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The EVIE Project Derek Sergeant Leeds University Library.

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1 The EVIE Project Derek Sergeant Leeds University Library

2  Request: We need a quick overview of the EVIE project to communicate to new researchers  Provide one example of where the library is taking initiative in moving towards the University strategy

3 Presentation overview  Project introduction  Overview of the 10 WPs  User requirements analysis  Systems scoping  The next 12 months  Round up (WP4, 6, 10, 5)

4 EVIE Project overview  ‘Embedding a Virtual Research Environment in an Institutional Environment’  Funded by JISC under their Virtual Research Environments programme  Runs from Nov 04 – Nov 06  Partners: University of Leeds, The British Library

5 EVIE Project overview  Researchers expect to go online to perform research-associated tasks  Tools to enable these are available, but via widely varied systems

6 Typical campus research systems landscape

7 EVIE brings order to this chaos

8 Key benefits  Easier authentication and authorisation across a range of different systems  Easier navigation of the local research environment  Tailored content ‘pushed’ at the user  Increased data integration  Improved awareness of tools

9 The components  Built using Luminis portal framework  Based on open standards, content and services can be ‘plugged-in’ to the environment  Enables single-sign-on, secure access, customisation and tailoring of content

10 The 10 work-packages  WP1 Ensure the project runs smoothly  WP2 User requirements analysis  WP3 Systems scoping/design  WP4 Digital preservation requirements  WP5 Resource discovery and document visualisation  WP6 Taxonomy  WP7 Simplified-sign-on, channel development  WP8 Implementation and deployment  WP9 Evaluation and dissemination  WP10 Collaborative tools

11 The 10 work-packages WP2 User Req WP8 Implement WP7 SSO Dev (WP5) Res Disc (Doc Viz) WP3 Sys Req (WP10) Collab

12 User Requirements Analysis  1 – 1 interviews  Focus groups  Online questionnaire

13 Research Lifecycle Resource Discovery Peer activities (publishing) Research-Teaching Links Consultancy Collaboration with Partners Research Outputs Obtain Funding Project Management

14 User Requirements - Results Arts Business Biological Sciences Education, Social Science and Law Environment Engineering Mathematical & Physical Sciences Medicine and Health Performance, Visual Arts and Communications Joint Honours Other Faculty not stated

15 User Requirements - Results Professor, Reader, Senior Lecturer, Senior Research Fellow Lecturer, Research Fellow Graduate Student, Post-doctoral Researcher Other Research role not stated

16 User Requirements - Results aspect ID number of times rated 020406080100120140 1 2 3 4 5 essential very important important somewhat important not important 1: Resource Discovery 3: Collaboration with Partners 4: Research Outputs 2: Obtain Funding 5: Other

17 User Requirements - Results  Presented to the Faculty research committees  Research Systems Steering Group  Available online ( )

18 Library Resources Web of Science 39 Google 29 Medline 14 pubmed 6 Cinahl Embase 4 Cochrane Library Google Scholar sosig 3 Amed arXiv Biosis JStor Psychinfo Psychlit Science Direct 2

19 Systems Scoping  Produced a mockup of component systems

20 Systems Scoping  High level system scoping document  Investigation of component systems within the stages of the lifecycle  Prioritisation for populating Luminis with tools to support researchers

21 The next 12 months  Phased development of portal channels  Implementation of authentication mechanisms  Testing

22 WP4, WP6, WP10, WP5  WP4 : Preservation requirements  WP6 : Taxonomy  WP10: Collaborative tools  WP5 : Resource discovery and document visualisation

23 Library Staff Presentation Friday, November 4 th


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