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Individualized Learning for the Non-Traditional Student.

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1 Individualized Learning for the Non-Traditional Student

2 Year Number of students withdrawn to on line learning Number of students who withdrew (total) Graduation Rate % 2010-11 4717392.2% 2011-12 4615090.1% 2012-13 2614093.6% (projected) 2013-14 18 90 Thomas Worthington High School

3 Worthington Kilbourne High School Year Number of students withdrawn to on line learning Number of students who withdrew (total) Graduation Rate % 2010-11 185994.2% 2011-12 218495% 2012-13 157394.7% (projected) 2013-14 2068

4 Hilliard City Schools


6 Olentangy Local Schools OASIS (Olentangy Academy: Supporting Individualized Success) is student-centered Located behind Shanahan Middle School: previously used for middle and elementary classes Population Served: families looking for a different options other than the traditional school setting since 2009

7 Olentangy Local Schools Provides for...  Service Learning: Volunteer to work in classrooms  OASIS: Commit to volunteer for at least one semester  Innovative and personalized delivery model by which to support students individualized academic and behavioral development with high expectations.

8 Olentangy Local Schools

9 Westerville City Schools Academic Enrichment Center  Former Board of Education Building  Mission: “To support and engage all learners through an expanding array of educational opportunities.”

10 Westerville City Schools Programs include those for at-risk students, summer school, and alternative options such as flexible credits, dual enrollment and post- secondary options for students who wish to challenge themselves. Population Served: Services students who have been expelled, are overage and under-credited, and/or who have dropped out or are considering dropping out of school.

11 Westerville City Schools Technology based curriculum that provides individualization Counseling support and outreach

12 Westerville City Schools

13 Late December 2013 a survey was sent out to all secondary staff from Jeff and our building principals Purpose was to gather data and feedback on:  Types of student leaning issues that needed attention  How technology could best be used  What support teachers would need to ensure effective implementation of a non-traditional setting

14 World Café Dates...  Staff: February 5, 2014 Our middle and high school staffs will be invited to join a conversation around four different questions. (4:00 pm to 5:30 pm at the WEC)  Students: February 7, 2014 40 high school students representing a sampling of all 3 school campuses will be invited to join a conversation around four different questions (the same as staff discussed). (10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the WEC)

15 You will be given four questions. You will be asked to dream and share your vision of the ideal learning environment, including items such as the use of technology and to also interpret the data and draw conclusions! Please feel free to ask questions and discuss openly!

16  Goal: To utilize the World Café information and...  the Hanover Research analysis,  graduation rates,  students who left us to pursue on line schools data,  Information gathered from our visits to other districts,  The collective input of community members, staff, and students with continued conversations to...

17 Create our own Worthington Academy 2014-2015 To insure this is our collective vision we need your input and to share our plans every step of the way From here on out...

18  Break into small groups: (Numbers on name badge)  “Table Host” will ask and clarify guiding question.  Each individual records responses after sharing with group.  After 15 minutes, rotate to next station.  After the last station share results or “takeaways” with large group.  End with questions and Answers!

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