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Cold War Events Berlin, Korea, Vietnam & Cuba Troy High School World Studies.

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1 Cold War Events Berlin, Korea, Vietnam & Cuba Troy High School World Studies

2 Partition of Germany Suggested at Potsdam and ratified at Yalta Four Zones 1.Russia 2.Britain 3.US 4.France Berlin would also be sliced up into four parts with Western access across the Russian zone.


4 Germany Cont… Economy directed to agriculture and peaceful industries Was to be thoroughly disarmed Schools were set up to encourage democratic ideas Denazification

5 Berlin Blockade Stalin wanted Western forces out of Berlin He blocked all surface routes Only way he could prevent the airlift was by shooting the aircraft down –Stalin feared all-out war and eventually gave up on the blockade

6 Berlin Wall Construction began on Sunday, August 13, 1961 Became the bold symbol of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain



9 Korea 1945 Japanese colony since 1910 Then in 1945 it was divided at the 38 th parallel –Russia in the North & America in the South Russia defied the UN attempt to hold free elections North = Communist Kim Il-Sung South = Anti-Communist Syngman Rhee

10 Aggression in Korea June 1950 North Korean Communist forces crossed the 38 th parallel UN reacted with American and South Korean forces – Gen. Douglas MacArthur

11 Major Points of the War June 28 th Seoul captured Pusan Perimeter Inchon Landing Back to Seoul Back across the 38 th to the Yalu River Chinese assistance back across the 38 th to Seoul yet again Then back the 38 th for a stalemate

12 Korea Since the War Still divided today US interest and troops remain to this day 1993 Korea withdraws from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty 1972 & 2000 talks of unification failed

13 Vietnam

14 Vietnam Background Mid 1800’s became a French colony During WWII Japan occupied the region and after the war and the Japanese withdraw the French tried to regain their territory and failed The Geneva Conference of 1954 divided Vietnam at the 17th Parallel pending monitored elections to unite the nation by 1956


16 Vietnam Cont… Communist North led by Ho Chi Minh began to increase military strength, eliminate free enterprise, and receive aid from Soviets and China Anti-Communist South rejected plans for a unified nation In response the North began guerrilla warfare throughout the South

17 Vietnam Cont… Saigon requests American aid so the US begins to send military advisors in 1954 fearing that other nations would fall to Communism. (Domino Theory) US Military Advisors

18 Escalation of US Troops ’65-25,000 ’68-536,000

19 Vietnam Cont… Paris Peace Agreement (1973) –US withdraws troops & receives POW’s –All foreign troops withdrawn form Laos and Cambodia –Reunification of Vietnam by peaceful means

20 Current Day Vietnam Officially united as a communist state on July 2, 1976 Vietnam has experienced very little economic growth Headed by Tran Duc Luong Buddhism, Christianity (Mainly Roman Catholic)

21 Cuba

22 Background Spanish colony until 1898 then the US occupied Cuba Independence was granted to Cuba in 1902 but limited due to the Platt Amendment

23 The Overthrow The 26th of July Movement in 1959 Fidel Castro overthrew the corrupt dictator Fulgencio Batista Once in power Fidel forbade elections, civil liberties, cut relations with the US and made agreements with Communist nations

24 Major Events Bay of Pigs (1961) – The US trained Cuban exiles to launch an invasion into Cuba to overthrow Castro –Was modeled after a similar event in Guatemala

25 Major Events Cont… Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) – Pres. Kennedy revealed that the Soviets were installing missile and bomber bases in Cuba –Kennedy issued quarantine and demanded the Soviets to withdraw missiles –After and few days of tension Khrushchev removed the missiles


27 Cuba Today Cuba’s economy was hurt in the 80’s due to the fall of Communism. The country relied on aid from the Soviet Union Cuba was worsened when the US imposed further trade sanctions in 1992 and again in 1996 To this day civil liberties are suppressed in Cuba

28 THE END!!!

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