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Instructor: Mary Spalding, MA, MLIS Medical Librarian, Western Maryland Area Health Education Center (AHEC) This program is sponsored in whole or in part.

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1 Instructor: Mary Spalding, MA, MLIS Medical Librarian, Western Maryland Area Health Education Center (AHEC) This program is sponsored in whole or in part by the National Library of Medicine

2  The number of disaster health resources on the World Wide Web is staggering, but few health professionals and first responders have hours available to wade through these to locate the ones that are most reliable, useful, and specific for a particular locale or population. During this one-hour course, the instructor (a medical librarian) will demonstrate national and local Internet-based resources for disaster preparation and management, such as those based on evidence from previous disasters and/or developed as best practices by government, academic, and other reliable sources. Resources designed for a specific population, such as rural seniors, may be designated as a focus, but general resources will be introduced for all audiences. This training program is sponsored in whole or in part by the National Library of Medicine.

3 Upon completion of this training, participants should be able to:  Identify reliable Internet-based local and national disaster health resources for health professionals, particularly social workers;  Describe disaster preparedness for health professionals, particularly as it relates to senior citizens.

4 Mary Spalding, MA, MLIS Western Maryland AHEC Program Coordinator and Medical Librarian  Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from University of South Carolina; Master’s Degree in English from West Virginia University with additional PhD course work;  Medical Librarian for WMAHEC since 1999;  Serve as medical library consultant for Western Maryland Health System, Somerset Hospital, and Meritus Health, Inc.;  Writer, coordinator, and/or project investigator for numerous federal grants and contracts involving health care and library services, including the National Library of Medicine, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, Appalachian Regional Commission. She wrote and served as project investigator of a 1999 National Leadership Grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS) that provided training in emerging library technologies for rural librarians in three states.


6  Please! ◦ Be sure to complete the WMAHEC Participant Information Form and course pre-test and turn them into Joy Taylor from WMAHEC. ◦ Sign in on the sign-in sheet. ◦ After the course, complete a course evaluation and post-test found in your packet and turn it in to Joy as well.  THANK YOU! These materials help WMAHEC assess this program and plan for future programs!

7 NO!

8  The National Library of Medicine has ◦ located those resources, ◦ evaluated them for quality and reliability, and ◦ organized those selected for easy retrieval by health professionals, public health officials, first responders, and others with a role in disaster preparation and management. 

9 ◦ Disaster preparation and management toolkits ◦ Disaster plan samples ◦ Resources for counselors and others on coping with disasters ◦ Free online continuing education and training opportunities ◦ Free educational videos ◦ Apps for mobile phones and computers on hazardous materials and other topics, ◦ Even resources on preparing for...


11 The core purpose of the Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC) is to develop and provide access to health information resources and technology for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. Our intent is to connect people to quality disaster health information and foster a culture of community resiliency. (Our Sponsor)



14 Search PubMed for Peer-Reviewed Disaster Health Literature; Register as Loansome Doc user to order articles through WMAHEC! Resource Guide— Search public health, disaster medicine, and related information available on the Web Disaster Types and Topics— Directory with links to Web resources evaluated by medical librarians for quality and reliability

15 Selection Guidelines U.S. Government and non-U.S. Government sites meeting evaluation criteria, including: Clearly stated relevant purpose; Authority, Credibility, and Affiliation Content, Coverage, and Currency Point of View Access, Navigation, and Availability Language Accessibility for persons with disabilities (visual or other) is a core considera- tion in creation of NLM sites and selected links.

16 Disaster Types



19  MEDLINE contains up-to-date citations and abstracts of articles published in professional medical journals published in this country and abroad.  PUBMED ( allows you to search MEDLINE using keywords and MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) – I recommend using both; tutorials are available on the sites to help you—they are excellent; PubMed links to free full text of articles on the Web; if full text is not available, you may ORDER the articles using Loansome

20  Loansome Doc – An integrated tool that allows users to order articles unavailable in full text from their designated libraries – Register for free and choose Western Maryland AHEC as your primary access library—your requests will come directly to us. To register for Loansome Doc, go to  How to Order Articles in PubMed/Loansome Doc: In PubMed, select an article you want (or send as many as you’d like to the Clipboard using the “Send To” pull-down menu). When you are ready, use “Send To” pull-down menu and choose “Order.” This will take you to Loansome Doc; Register and choose WMAHEC as your primary access library; remember your username and password for next time. Your search will be sent directly to WMAHEC once you send it, and your articles should be available within a day or two in most cases.  FREE UNTIL SEPTEMBER 16! Our contract with the National Library of Medicine for this training also provides funds to cover the cost of retrieving full text articles from libraries that charge. They are usually sent in full text to your email as a PDF document.  After September 16, small fees may be charged for articles requested through Loansome Doc, but you designate how much, if anything, you are willing to be pay before the order is processed. These fees differ depending on the library that owns the journal and fills the request. All requests go through WMAHEC first.

