Subscribed Recipients are those Retailers who the notification is relevant to but who are not on the Product Recall system – you can still alert them of the notification via the system.

22 If you select ‘Add’ beneath ‘Add Subscribed Recipients’ you will be taken to this screen where you can search for Retailers on the system by Company Name, Region, City or Postcode. Once you have found the subscribed recipients you want to send the notification you need to tick them (CLICK1) then select ‘Add to Notification’.

23 Some trading partners, like Progressive, require extra information (CLICK1). You can put that in here by selecting to Add ‘Additional Information’ which will include - - Your Vendor ID - for Progressive, this is the Parent Vendor Number and must be an 8 digit number ending in 999.  If referring to a “remit to vendor number", simply remove the last 3 digits and replace with 999. Recipient Product ID - for Progressive this is the “CASS” code for the product. You can also select to add Non Subscribed Recipients as well as Subscribed Recipients (CLICK2)

24 You can either add in subscribed recipients one by one by adding in a Company Name, Contact Person, Contact and then selecting ‘Add to Table’ and then selecting ‘Add to Notification’ at the bottom of your screen or you can Download a Sample CSV file (excel), add those you want to send it to into the file then re save it as a CSV, upload and Process.

25 Once you have successfully added the recipients you will now see a tick next to add recipients.
You should now Validate the Notification to confirm you have finished everything correctly (CLICK1)

26 Seeing that all the templates have ticks next to them you should now select ‘Submit For Approval’ (CLICK1)

27 This completes the ‘initiation’ of a Recall/Withdrawal
(Your company’s ‘approver’ will now need to approve it) This now completes the Initiator’s part of the process. If you are also the Approver you will be taken to a screen like this where you can also Approve (CLICK1) the notification at the bottom of the screen otherwise the approver will have to log in now.

28 Your company’s ‘approver’ will now receive an email
Your Company’s Approver will now receive an telling them to log in and see the notification that has been submitted for approval (CLICK1); they can log in via the link in the (CLICK2)

29 Once the Approver has logged in they will be taken to the “My Company Notifications Screen”/
We can see that the notification is currently in a state of ‘Submitted for Approval’ (CLICK1) Then need to select “View” to open and view the notification. (CLICK2)

30 The Approver is then taken to a screen where they can view the full notification and also turn it into a PDF report by selecting ‘Create Full Report”. Once they are happy that the Notification is correct they will select ‘Approve/reject’ underneath notification workflow (CLICK1). This will take them to a screen like below where they have the option to approve or reject the notification (CLICK2).


32 You have now initiated and approved your recall.
The notification will now be sent to your receivers

33 This will be the email received by subscribed recipients e. g
This will be the received by subscribed recipients e.g. Foodstuffs and Progressive. Note that they will have Details of the Recall/Withdrawal Co-ordinator on this in case they need to call the supplier to clarify something about the notification.

34 This is the email that will be sent to ‘Non-Subscribed’ Recipients
This is the that will be sent to ‘Non-Subscribed’ Recipients. Please note that this will include the GTIN (barcode), the tracking code and whether special handling is required. This will be adequate information for your non-subscribed recipient to locate the correct product, the range that is affected and withdraw it from sale.

35 You can “update” your recall/withdrawal if needed
You can update your notification at any point, after it has been made live, if you wish. The initiator needs to log in again and select “Update” You can “update” your recall/withdrawal if needed

36 What is the reason for your update?
You will be taken to the “Notification Snapshot” screen which will be ‘un-ticked’ again. (CLICK1) You need to insert an ‘Update Reason’ which here is “Additional Batches have been found to be defective” and save. (CLICK2) You would then need to select the relevant template to change, in this example because you have found additional batches defective you would go to the “Item Details” tab and select add additional tracking codes to show what other batches have been found. (CLICK3) Once the notification has been updated and saved it will have to be re-submitted for approval, approved and issued once more. (CLICK4) What is the reason for your update?

37 You can also add “Notes” or may receive “Notes” from your retailer
You can also add notes or receive notes from your retailer to the notification (CLICK1). In the instance of a note being added by the retailer you will be notified by to go and check. (CLICK2) In this instance the Retailer has added a note to clarify the correct Batch ID. (CLICK3) You can reply to a question like this by selecting “Add Reply”.

38 MOCK RECALL SAFE ZONE Mock site Contact GS1NZ for instructions on how to conduct Mock recall/withdrawal. The first step in this process is to set up your company in ProductRecallNZ Mock environment. You will receive an inviting you to subscribe to ProductRecallNZ Mock. This will contain: Your Username, Password and a link to the Mock Site. GS1NZ will also send you an explaining how to proceed with carrying out the Mock Notification with attached user guides. Contact GS1NZ for instructions on how to conduct Mock recall/withdrawal. The first step in this process is to set up your company in ProductRecallNZ Mock environment. You will receive an inviting you to subscribe to ProductRecallNZ Mock. This will contain: Your Username, Password and a link to the Mock Site. GS1NZ will also send you an explaining how to proceed with carrying out the Mock Notification with attached user guides.

It is important to note that there is a separate website/portal that companies do Mock Notifications through. It is the same as the ‘Production/Live” site except that its login page has a Red Banner at the top of the screen saying ‘Mock’.

40 Key Next Steps 0800 10 23 56 (option ‘1’) You need to…..
1. Receive Login Information 2. Create Recall Coordinator, Initiator & Approver - GS1 will check you have done this Incorporate ProductRecallnz into your existing product safety processes Be able to locate ProductRecallnz User Guides NB: Receiving login information and creating a Recall Coordinator, Initiator and Approver should have already been done at the Admin Phase – if you have not completed this stage you will be contacted separately after the webinar as it must be done before your “PRNZ Live” Certificate can be issued. (option ‘1’)

41 PPT webinar presentation on GS1NZ website
You can find a copy of this presentation on out website.

42 Questions? 42

43 Version control sheet only.
Date Revision notes Author 18/02/2014 V2. added mock recall details, revised slide 6 RC 25/08/2014 V2 added slide 81. webinar PPT location on web site. 17/10/2014 Corrected 0800 phone option TD

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