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Ophthalmic Payments National User Group Meeting 20 th September 2012.

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1 Ophthalmic Payments National User Group Meeting 20 th September 2012

2 PCT Migrations Migration Reference menus and screens activated Will be populated with your PCTs active Contractors & Performers PCT Migration Reference data to be completed by 18 th February 2013

3 PCT Migrations eGOS submissions to be suspended on a specified date No need to ‘book’ your migration dates Ophthalmic Migration Team will schedule your migration date

4 PCT Migrations Migrations to be split into two processing parts

5 PCT Migrations Migration process Part 1 –Completed between 25 th February 2013 & 25 th March 2013 –Migration will be processed by the Ophthalmic migration team –Any migration data issues can be resolved with PCTs & Agencies

6 PCT Migrations Migration process Part 1 –New contractor and performer lists will be created from the completed Migration Reference data

7 PCT Migrations After Migration process Part 1 –Your PCT Contractors will have their ‘date off list’ and ’final payment date’ set as 31/03/2013 –Your PCT Performers will have their ‘Date off list’ set as 31/03/2013 –Access to the new Contractors and Performers lists will not be available

8 PCT Migrations After Migration process Part 1 –Your GOS payments will continue as normal

9 PCT Migrations Migration process Part 2 –Completed between 29 th March 2013 and 1 st April 2013 –Closes all PCTs –Archives all PCT data

10 PCT Migrations Migration process Part 2 –Implements new NHS organisational structures into the central Ophthalmic Payments system –Activates new Contractors and Performers lists

11 PCT Migrations Migration process Part 2 –eGOS submissions to be re- activated from 2 nd April 2013 –Ophthalmic Payments service ready for 2 nd April 2013

12 Integrated Single Financial system Referred to as the ISFE Pay GPs and Opticians In service from 1 st April 2013 Contractors allocated a unique Vender Code

13 Integrated Single Financial System Ophthalmic Payment’s contractor screen to be updated to include Vendor code Contractor’s migration reference record to hold Vendor Code

14 Integrated Single Financial System Migration will include the Vendor Code as part of the new Contractor detail record

15 Electronic Links Accredited Suppliers, Pilots & Electronic Links Activity –There is a link, called national availability & pilots, now available on the Ophthalmic Payments Bulletin Board showing latest eGOS activity and pilot information –

16 Electronic Links Activity Details – 367 active stores 246 Specsavers stores 87 practices using the Optix system 24 Vision Express stores use Ocuco 10 Independents –34 requested activations pending –195 stores using automatic process –122 PCT/LHBs over 53 agencies 6 new PCTs

17 Electronic Links Claim Volumes –6,548,279 GOS 1 –3,515 GOS 3 –611 GOS 4 –3 GOS 5 –40 GOS 6

18 Practice wishing to use links Check for accredited supplier at the practice (using activity page) –If yes, follow usual activation process found on the Bulletin Board –If no, then pass on the URL for the NHS CfH Ophthalmic payments electronic links website & ask the practice to forward it to their system supplier –

19 Completed Change Requests 4606 SBS, Show the full claim amount on eGOS claims listed for manual processing 9 th March 2012 4797 LASCA, Amend the Optician List report to include Trading Name 9 th March 2012 4787 Dudley, Archived Payment Analysis Reports 12 th April 2012 4694 NE PCSA, remove some mandatory fields from GOS3 and GOS4 input screens 27 th April 2012

20 Completed Change Requests 4697 Wales, set NHS Reason automatically for Under 16 & Over 60 on a GOS 4 &GOS 6 input screen 27 th April 2012 4841Staffordshire, list the Pre Notification Nursing Home details on the GOS 3 and GOS 4 individual input screens 27 th April 2012 4361 Wolverhampton, eGOS for enhanced service claims 2 nd May 2012

21 Completed Change Requests 4883 Surrey, Include Contractor Code on Pre Notification Patient list screen 9 th May 2012 4834 Anglian CIC, batched GOS 3/GOS 4 screen has Number Change fields which can be used to add or subtract values 11 th May 2012 4818 Hants, A new report called Duplicate Selected Statements 30 th May 2012

22 Completed Change Requests 4868 North Yorkshire, KEST facility is available within the enhanced services input screen 13 th June 2012 4897 Wales, The Pre Notify Patient screen now includes a month's grace period as part of the possible duplicate check 14 th June 2012

23 Completed Change Requests 4912 Thames Valley, The Pre Notification report, List Possible Duplicate Patient Claims, has the option to exclude patients who are 70 years or older from the report 29 th June 2012 5051 Dudley, Create BACS File report includes a CSV file option 28 th August 2012

24 Completed Change Requests 5037 Anglian CIC, Archive Inactive Pre Notification Claims facility now includes the option to include the Pre Notification Details records 13 th September 2012

25 Rejected/Withdrawn Change Requests 4781 LASCA, Auto removal of BACS details after final payment data expired Rejected by OPUG 2 nd February 12 4789 Dudley, Student age validation checks Withdrawn 2 nd February 12 4898 Wales, Searching for patients Withdrawn 20 th April 2012

26 Rejected/Withdrawn Change Requests 4695 CIC, Batched GOS 3/GOS 4 to use same entry method as GOS 1/GOS 6 Rejected 22 nd November 4639 BSC South, Additional audit information for Cataract enhanced service claims Withdrawn 19 th January 4788 Dudley, CSV report for Contractor & Performer list Withdrawn 24 th January

27 Open Change Requests 4796 LASCA (page 29) Amalgamate optician statements grouped by PCT/LHB code and email address 4819 Warwickshire (page 30) Move the ‘Evidence Not Seen’ to match the GOS 4 form 5032 LASCA (page 31) GOS 3 & GOS 4 to include a 3 month check on Date Ordered 5047 Dudley (page 32) Re-activate the reset password facility within the Administration Tool

28 Open Change Requests 5048 Dudley (page 33) Allow for 2 pairs of glasses on a GOS4 input screen

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