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Louise Carder Independent Practitioner Consultant.

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1 Louise Carder Independent Practitioner Consultant

2 My journey into NT

3 Working for a supplement manufacturer Appropriate qualification e.g. Nutrition Appropriate experience e.g. Regulatory experience, marketing background and previous business owner

4 Premier Research Labs Respected internationally as an industry-leading formulator and manufacturer of nutraceuticals and super-food concentrates All PRL products are: Natural food-form products, free from excipients Clinically tested Bottled in patent pending Violite containers, protecting active ingredients from light damage

5 Sales work Key tasks: Developing UK Distributor network and ongoing account management Processing all UK and some EU sales and sales enquiries Developed sales processes and now manage monthly sales meetings

6 Marketing work Key tasks: Strategic planning Project management of EU PRL launch events in 2013 Development of marketing materials (B to B) and management of brand development with UK designer and EU Consultants Copy-writing of marketing material (B to B) and advertising (B to C) Management of all external event work e.g. CAMExpo and CAM Conferences + sponsorship Development of PRL external events outside of industry-led events e.g. UK-wide speaking tour for Dr Marshall, Founder of PRL Being on stand at all PRL events in the UK Educating practitioners on PRL products via webinars and live events Processing all practitioner enquiries

7 Regulatory Work Key tasks: Liaising with EU Regulatory Consultants Keeping abreast of regulatory changes I use: To keep me abreast of industry changes. For claims information I use the following link to do searches on specific things to see if they have approved claims. So choose ‘authorised’ from the first tab and then in the search field put something like biotin in to see which claims have been approved. 959b25a18d-650F8000-C589-93DA- 6991F8D8EDE39D17&jsessionid=9312e2c930615a29d63c661f7e45795c2d23TR

8 Daily routine Responding to emails Taking practitioner enquiry calls Event planning Liaising with head office in Austin

9 What to look for in a supplement company Company: How open they are with their information/claims Level of practitioner support Events- get to know the company! Products: Ingredients listings and ingredient forms Excipient information

10 Qualifying and growing as an NT Being a novice Learning by experience When you get it right Importance of CPD Taking the plunge with opportunities Connections

11 Specialising I presented at the September 2014 CAM Conference on Auto-Immunity, delivering the keynote lecture on lectins. Find a subject that grabs you Just dive in to PubMed Find out who the experts are and either try and talk to them or read everything they’ve published

12 Where will your journey take you? Never know what you are capable of unless you push yourself Important to have SMART goals So many resources out there- use them (or develop them further…) Thank you or

13 PRL have over 200 products in their US catalogue, the EU range is growing steadily

14 Current PRL Products Liquid ND range comprises: Max B (Liquid B vitamin complex) Natural Folate (Food-form liquid Folate) Quinol (1:1 ratio of Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol) Green Tea (Blend of Green Tea and Resveratrol) The ND range can be added to water, juice or hot beverages/soups Capsule range comprises: Digestive Quintet (DQ1-5 range of digestive support products including enzymes and betaine) Turmeric (non-irradiated and un-extracted turmeric) UltraPollen (hypoallergenic rye flower extract) NZ Red Velvet Deer Antler (antler velvet) DHA (algal source so suitable for vegans) Chlorella FX (certified organic and subjected to broken cell wall process) Pink Salt and liquid D3 are two additional products in the PRL range, which will be added to again by the end of the year For samples, price/distributor list or product technical bulletins contact

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