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Grant Preparation and Management Wendy G. Harris, Director of Budget and Resource Planning.

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1 Grant Preparation and Management Wendy G. Harris, Director of Budget and Resource Planning

2 Illinois Mathematics Funding  Currently: –72 external grants (47 NSF; 17 Simons Foundation, 1 NSA, 1 Air Force, 1 via UPenn, 1 Actuarial Foundation, 1 ONR, 1 NASA, 1 Sloan Foundation, 1 Society of Actuaries) –16 internal grants (14 Research Board, 2 Public Engagement) –60 faculty, postdocs, emeritus, graduate students, other academics

3 External grants: Math FYSubmissionsFundedHit Rate 07402050% 08551832% 09622642% 10441329% 1160 (+1 withdrawn)2643% 1263 (+4 withdrawn)2641% 1354 (+1 withdrawn)1833% 1454 (+5 withdrawn)1426% (2 pending)

4 Recent External Grants: Math FY13FundedUnfundedWithdrawn NSF10260 Simons731 NSA050 McDonnell010 Actuarial Fdn100 ONR010 FY14FundedUnfundedWithdrawnPending NSF102411 Simons3510 NSA1800 Burroughs0100 AFOSR0001

5 Getting started  Find funding opportunities and deadlines –Department website: –Grant Forward: –Federal Government: http://www.grants.gov –Campus Research Board (faculty): –Scholars’ Travel Fund (faculty, lecturers): –Fellowships/grants (grad students): obs obs

6 Getting started  Sample Deadlines (due to Wendy) –September 10: NSF Focused Research Groups –September 23: Simons Foundation Fellow; Simons Targeted Grants in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems –September 30: NSF Analysis, Combinatorics, and Foundations (including conferences) –October 2: NSF Algebra/Number Theory –October 6: NSF Research Training Groups –October 7: National Security Agency –October 23: Simons Foundation Collaborations in Mathematics and the Physical Sciences; Simons Targeted Grants to Institutes

7 Getting started  Deadlines that do not go through Wendy –September 3: Scholars Travel –October 15: MSRI Hot Topics Workshop, MSRI PD Research Fellowships, NSF Mathematical Sciences PD Research Fellowships –October 22: Campus Research Board –October 30: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program –December 1: MSRI PD Fellow, PD Fellow Member, Research Member, MSRI Research Professor Member

8 External funding  Review the guidelines –Eligibility: –NSA: Algebra, No. Theory, Discrete Math, Probability; citizen or permanent resident; PIs, PDs, and RAs must be citizens or permanent residents –NSA: Young Investigators: up to 10 years after PhD –NSF: REU, REGs, Grad Research Fellow, Postdoctoral Research fellow: funding for citizens or permanent residents –NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow: PhD less than 2 years ago

9 External funding, cont’d –Margins, font, font size, page limits –Budget restrictions –Special attachments to include –Special formatting –See step by step guides on Business Office website –Budget/budget justification: Wendy Harris –Content: your mentor, other faculty, and your program officer

10 Typical content: external funding  Stick to the guidelines (margins, pages, font size, font, etc.)  Summary  Description  Biographical sketch  Current and pending grants  Facilities and Resources  Budget  Budget justification

11 NSF changes  Summary: –Broader impact/intellectual merit –3 rd person; understandable by lay reader; cut and paste into 3 sections  Proposal: section: broader impacts of project, results from prior NSF support (including intellectual merit and broader impacts)  Biography: “products”; specific requirements for who to include as collaborators; certain format  Budget: ‘partial’ computers may be allowed  Data management plan

12 NSF: Data Management Plan  Supplementary document-under 2 pages  Types of data to be produced  Standards for data/metadata format  Policies for access/sharing of data  Policies for re-use, re-distribution and production of derivatives  Plans for archiving  **Can state that no plan is needed, but justify why

13 The NSF budget  PI salary (up to 2 mos summer)  Research assistants (2, 4.5, 9, or 11 months at 25%+)  Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs)  Benefits (6.19% to 39.14%)  Tuition remission (64%)  Services/collaborator travel  Foreign and domestic (including Canada) travel  Participant costs for conferences  Equipment  Facilities and administration costs (58.6%) on all except tuition and participant costs

14 Keep in mind…  Nearly impossible to justify: –Supplies –Printers –Computers (but this is changing)  Cannot fund: –Books –Meals with visitors  Budget justification: –What will student do? –Who might you invite here? –Where might you travel?

