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Personal Communication as Assessment Chapter 8 Andy H. Beth W. Kirk G. Matt B. Mitch E.

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1 Personal Communication as Assessment Chapter 8 Andy H. Beth W. Kirk G. Matt B. Mitch E.

2 What is Personal Communication Assessment? It is verbally communicating with students in a purposeful manner It’s an effective and efficient way to both gather information about students to plan upcoming classes and To introduce a topic or to probe students’ depth of understanding

3 When should we use it? First consider the type of learning target to be assessed It is good for assessing… ◦ Knowledge ◦ Reasoning ◦ Those skill targets requiring oral communication Speaking foreign languages, group discussions, and oral presentations

4 When else should we use it? Teacher and student must share common language With shy or withdrawn students The classroom is a safe learning environment It can make and adequate inference about student performance Some other considerations influence the choice of this type of assessment:

5 Types of Personal Communication Questioning Conference and Interviews Class Discussions Oral Exams Journals Logs

6 Questioning The instructor poses questions to the class as a whole, has students ask each other questions. It is used to encourage deep thinking and deep learning What are keys to using successful questioning? What are question strategies that promote reasoning? What are other strategies that may promote reasoning/deep thinking in the class?

7 Conference and Interviews Serve as structured or unstructured audits of student achievement. The objective is to talk about what students have learned and have yet to learn. We talk to students about their levels of achievement, levels of comfort with the material, specific needs, interests and desires, or any other achievement-related topics What are some keys to successful the Conference/Interview format Strength is that the assessment can have impact on relationship with the student

8 Class Discussions Strength is that discussions reveal a great deal about student levels of understanding and achievement. They have the effect of enhancing learning and ability to use what they already have learned. How does this differ from questioning? Discussions require a rubric for assessing student involvement.

9 Oral Examination It is planning and posing questions for students, who reflect about the questions and then provide oral responses. Are similar to extended written response assessments, but provide for the ability to ask follow- up questions. This makes them more open-ended. What are some keys for successful oral examination? Example: Conduct a conversation in a foreign language. Running Records: Part performance assessment, part personal communication is direct observation or oral reading skills

10 Journals and Logs Allows students to share views, experiences and insights in written form. Is at the heart of assessment for learning Four forms: o Response Journals o Personal Writing Journals o Dialogue Journals o Learning Logs

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