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Rhinostat Systems, LLC The Rhinitis Medicamentosa Company Copyright 2004 – Rhinostat Systems. LLC.

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1 Rhinostat Systems, LLC The Rhinitis Medicamentosa Company Copyright 2004 – Rhinostat Systems. LLC

2 Rhinostat Systems, LLC Only those people who have struggled with RM can appreciate the impact it has on their lives. Rhinitis Medicamentosa is a quality of life issue. An Estimated 10 Million Americans have RM

3 Rhinostat Systems, LLC Rhinostat exhibits at several major medical meetings each year. We meet with thousands of physicians and speak with them about our dosage titration method. We Talk About RM

4 Why Are We Known As The Rhinitis Medicamentosa Company? RM is our only focus Rhinostat interacts with more RM patients than any other physician, clinic or research organization, anywhere. Rhinostat’s research division compiles information directly from RM patients about treatment outcomes Specialization, Research and Treatment

5 How is RM usually treated? Decongestants are abruptly withdrawn Intranasal and/or systemic steroids are prescribed Steroids are sometimes injected directly into the turbinates The need for improvement The problem with this approach: The medications do not start working immediately. Patients are extremely uncomfortable for 4-8 days due to nasal airway congestion. To end their misery, many patients return to using the sprays.

6 What is the Rhinostat System And How Does It Work? Rhinostat is a dosage titration system It allows the user to reduce the strength of the decongestant dose by 15% each day Rhinostat uses serial saline dilution. It contains no other drugs, compounds or ingredients not already found in the user’s current decongestant spray. A practical alternative

7 What is the benefit of dosage titration? With Rhinostat, patients can avoid the 4-8 day period of complete congestion and discomfort. Patients can use their decongestant solution whenever they feel the need for relief, while still making progress each day. Why Rhinostat makes sense

8 Can the benefit of dosage titration be measured? Yes. With rhinomanometry, we can see that the peak nasal inflow remains at near normal levels when patients withdraw gradually. The rhinomanometer is a tool which is used to record aerodynamic measurements within the nasal cavity. Airflow, pressure gradients and volumes can be accurately measured. Breathing is believing

9 How much improvement is there using Rhinostat? This is a graph of the measured peak nasal inflow in two patient groups. In the Rhinostat group (upper line) nasal inflow is very near normal. The second group (lower line) was told to stop the decongestant abruptly and given steroids. Nasal inflow was substantially impaired for almost 8 days. A quantifiable difference

10 What is the benefit of increased airflow? A patient who can not breathe is much more likely to return to using their regular spray. If a patient is able to breathe during the treatment period, there is no reason for them to return to using their regular decongestant spray. Resisting the temptation

11 How do RM patients order from Rhinostat? (877) RHINOSTAT (877)744-6678 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

12 What happens when a patient places an order? Each Rhinostat kit is individually formulated, depending upon the type of spray the patient is currently using. Oxymetazoline Phenylepherine Xylometazoline Behind the scenes Delivered In 1-2 Business Days

13 Future Plans & Goals For Rhinostat To continue informing health care providers about the benefits of our gradual withdrawal method Moving Forward To expand the scope and depth of our research on rhinitis medicamentosa. To help as many people as possible overcome their dependence on decongestant sprays, greatly improving the quality of their lives.

14 Thank You For Viewing Our Presentation Physicians: Please visit us at major medical meeting such as the AAAAI, AAO-HNSF and Pri-Med In Conclusion Patients: Please tell your health care provider about Rhinostat

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