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Áine Dillon Education Committee. Martin Lynch Education Committee.

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1 Áine Dillon Education Committee

2 Martin Lynch Education Committee

3 I.N.T.O. Education Committee (EDC) Literacy Questionnaire – May 2011 Selected Result Findings on.... Classroom Practice Assessment Materials / Resources Homework LS / RT CPD Enhancing Literacy and Numeracy Achievement

4 Reporting to Parents

5 Orally (only)30% Written (only)23% Combination22%

6 Some Comments..........on Curriculum Overload..... - “Curriculum Overload is a major reason for these emerging literacy problems – teachers are under too much pressure to complete other work.” - “I think that the Curriculum we are asked to teach has become overloaded, to the detriment of standards.” - “After 37 years of teaching and 27 years as a Teaching Principal, we need to embrace ‘relevant curriculum’ issues in schools. My desk is awash with books!” - “More time for Numeracy / Literacy is essential. The Curriculum is too broad and needs contracting!”

7 .....on Parental Involvement....... - “Children are reading less. Society, in general, is reading less than even 10 years ago. Home is where the change must begin in promoting literacy and numeracy.”.....on Discretionary Time..... - “I feel that my Discretionary Time is completely sucked up teaching all the Curriculum. There is not enough emphasis on core subjects.”.....on LS/RT........ - “ Many children above the 12 th percentile require Learning Support, especially in classes up to 4 th. A good foundation is essential.”

8 - “ I have found that children in receipt of in-class support for LS / RT improve better than those withdrawn – especially if the Class Teacher and SET are working and planning together. In my experience, they learn better with their peers than in isolation and better in a group in the class than when withdrawn.”......and, finally, on Assessment..... - “ I am horrified by the pressure being put on Class Teachers in DEIS schools to ‘improve’ the Standardised Test results. This will, inevitably, lead to the Tests becoming the Curriculum. So much for a child-centred approach!”

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