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Linking to Library Resources Linda Slater John W. Scott Health Sciences Library 780-492-7948.

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1 Linking to Library Resources Linda Slater John W. Scott Health Sciences Library 780-492-7948

2 What will be covered? Access technology behind library electronic resources EZProxy Demo of methods for linking to library electronic resources Creating links to be sent via email, chat or to add to LibGuides DOIs, persistent links, OpenURLs Link checking service; eReserve

3 Accessing Licensed Resources Licenses for library electronic resources require that users be ‘authenticated’ before they are permitted access to content. Authentication occurs when: Someone logs into a computer on the campus network (office, AICT lab, library, wireless network). Someone on an off-campus clicks on a link on the library website that prompts for authentication and logs in with their CCID.

4 Library E-Resources Online databases Mostly licensed Some freely available, e.g. PubMed, ERIC Online journals Mostly licensed Growing number of Open Access journals e-Books Mostly licensed Links to online documents, e.g. gov docs Mostly freely available

5 EZProxy Prefixes are embedded into links on library website. If EZProxy detects that a link to a licensed resource is being accessed from off-campus, user will be prompted to login in with their CCID. Those providing links to licensed library resources should add the EZProxy prefix to URLs to facilitate authentication.

6 EZProxy Prefix = = Original URL: ‘EZProxified’ URL: = 3 = 3

7 Dynamic vs Static URLs Determine whether the access link is a ‘dynamic’ or ‘static’ URL. ‘Dynamic’ URLs are generated from a script or from a search of the site’s database each time a link is accessed. The URL will be different each time and is usually quite long. Don’t use a dynamic URL to send a link. ‘Static’ URLs remain constant unless manually changed and are relatively short.

8 Dynamic Full-text Link

9 Static Full-text Link

10 Adding the EZProxy Prefix for Journal article.pdfs Resulting URL would be: /pdf/10.1021/bi8006143 /pdf/10.1021/bi8006143

11 Linking to Abstract or.pdf??? Consider linking to the online abstract/citation of the reference which contains links to full-text rather than linking directly to the.pdf. Necessary if full-text link is dynamic. Preferable if there are alternative full-text formats available for the user to choose from. See Still need to add the EZProxy prefix if linking to the article abstract/citation.

12 Persistent Links in Aggregator Databases, e.g. EBSCO, Ovid, etc. Users can link to full-text from article records, e.g. gin?url= n.aspx?direct=true&db=rzh&AN=200997 3322&loginpage=Login.asp&site=ehost- live&scope=site gin?url= n.aspx?direct=true&db=rzh&AN=200997 3322&loginpage=Login.asp&site=ehost- live&scope=site EZProxy prefix not always included, e.g. it isn’t in JSTOR. Add it, if it isn’t.

13 Instructions for Specific Aggregators EBSCOHost: p/faculty_ezproxy/ebsco/index.cfm p/faculty_ezproxy/ebsco/index.cfm Proquest: p/faculty_ezproxy/proquest/index.cfm p/faculty_ezproxy/proquest/index.cfm Journals@Ovid: p/faculty_ezproxy/journals_ovid/index.cfm p/faculty_ezproxy/journals_ovid/index.cfm

14 Linking to Ovid Full-text

15 Ovid, cont.

16 Linking to Articles Using DOIs DOI = Digital Object Indicator System for providing persistent URLs for electronic literature. Often provided with article full-text or in database records. Look-up service is available at:

17 Formula for Creating DOIs Locate DOI, e.g. following DOI is provided: doi:10.1016/j.agwat.2008.03.004 doi:10.1016/j.agwat.2008.03.004 Remove ‘doi:’ and prefix with, e.g. Add EZProxy prefix, e.g. ttp:// ttp://

18 DOIs and Aggregators If our only access to the full-text of a journal is available via an aggregator, the DOI for the full-text will not direct user to U of A accessible full-text. However, the DOI can still be used for citation purposes: E.g. Bong, M. (2009). Age-related differences in achievement goal differentiation. Journal of Educational Psychology, 101(4): 879-896. doi:10.1037/a0015945doi:10.1037/a0015945

19 OpenURLs OpenURLs contain ‘metadata’ (information that describes a document) and are intended to facilitate access to a specific library’s resources through the use of a ‘link resolver’, e.g. GetIt. See for additional information about OpenURLs.