15 Example NSF budget (1 year)  2 mos salary @ $6,000/mo: $12,000  50% RA 9 mos @ $2,171/mo: $19,539  benefits: $5,906  tuition remission (64% RA): $12,505  collaborator travel: $1,000  domestic travel: $1,000  foreign travel: $2,000  Indirect costs (58.6%): $24,287  TOTAL: $78,237

16 NSF Terminology  Renewal: “additional funding for a support period subsequent to that provided by a standard or continuing grant” –Talk to program officer first –Include human-resources development of those on grant within Results from Prior NSF Support –Treated as a new grant  Continuation: optional additional funding that was noted in award documents; received based on progress/funds/timely annual report

17 NSF Terminology  Target date: proposals may be accepted after this, but you may miss a panel  Deadline date: will not be reviewed after this date  Window: period in which proposals will be accepted, with final date being a deadline I treat all as deadlines!!

18 NSA (due Oct 8)  Young Investigator: –$20,000 per year for two years –If $6,000/mo salary:  2 mos salary, no student, no travel  1.25 mos salary, 1 mos 50% RA, $4,000 travel  1 mos salary, 1.5 mos 50% RA, $4,000 travel, $1,200 computer  Standard Grant: –$40,000 for one year –If $8,000/mo salary and $6,000/mo PD:  1 mos salary, 1.66 mos RA, $2000 equipment/supplies, $4,000 travel  1 mos salary, 1 mos PD salary, 1 mos RA, $1,920 travel  Also funding for conferences, workshops, REUs

19 Simons Foundation: Targeted Grants in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems (NEW!)  “foster a culture of theory-experiment collaboration similar to that prevailing in the physical sciences by supporting the development of mathematical models that explain classes of experimental results and suggest new directions for experiment, as well as research aimed at testing theoretical ideas and expanding their reach.”  Up to $200,000 per year for 3 years  Letter of intent due September 30

20 Simons Collaborations in Mathematics and the Physical Sciences (LOI due Oct 31)  “should address a mathematical or theoretical topic of fundamental scientific importance, where a significant new development creates a novel area for exploration or provides a new direction for progress in an established field.”  broad area of mathematics, theoretical physics, and theoretical computer science  Up to $2,500,000 per year for four years

21 Simons Collaboration (Jan 26)  Purpose: increase collaborative contacts  Eligibility: tenured, tenure track, professor emeritus; active research/publications; cannot hold grant of over $3,000/yr that allows travel; no citizenship requirements  Funding: $7,000 per year for 5 years –$5,000 for PI: travel, computers, computer support, supplies, books –$1,000 for department: “enhance research atmosphere”; –$1,000 indirect costs

22 Submitting  Most submitted online – – – –https://proposalcentral.altum.com –Complete a week before agency deadline due to routing:  PI and department signatures  Sent to UIUC Grants and Contracts  Revisions/corrections  Submission to funding agency

23 Got it!  Forward letter to Wendy  Adjusting the budget –Revise budget –Impact statement –Abstract (to NSF)  Review the agreement: reporting, citation in publications, foreign travel limitations  Fund set up

24 Grant management  Funded incrementally or all at once  Know policies for spending money: –See guidelines at –Questionable: books, computers, supplies –Plan ahead: foreign travel (NSA; US Carriers) –Unallowable: your own meal when eating with a visitor –Ask for help in advance:  We pay for flights, conference registration, visitor flights, visitor hotels  Reimbursing foreign visitors

25 Grant management, cont’d  Read your statements  Expenditure confirmations  Reporting  Rebudgeting  Extension requests

26 Internal Grants: Campus Research Board  Due Oct 22, Jan 21, Mar 11  full-time tenured and tenure track faculty  Focus on new directions in your research  $30,000 limit  Also $10,000 Seed Funding Award  Submit online  No Math review needed-see RA salaries online  Peer reviewed

27 Scholars’ Travel  Due early each month (Sept 3, Oct 1)  full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty, full-time lecturers  Support for conferences where you will present  CAN have an external grant  Must plan in advance  Amounts are predetermined: $350-$1,050 domestic; $850-$1,950 international  Apply online; no department review  Provide your letter with reimbursement request

28 Questions?

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