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CEN/TC 389 Innovation Management

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1 CEN/TC 389 Innovation Management
Andreea Gulacsi

2 European Standards Organizations
CEN (European Committee for Standardization) CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

3 About CEN National Standardization Bodies 31 countries:
2005 CEN – all rights reserved 14/04/2017 About CEN National Standardization Bodies 31 countries: 27 EU countries, 3 EFTA, Croatia Associates (consumer, environmental, SMEs interests) +/- 60,000 experts +/- 400 European/international associations Joint CEN-CENELEC Management Center since January 2010

4 The role of CEN We provide the platform for
stakeholders in a specific area to come together and reach a consensus at European level We help to ensure that the system respects the principles of transparency, openness, coherence, consensus,...

5 European Standards are...
Voluntary (legislation ≠ standards) Used in support of legislation/policies Established by all interested parties Reflect consensus Common European reference documents: Implemented as national standards Conflicting national standards are withdrawn

6 Other types of documents
Technical Specification (TS) When: No immediate need/enough consensus for EN Subject still under technical development May act as a pre-standard No obligation to withdraw conflicting national standards Technical Report (TR) Informative material (ex: data from a survey, state of the art on a particular subject, experiences in a specific field…)

7 History of CEN/TC 389 Innovation Management
Created by CEN in November 2008 In line with the CEN internal objective “to encourage more standards to support a culture of innovation in Europe” Previously BT/WG 201 “Research, development and Innovation” had examined feasibility to develop European standards in this field Secretariat and Chairmanship: AENOR (Spain). Regular participants: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK. 5 plenary meetings held until this moment. Note: BT/WG 201 was created on the initiative of Spain which already had an innovation management national standards. Other countries like Portugal, UK, etc also had national standards, reports, etc in this area

8 Working Groups WG 1: Collaboration and Creativity Management
WG 2: Innovation Management System WG 3: Innovation Management Assessment WG 4: Design Thinking WG 5: Intellectual Property Management WG 6: Strategic Intelligence Management

9 General agreements Documents not intended to be certifiable.
Oriented to all kind of organizations, with special attention to SMEs. Type of deliverable: family of CEN/TS. Innovation Management (IM)System structure according to Draft ISO Guide 83 on the drafting of management system Standards IM System: Complete and self-standing document. Further in-depth information on concrete aspects given in additional “focus on” documents for advanced users. Common Terminology issued in a separated document. Note: Draft ISO Guide 83 High level structure and identical text for management system standards and common core management system terms and definitions

10 Structure of documents

11 Steps in the development of a TS
Technical Committee CEN national members in Technical Committee TIMEFRAME: 21,5 MONTHS TC approval by weighted vote Technical Specification Draft TS

12 Working plan 1st Step: Drafting of the Innovation Management System document (WG 2). 2nd Step: Contents other than those included in the Innovation Management System, developed in further documents (other WGs).

13 Time Schedule

14 How to participate? Are you...
... An expert from one of the 31 countries member of CEN? You can participate with full rights including voting rights Contact your National Standardization Body ... A European or international federation? You can participate as an observer Apply for liaison status with CEN/TC 389

15 Thank you for your attention!
CCMC responsible for TC 389 – Ms. Maitane Olabarria

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