20 Creating OpenURLs Go to the GetIt Citation Linker at n/ n/ Enter information about article, check the View Open URL box. Click on the GetIt button.

21 Generating OpenURL

22 Copy the OpenURL that is created NOTE: You do not need to add the EZProxy prefix to OpenURLs as the link(s) on the resulting GetIt menu will contain the prefix automatically.

23 A GetIt menu generated by an Open URL

24 Tips for Using the GetIt Citation Linker Enter only the name of the journal (or ISSN), year of publication, volume, issue and start page. Use Exact Match or Starting With if more than one title is found for the journal title you entered. If a journal title containing and is not found, try substituting &, and vice versa.

25 Linking to eBooks via NEOS Catalogue Easiest method is to link to the NEOS catalogue record for the eBook. Search the catalogue for the title and in the Details display, click on Create Permanent Link. Copy the link that appears. You do not need to add the EZProxy prefix as this is built into the catalogue link.

26 Linking Directly to Books 24x7, ebrary, and MyILibrary Titles After clicking on access link from catalogue, copy resulting URL, e.g. ookid=25549. ookid=25549 Add EZProxy prefix, e.g. ogin?url= arc.asp?bookid=25549 ogin?url= arc.asp?bookid=25549

27 E-Book links in catalogue record

28 Linking Directly to NetLibrary Titles After clicking on access link from catalogue, click on the Full Metadata link for the title and look for the Product ID. Replace the XXXXXX in the following URL with the Product ID: XXXX XXXX Add the EZProxy prefix, e.g. = 14511 = 14511

29 NetLibrary: Locating Product ID

30 Example: Books 24x7 Links

31 Linking to UA WorldCat Records

32 Linking to Freely Available Docs No need to add EZ Proxy prefix Link to specific chapter or document table of contents? Link directly to.pdf or to description page? E.g. Chap 20: Eating Disorders - Women’s Health Surveillance Report eng.php eng.php

33 Linking to Library Subject Pages & LibGuides Locate the appropriate subject page or LibGuide on the library website and copy the URL. It is not necessary to add the EZProxy prefix to these links as they are included, as required, on all library website pages.

34 Linking to a Database ‘More Info’ Page Consider linking to the More Info page for a database, particularly for those with dynamic access links.

35 Linking to a Database ‘More Info’ page, cont.

36 Linking Directly to Databases

37 Linking to a Database ‘Static’ URL Copy the access link and add the EZProxy prefix.

38 Linking to Search Strategies Available in EBSCOHost, PubMed and UA WorldCat Allows you to create search and send link that will re-create search for the user.

39 EBSCOHost Share Search

40 PubMed

41 PubMed, cont.

42 UA WorldCat

43 TinyURLs Use the TinyURL generator at to substitute TinyURLs for lengthy URLs. Particularly useful if you need to include a long URL in a print reading list or in an email where word wrapping sometimes cuts off long URLs. If the EZProxy prefix needs to be included on a URL, add it to the URL before entering it into the TinyURL generator.

44 Very Important!!! ALWAYS check your links before you send them to ensure that they work!

45 The Library Reading List Service See uest/readinglist/ uest/readinglist/ Library staff will locate and create links for electronic material for instructor reading lists. Staff will include the EZProxy prefix as appropriate when preparing the reading list.

46 The Library eReserve Service The Library staff will create an eReserve page for courses. The page will provide links to electronic material. See ructorguidelines/index.cfm for more information including criteria for what can be included. ructorguidelines/index.cfm See spx?cid=109 for a sample eReserve page. spx?cid=109

47 More Info Linking to Library Resources: _help/faculty_ezproxy/index.cfm _help/faculty_ezproxy/index.cfm Reading List Service & eReserve: m/instructorguidelines/index.cfm m/instructorguidelines/index.cfm

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