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ACCESS EMIS Coordinator Meeting November 28, 2012.

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1 ACCESS EMIS Coordinator Meeting November 28, 2012

2 FY12 Updates FY12 Processing Schedule –N – Yearend closed 7/24/2012 –N – Yearend Non-LRC Supplemental Optional to Report CTE Course data (overrides already in place) Special Education (GE record only) Gifted Staff Can not add or delete student data –No change permitted to FS,FD, most of FN (only CTE fields) DL – Building Records (no accountability data, feeder irn, test date, etc.)

3 FY12 Updates –D – March CTE Follow-up (may release this week) Data entry from EMISFFE –G – Graduate ODE expects to release either 11/29 or 12/3 In DASL 2011-2012 school year in context Review DASL FY12 G Checklist Quick Reference

4 FY13 Processing Schedule

5 FY13K Manifest released last week –As of Monday 161 districts submitted –Level 2 reports held until more districts submit May see Level 2’s this Thursday. –All things run well ODE process reports 12/21 and post 12/24 and 12/31. –Current processing schedule to remain as is. –January 25 th scheduled as close of 13K October. –Validations same as 12K for first versions of manifest –Early versions–Warnings...then to Fatal / Critical –Daily processing schedule for K – prior to 5 p.m. –Post Processing – Wed and Friday submissions –Reports back on Thursday/Monday

6 FY13 Changes This is not a complete list of all changes….. Jon Peterson Scholarship (JPS) –Any disability (unlike ASP) –K-12 current finalized IEP –Still waiting for ODE’s guidelines Third Grade Reading Guarantee –Program code to indicate a student is not on track

7 FY13 Changes Casino Tax Count –County of Residence – where student resides (not DOR) –FS record Update as changes occur –All schools report Shared students all districts match county and dates Per law, JVS student counts at JVS and traditional district. –Funding based on October 5 th enrollment. Tie breaker rules will be applied if student appears in more than one district on 10/5. –Casino Snapshot Subset from EMIS 13K – 12/21/12

8 FY13 Changes Special Education –Delete CNGT (consent) outcome –Added additional options to indicate type of evaluation CNGI – Consent for Initial (IETR) CNGR – Review Eval (RETR) CNGO – Consent other than IETR/RETR –Add IEP outcome – all services provided in correctional facility (non DYS) Also possible How Received code –New Event – ‘Amended IEP’ – AIEP Only required for changes to data that impact EMIS –Testing, Outcome, Secondary Planning, etc. Amendments do not reset timeline. Outcome end date remains the same as original IIEP/RIEP. Optional to report other amendments – but can report all

9 FY13 Changes Special Education (continued) –Special Education event record required for students with disability served at non-pub –How Received=6 –New Event Codes Currently appears on Draft Data Collection as PISP IISP – Initial Services Plan RISP – Reeval Services Plan –Non-Resident students – district where non-pub located reports. District of residence does not report (same reporting as in the past) –Non-Pub students eligible not served Same reporting – aggregate count reported from District record

10 FY13 Changes Special Education (continued) –Secondary Planning Element must be reported as part of the IEP event record that is in effect on the date student turns 14. –Codes have not changed. Gifted Measures –HB 1 requires performance measure on LRC –Unclear of what will be needed Disadvantagement Element –Update reporting instructions to include reporting requirements for districts participating in the USDAG Community Eligibility Option program.

11 FY13 Changes OAA and OGT Alternate Assessment –Electronically based –Previously reported Raw Score beginning in FY13 report Scaled Score OGT prior year Alt Assessments report Raw Score –Standards have not been set –Scores returned to districts two weeks later than in past so that –Reworded Assessment Rules Book. In the past student on Alt Assessment were exempt from Grad Requirement. Now up to IEP Team and reported via the FE record. OEC has indicated this should already be in IEP.

12 FY13 Changes Physical Education Evaluation – SB 210 –ODE Website > Teaching > Instruction > Physical Education Evaluation –Measures student success in meeting benchmarks contained in Physical Education Academic Content Standards. –For each benchmark assessment – report the number of students who perform at each level: Number of Advanced performers Number of Proficient performers Number of Limited performers –ODE computes a composite rating for the LRC from these numbers – “Physical Education Index” –Data reported by school, not individual student –Wellness Plan in place – Y/N (FN record)

13 FY13K Reporting Review district attendance policies Review enrollment policies –Admissions and Withdraws Review Admissions/Withdraws with district staff –Review Truancy procedures Keep documentation! Expect more validations and error checking

14 FY13K Reporting Update Student records –Attendance Non-attending reason for students absent all 5 days of count week Keep documentation If Truant, element will remain as * –Combined Attendance Students with Sent to = PS, NP Sent to of MR and AU have zero days in OCT

15 FY13K Reporting GJ Record –Required for all newly admitted students Returning Withdraws (re-admissions) JVSD (newly admitted) –District of Residence Changes –If N in Hispanic/Latino element and one Race, no GJ record –In Y in Hispanic/Latino element and Summative Race = H or M, GJ record is required –If * in Hispanic/Latino element – not recollected – no GJ record

16 FY13K Reporting Update CORE elements for non-grads (GC) CORE Graduation Requirement Exemption –Students on IEP exempt from CORE –Reported on FN record during K (and G) beginning when occurs –Reported until student withdraws (or IEP changes) Student % of time/sent to > 0% –Courses required –Include PSEO and contracted courses School-age ESC students –Home school reports student and courses

17 FY13K Reporting HQT element –No Principal’s Recording Sheet available –Keep signed sheets for audit. Admitted From/ Withdrawn To IRN –Admitted From Where the student was last enrolled Admission Reason 3 (non-pub), 6 (Ohio school) or 7 (not newly enrolled) require a value –7 – can be your own IRN –Withdrawn To Where the student will be enrolling –ODE to produce report of Admitted From/Withdrawn To IRN’s that don’t match –Stay tuned!

18 FY13K Reporting FN270 – Updated Dec 1 element –Used for Federal Childcount –Used when Outcome of IEP on file is not current outcome as of 12/1/12 –Federal count processed by age of student as of 12/1/12 5 years old or less – needs PS LRE Greater than 5 – school age LRE –One IEP, two outcomes Student reported with one outcome during the N reporting period and served with a different outcome on 12/1/12

19 FY13K Reporting Review DASL FY13 Period K QR Missing Student/Missing Staff FY13 Questions?

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