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1 資訊檢索系統之 選擇與評估 參考資料: 蔡明月, Chap. 3--4 Armstrong , Chap.1.

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Presentation on theme: "1 資訊檢索系統之 選擇與評估 參考資料: 蔡明月, Chap. 3--4 Armstrong , Chap.1."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 資訊檢索系統之 選擇與評估 參考資料: 蔡明月, Chap. 3--4 Armstrong , Chap.1

2 2 SCOUG 1990 checklist—1/4 Southern California Online User Group Consistency 一致性 Does the database maintain consistency in coverage, currency and so on? If it is one of a family of databases, how consistent are these products in interface design update policy and such like? Coverage/scope 收錄範圍 Does the coverage/scope match the stated aims of the database; is coverage comprehensive or selective

3 3 SCOUG 1990 checklist—2/4 Error rate/accuracy 錯誤率與正確性 How accurate is the information Output 輸出模式 What kind of output formats are available Customer support and training 客戶服務與教 育訓練 Is initial or ongoing training provided? Is a help desk available during suitable hours?

4 4 SCOUG 1990 checklist—3/4 Accessibility/ease 使用便利性 How user-friendly is the interface? Does it have different facilities for novice and experienced searchers? How good are the error messages? Are they context-sensitive? Timeliness 及時性 Is the database updated as frequently as it claims, and as the data warrant?

5 5 SCOUG 1990 checklist—4/4 Documentation 文件內容 Is online and/or printed documentation clear, comprehensive, current and well-organized? Value to cost ratio 符合效益評估 Does the database give good value for money?

6 6 Cooke’s suggestions—1/2 Coverage and level of detail in database records 查看資料庫簡介、目錄 查看 Help 以本身熟悉的學科詞彙檢索 參考其他參考資源工具 Katz—Introduction to reference work Walford’s Guide to Reference Material ARBA--American Reference Books Annual

7 7 Cooke’s suggestions—2/2 Accuracy in databases 用已知的 record 測試 用 citation 測試 Currency and maintenance of databases Presentation, arrangement and search facilities in databases Further issues relating databases 是否有其他可取代資料?

8 8 Example—Evaluating PubMed ?db=PubMed ?db=PubMed Steps Evaluative indicators on the opening screen Search PubMed to assess the available options View some of the papers in the database Compare PubMed with other versions of MEDLINE

9 9 Cooke’s checklist—1/7 What is the intended purpose, coverage and audience of the database? Is this information available from any introductory information or help files? What is the coverage of the database? What subject areas and materials are covered? Is the database comprehensive within a particular area? What is the retrospective coverage of the database? Is information available about the material which is included in the database?

10 10 Cooke’s checklist—2/7 Does the database contain links to further sources of information? Are different versions of the same database available? Are there any differences in coverage? How much information is provided in each record of the database? Is the amount of information useful, and sufficient for the needs of the user?

11 11 Cooke’s checklist—3/7 In the case of bibliographical databases: do they consist of references only or are abstracts available? For what percentage of the records are abstracts provided? Have the abstracts been truncated by word length? Is it possible to identify the authors responsible for the information in the database? What are their knowledge and expertise?

12 12 Cooke’s checklist—4/7 What is the reputation of the database? Is the database included in any guides to reference works, such as Walford’s or in a gateway or virtual library? Are there any typographical or spelling errors? Are there any errors in bibliographical citations? Are there any quality-control procedures in place?

13 13 Cooke’s checklist—5/7 Is the database current and well maintained? How frequently is the database updated? Is there a time delay between the publication of materials and their appearance in the database? What searching and browsing facilities are available? Are any searching and browsing facilities useful, effective and easy to use? What outputting and downloading options are available? Is it easy to output and download data from the database? Can data be exported to other packages? Is this easy to do?

14 14 Cooke’s checklist—6/7 In relation to bibliographical databases: is it possible to search by author, title or subject keyword? Can searches be limited by publication type and date range? Are there any additional searching or browsing features? Are search and browse facilities effective, easy to use and useful Is it possible to order material directly from the database? Is contact information available?

15 15 Cooke’s checklist—7/7 Is the database easily accessible? Are there any restrictions to access? Is there a charge for accessing the database or downloading records? Is the database easy to use and are there any user support facilities? How does the database compare with other similar databases? What is your overall impression of the quality of the database?

16 16 參考資料 Recommended Readings: Database Evaluation and Quality Issues

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