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University of Limerick Planning Team Department.

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1 University of Limerick Planning Team Department of Education & Professional Studies Continuing Professional Development of Teaching Practice Tutors

2 Today’s Agenda Lecture format; Subject-based Seminars; Planning and LAG Revisit

3 ACADEMIC REGULATIONS/ PROCEDURES Preparation and Professional Conduct on Teaching Practice 2.7 A student who is deemed to be unprepared for teaching practice will not be permitted to proceed to the school placement 2.8 Where a student is not permitted to proceed to the school placement, a fail grade (F/NG) is awarded 2.9 A student who fails to observe regulations with regard to professional conduct, safety, preparation, attendance or punctuality may be withdrawn from teaching practice 2.10 A student who is withdrawn from teaching practice is awarded a fail grade (F/NG)

4 Teaching at the University of Limerick Teaching as a complex activity Teachers are members of a statutory self-regulating body the Teaching Council who advocates for ‘teachers as professionals’ Bound by a professional code of practice Inquiry-oriented, reflective, co-professionals Teaching as a Continuum, December 2010

5 teaching practice preparation and planning? Room LCB012 Teaching Practice Space EN4024 Planning for Teaching and Learning 2

6 What classes do student teachers teach? Year 2 student teachers should work mainly with junior cycle, second level pupils Timetable needs to meet requirements TP Student Handbook (p.6-9; p.16 ) Some negotiation

7 Pre-TP meeting LAGs Post-TP meeting TP FILE Summative Instrument Grading Rubric a holistic grading process

8 Teaching Practice as a Holistic Process second year teaching practice six criteria highlighted plan, act, reflect cycle management of a safe environment and a learning environment teaching and learning strategies professional conduct subject matter matters grading rubric

9 TP Planning Document What are their educationally sound reasons? Teacher Activity: Pupil Activity (Motivation, Orientation, Information, Application and Review) Can they justify their type of planning model chosen? –e.g Process model See notes from EN4024 module for further information

10 TP File p. 24 Documentation re: School Today’s Lesson Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans Reflections Tutor Report Forms MUST BE AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES IN HARD COPY

11 Pre and Post TP Grading Rubric Timetable meets requirements Schemes of work and lesson plans follow TP Student Handbook and Planning Document student teacher-tutor joint sign-off

12 LAG Lesson Appraisal Guide Quality of Relationships* Coherence and Quality of Planning* Management of Learning Environment* Effectiveness of Teaching Strategies* Reflective Practice* Professional Conduct and Practice* Subject and Procedural Knowledge Coherence of Lesson Teaching in Diverse Settings Integration of Literacy and Numeracy Quality Assessment of/for Pupil Learning

13 the teaching practice school developing the relationship with co-operating teachers school provides information in their school report Professional conduct Willingness to help with extra-curricular activities Support for general rules and standards Relationship with school staff Relationship with the pupils

14 Grading Scales A1-A2 B1-B2** B3-C1 C2-C3 F student teacher-tutor dialogue ** key components for excellence to achieve a B1-B2 award

15 Counselling Services Teaching teenagers and young people can be tiring, demanding and stressful Take good care of yourself Seek help if you find yourself getting anxious or too tired Don’t wait for things to get too bad Counselling Drop-In Service in UL TP Student Handbook Page (62) 061-202327, 086-8115829

16 making contact when out on placement 1.Two Teaching Practice Tutors 2.Course Director 3.If its more serious then HOD and Academic Coordinator will need to be notified through: thank you for your attention and every best wish for a successful teaching practice tutoring experience

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