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IEEE 802 & Overview February 2012

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1 IEEE 802 & 802.1 Overview February 2012

2 IEEE 802 Structure

3 IEEE 802 Groups IEEE 802.1 Bridging, Architecture Working Group
IEEE 802 Sponsor Executive Committee IEEE 802.1 Bridging, Architecture Working Group IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group IEEE Wireless LAN Working Group IEEE Wireless Personal Area Networks Working Group IEEE Broadband Wireless Access Working Group IEEE Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group IEEE Coexistence Working Group IEEE Media Independent Handoff IEEE Wireless Regional Area Networks Working Group IEEE Tony Jeffree IEEE 802.3, IEEE David Law IEEE , IEEE , IEEE Bruce Kramer IEEE Bob Heile IEEE , IEEE , IEEE Phil Barbar IEEE Wendong Disbanded (Inactive and standard withdrawn) IEEE Token Bus Working Group IEEE Distributed Queue Dual Bus Working Group IEEE Broadband Technical Advisory Group IEEE Fiber Optic Technical Advisory Group IEEE Integrated Service LAN Working Group IEEE Security Working Group IEEE CATV Working Group IEEE Emergency Services Hibernation (Inactive, standard active) IEEE LLC Working Group IEEE Token Ring Working Group IEEE Demand Priority Working Group IEEE Mobile Broadband Wireless IEEE Resilient Packet Ring

4 802.1 Overview IEEE is a working group of the IEEE 802 project of the IEEE Standards Association. It is concerned with: 802 LAN/MAN architecture internetworking among 802 LANs, MANs and other wide area networks 802 Link Security 802 overall network management protocol layers above the MAC & LLC layers

5 802.1 Bridging Project Overview
The Bridging standards “Traditional” Bridging Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Data Center Bridging (DCB)

6 The 802 LAN Architecture (Higher Layers) (Higher Layers) LLC LLC MAC
OSI reference model End station End station 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Application (Higher Layers) (Higher Layers) Presentation Session LLC sublayer Transport MAC Bridge Network MAC service user Link LLC LLC MAC MAC RELAY MAC MAC MAC service provider MAC sublayer Physical Phy Phy Phy Phy Physical layer LAN LAN Medium

7 802.1 Bridging Projects (1) 802.1D (1998) - MAC bridges
802.1G - Remote MAC bridging 802.1H-REV - Recommended Practice for MAC Bridging of Ethernet in LANs 802.1p - Traffic Class Expediting and Dynamic Multicast Filtering (published in 802.1D-1998) 802.1Q - Virtual LANs 802.1Q Q Revision 2005 802.1Q Q Revision 2011 802.1s - Multiple Spanning Trees 802.1t D Maintenance 802.1u Q Maintenance 802.1v - VLAN Classification by Protocol and Port 802.1w - Rapid Reconfiguration of Spanning Tree 802.1y D Maintenance (published under 802.1D(2004)) 802.1z Q Maintenance - withdrawn 802.1AB Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery 802.1AB Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery Revision 802.1ad - Provider Bridges 802.1ag - Connectivity Fault Management

8 802.1 Bridging Projects (2) 802.1ah - Provider Backbone Bridges
802.1aj - Two-port MAC Relay 802.1ak - Multiple Registration Protocol 802.1ap - VLAN Bridge MIBs 802.1AS - Timing and Synchronization 802.1Qat - Stream Reservation Protocol 802.1Qau - Congestion Notification 802.1Qav - Forwarding and Queuing Enhancements for Time-Sensitive Streams 802.1Qaw - Management of Data-Driven and Data-Dependent Connectivity Faults 802.1Qay - Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering 802.1Qaz - Enhanced Transmission Selection 802.1AX - Link Aggregation 802.1Qbb - Priority-based Flow Control 802.1Qbc - Provider Bridging: Remote Customer Service Interfaces 802.1Qbe - Multiple I-SID Registration Protocol 802.3bd - MAC Control Frame for Priority-based Flow Control 802.1Qbf - PBB-TE Infrastructure Segment Protection

9 802.1 Security Projects 802.1aa - 802.1X Maintenance
802.1X Port Based Network Access Control 802.1X Port Based Network Access Control 802.1X Port-based Network Access Control 802.1af - MAC Key Security 802.1AE - MAC Security 802.1AR - Secure Device Identity 802.1AEbn - Galois Counter Mode-Advanced Encryption Standard-256 (GCM-AES-256) Cipher Suite

10 802.1 Standards and Projects – Other
, Overview and Architecture 802a-2003, Ether types for Prototype and Vendor-Specific Protocol Development 802b-2004 Registration of Object Identifiers 802.1AC, MAC Service Definition

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