21 Free Disaster and Emergency Response Tools from the National Library of Medicine Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM)Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM) - Guidance on planning, response and recovery related to chemical mass casualty incidents Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER)Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER) - A system to help emergency responders identify hazardous materials and respond to chemical emergencies. Contains information on over 400 chemicals and radiologic agents. Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM)Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM) - Guidance on the clinical diagnosis and treatment of mass casualty radiological/nuclear events for health care providers. Excellent tutorials walk you through using all NLM tools!


23 Searchable Resource Guide (Found on Home Page)— This search returned resources for rural preparedness.

24 NLM’s DIMRC provides links to numerous resources, far more than I can demonstrate here. I’ve selected a few to share with you today, but I hope you’ll spend some time at the site looking for materials relevant to you and your place of work.

25 Resources About Coping with Disasters, Violence, and Traumatic Events – Including For the Health Professional

26 And for specific ones! Overview Lead Organizations Mental Health and Emotional Response to Traumatic Events Intervention and Treatment Substance Abuse Issues Pre-Existing Behavioral Health and Mental Health Conditions For Emergency Responders, Healthcare Workers, Journalists, and Volunteers For Professionals, Teachers, Parents, and Others Working with Children For the Public Apps and Widgets Training Courses and Instructional Materials Multi-Language Resources Disclaimer

27 Competencies and Online Courses for Health Professionals, many with CEUs

28 Resources, courses, etc., for multiple disciplines

29  Can be “attended” by anyone  Past Webinars can be watched at any time by going to archive at  Just one excellent example: ◦ 2013 March 21 Disability Inclusive Emergency Management Marcie Roth, Senior Advisor on Disability Issues for FEMA, spoke about integrating the needs of the whole community into all aspects of emergency preparedness and disaster response, recovery and mitigation efforts.


31  Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress  Free download: needs-of-the-seriously-mentally-ill-in- disaster/ needs-of-the-seriously-mentally-ill-in- disaster/  Includes A Guide to Managing Stress in Crisis Response Professionals

32 Also accessed at NLM DIMRC under Coping with Traumatic Events, Training Courses and Instructional Resources: Mental Health Consequences of Disaster Very good presenter!

33 And especially for those working in hospitals …. Communications During Emergencies Patient Information Management Information Access During Disaster Response

34  SAMHSA’s Disaster Kit: product/SMA11- DISASTER product/SMA11- DISASTER  Order this free resource— or download all sections from the Web site

35  National Institutes of Mental Health – d-listing.shtml d-listing.shtml  Publications About PTSD and other disorders  Educational Resources about the Brain  And more!

36  Mice Give New Clues to Origins of OCD: Findings Could Help Identify New Treatment Approaches  Columbia Psychiatry, June 7, 2013  /mice-give-new-clues-to-origins-of- ocd/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_cam paign=mice-give-new-clues-to-origins-of-ocd /mice-give-new-clues-to-origins-of- ocd/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_cam paign=mice-give-new-clues-to-origins-of-ocd


38 From FEMA:



41 Accessed under Disaster Topics in DIMRC. Direct url:

42 86_Disaster_Preparedness_for_Srs-English.revised_7-09.pdf


44  Go to DIMRC / Disaster Topics / Animals in Disasters -  Many resources are available there (including a free FEMA course on the topic) to help your clients plan for their pets in case of emergency – before, not after, an event!  Information on handling farm animals in disaster is also provided.

45 Search for state agencies and organizations (or for organizations devoted to a particular purpose) on DIMRC home page


47  DO screen shot Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

48  DHMH Maryland Responds--Medical Reserve Corps)(MRC): The MD Responds team consists of health care professionals and community members ready to assist with disaster and emergency response and recovery during a declared emergency. MD Responds coordinates the recruitment, training, activation, and retention of practicing and retired physicians, nurses, other health professionals, as well as citizens who are eager to address their community's ongoing public health needs and to help during large- scale emergencies. SitePages/Home.aspx

49  Wash. Co. Basic Emergency Response Plan - http://www.washco- ergency%20Response%20Plan.pdf http://www.washco- ergency%20Response%20Plan.pdf  Wash. Co. Emergency Preparedness - http://www.washco- - For the public; preparedness quiz, preparedness tips, disaster kit list, links to other resources, etc.http://www.washco-  Wash. Co. Emergency Mapbook – Password protected, for emergency personnel only  Wash. Co. Emergency Medical Services - http://www.washco- http://www.washco-  Wash. Co. Community Emergency Response Training “C E R T“ (Volunteer training) - http://www.washco-

50  Complete your post-test and evaluation form and return to instructor today.  Be sure you turned in your Participant Information Form.  Contact Mary Spalding with any additional resources you’d recommend and/or with requests for literature or searching assistance.  Mary Spalding – – 301- 777-9150, Ext.

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