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New Resources for Engineers Lizzie Gadd, Becky Jones, Sharon Reid & Steph McKeating Library Engineering Team.

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1 New Resources for Engineers Lizzie Gadd, Becky Jones, Sharon Reid & Steph McKeating Library Engineering Team

2 Overview of session  Research information at Loughborough  Accessing via Metalib  Overview of our new (and newish) resources  IEEE Xplore  Construction Information Service  SPIE Digital Library  SAE Digital Library  Standards (British & ASTM)  Hands-on – with hints & tips

3 The cost of research information: some numbers  £1,752,400 the amount spent by Loughborough University Library on electronic information and serials in 2008/2009  240 the number of subscribed databases available to search  1,000,000 The number of articles downloaded, (from library subscriptions), by students and staff in 2007/2008

4 Databases  Our 240 databases provide access to the latest research information: journal articles, conference papers, patents, standards, legislation, and data.  Either abstracts or full-text  Each database will contain many thousands (sometimes millions) of references

5 How do I access the databases?  The Metalib portal provides access to databases.  there are three elements to ensure a successful Metalib search: a category your search terms (keywords) your resources (either by selecting the checkbox or clicking on the database name) remember you can cross search up to 8 databases

6 Locating the full-text A Metalib search will provide you with a list of results Click on the red SFX button for availability of the item. Either available:  electronically to download  in print from the library catalogue Or not available in the library  Use Inter-Library Loan 

7 Saving Metalib Results  mark the records you are interested in by clicking on the basket symbol  click on ‘my space’ at the top of the screen  click on the check boxes on the left hand side of the screen  then click on either ‘send’ to email the results or ‘save’ to save the results to your computer or directly to Refworks

8 E-journals These can be accessed in two ways:  through the library catalogue  or through Metalib

9 IEEE Xplore  All IEEE and IET Journals (143 titles)  All IEEE and IET Conferences (850 titles)  All IEEE standards (2000+)  Historic papers to Vol. 1, issue 1  Weekly updates (12,500 new articles added each month)  = nearly 2 million articles

10 What’s available?  IEEE journals, transactions, letters, and magazines from 1988 with select content back to 1913  IEEE conference proceedings from 1988 with select content back to 1953  IEEE standards from 1948  IET journals, letters, and magazines from 1988 with select content back to 1965  IET conference proceedings from 1988  IEEE books from 1974

11 Accessing IEEE Xplore  Metalib  Under Electrical Engineering  Full access available on campus (IP)  Off campus use the Remote Working Portal

12 Searching Xplore  Basic search plus five others:  Advanced  Author  CrossRef  Citation Search  Session History  Advanced search Option 1 should suffice

13 Keeping records  Mark references to:  Email  Print  Download for importing into Refworks

14 Construction Information Service (CIS)  UK construction industry information  Full-text service  Standards  Legislation  Regulatory & advisory documents  Either scanned facsimiles or Adobe PDF files  Can be printed or downloaded

15 Featured publishers

16 Key documents  Building Regulations England and Wales  Journals  Architects’ Journal  New Civil Engineer  Construction News  British standards and Eurocodes  HSE publications  JCT and other contracting publications

17 How to access CIS  Via MetaLib  Under Civil Engineering category  or use “Find Database” to search for CIS  Need Athens username and password  IHS homepage displayed  Select Construction Information Service from product list by clicking on

18 SPIE Digital Library  Optics and photonics - the science and application of light  >260,000 technical papers from SPIE journals and conference proceedings  >17,000 new technical papers added annually  Full-text service  Currently archived from 1990. During 2009 c. 40000 articles to be added taking the archive back to the first SPIE Proceedings published in 1963.

19 Access and searching  Via MetaLib – locate in Civil Engineering subject category or use Find Database  Available both on and off-campus  Off-campus login to Remote Working Portal:  Search by: Quick or Advanced options  Browse – powerful functionality. Browse by volume, year, title, conference, technical area

20 How extensive is the archive? Proceedings of SPIE - V. 1200, 1990  Optical Engineering - V. 29, 1990  Journal of Electronic Imaging - V. 1, 1992  Journal of Biomedical Optics - V. 1, 1996  Journal of Micro/Nanolithography - V. 1, 2002  Journal of Applied Remote Sensing - V. 1,2007  Journal of Nanophotonics – V.1, 2007  SPIE Letters Virtual Journal – 2005 

21 What subjects does it cover?  Astronomy and astronomical optics  Optics and electro-optics  Defense and industrial sensing  Micro- and nano- technologies  Communication and information technologies  Biomedical optics and medical imaging  Electronic imaging and processing

22 Other features  Author links to their other publications  Supports tables of contents email alerts  Full tables of contents for current and back issues  Personalization tool via My Article Collections  Quick link to related SPIE products

23 SAE Digital Library  SAE Digital Library references thousands of SAE Technical Papers covering the latest advances and research in the following areas:  ground vehicle,  aerospace,  off-highway, and  manufacturing technology,  fuels and lubricants, emissions, electronics, brakes, restraint systems, noise, engines, materials, lighting, and more

24 Our Subscription  We subscribe to the SAE Technical papers from 1990 onwards, giving full text to over 47,000 papers.  Access on campus only

25 Abstracts from other publishers

26 Search Tips  To get all full text from the SAE Digital Library:  Select Field Search  Change the publisher to SAE International  Chose Technical papers  Set publication date to >12-31-1997

27 Standards  Two full-text online services:  British Standards (incl. Eurocodes)  ASTM  Other individual standards  In print - Serials 602  CD-ROM – SAE Handbook for Ground Vehicle Standards (J-Reports)

28 British Standards  Metalib – locate via Find Database  British Standards – ATHENS U & P  Remember the YELLOW BOX!! BSOL Subscribers

29 What does it cover?  38,500 current, draft and historic British Standards  16,000 of these are BSI adopted European and International standards  Withdrawn standards from 1999 onwards

30 Searching  Simple search – input document number, key word or phrase. Use inverted commas for a more focussed set of results – “sky scraper”  Advanced search – additional options to search via publication date, update type (amended, reinstated) or reference (standards replacing/historical version of)  Browse – either by module or subject

31 ASTM Standards  American Society for Testing and Materials  > 12000 standards  Coverage includes metals, petroleum, construction and the environment  Access via MetaLib – use ‘Find Database’  Off-campus login to Remote Working Portal:

32 Library subscription Please be aware:  Loughborough’s subscription allows access to the full text of active ASTM standards documents only  No access to withdrawn, historical or redline standards

33 How to search Search options:  Enter the alphanumeric number of the standard if known – an alphanumeric listing of all standards is also provided  Enter keyword(s) Browse:  By subject area (here called ‘interest area’)  By ASTM Committee  By various listings – e.g. withdrawn standards

34 Other features  Provides a link to related ASTM standards products from each standard (click on tab)  Supports email alerts via Standards Tracker  Provides list of corrections and designated number of corrected standard

35 Hands-on Your chance to:  Try out the new electronic resources  Get help and advice from staff on any queries or problems you may have

36 Contact details Academic Librarians - Tel 2342 & 2344 Lizzie Gadd Steph McKeating - Sharon Reid - Becky Jones - Broadcast blog -

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