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Janice Kelly National Network of Libraries of Medicine Southeastern/Atlantic Region

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1 Janice Kelly National Network of Libraries of Medicine Southeastern/Atlantic Region

2 What’s New at NLM  Budget  Public Access  Product Update

3 FY08 Legislation – Unfunded Mandates  NIH Public Access Policy  Mandatory participation with an embargo of up to 12 months before articles are posted on PMC  Clinical Trials Database  Establishment of an expanded registry database ( and a results database with links to FDA evaluation data

4 Public Access Updated FAQs on NIH Home Page Author Permissions and Copyright Must Reserve Right for PMC PubMed Will Carry PMC ID Deadlines April 7 Submissions May 25 PMC IDs on Citations

5 What’s New on MedlinePlus

6 RSS 6

7 Languages 7

8 Topic Summaries in Spanish

9 Go Local

10 Go Local: New Search Engine Search results now include: Health information from MedlinePlus such as drug names and disorders Health services Improved relevance rankings Links to maps and directions Bold-face search words in context An integrated spell checker 10

11 LinkOut Library Submission Utility New Version Improved layout with new functions, including a management interface for Outside Tool and Document Delivery Service

12 NIH Intramural Center for Genomics and Health Disparities (NICGHD) New venue for research about the way populations are impacted by diseases, including obesity, diabetes and hypertension Uses a genomics approach to study a range of clinical conditions Provides training opportunities for students and established scientists from developing countries and from minority groups in the US

13 DailyMed High quality information about marketed drugs Includes FDA approved labels (package inserts) 3,770 (as of 3/25/08) approved prescription drugs labels

14 NLM Drug Information Portal Gateway/portal to current, accurate, and understandable drug information from the NLM and other key governmental agencies More than 12,000 drug records Straightforward search interface

15 WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders) Version 4.1 is available Includes 2008 Emergency Response Guidelines Coming soon: iPhone support Educational materials for training responders on the use of WISER now available for download Module that provides an intro to WISER Scenario-based presentations available

16 16

17 Women’s Health Resources Provides scientists and consumers with the latest information on significant topics From scientific journals and other peer-reviewed sources The 2008 NIH Research Priorities for Women’s Health were used to identify overarching themes, specific health topics, and research initiatives womenshealthoverview.html

18 NLM Gateway Redesigned Based on two rounds of usability testing Current version retired on March 10th More details in the January – February 2008 Technical Bulletin 18

19 New DIMRC Web Resource Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC) Aim is to provide access to quality disaster health information to the nation at all stages of preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery

20 PubMed Study collaborators now included on citations PubMed Alerts – email notification of major system problems Diacritics now included Automatic Term Mapping - recognizes journal names, author names, MeSH terms Citation sensor – can search on author name and journal AbstractPlus PubMed Central IDs Display Links to Patient Drug Information (MedMaster) Related review articles 20

21 Citation sensor 21

22 AbstractPlus in PubMed 22

23 NCBI Class  Eliminated the 3 day course  Available online for public use at:   Distance Education Program page  23



26 NN/LM Budget Budget cuts NN/LM staff travel reduced More distance learning opportunities forthcoming Some cuts to awards for outreach 26

27 Upcoming awards  Express Outreach  Express Planning and Assessment  Express Library Technology Improvement  Express Follow-up  Welcome Award  Exhibit  Training  Express Recovery  Eliminated the Library Improvement Project and Delta Information Access/Katrina Recovery Awards 27

28 New Award for Year 03 Express Hospital Library Impact Awards 3-4 per year at $5,000/each To demonstrate the value and skill of information professionals by supporting their role in innovative projects Promotion of library involvement in institution-wide health information initiatives To stimulate collaboration within the organization to address local health information problems

29 What is? 1-800-Dev-Roks 29

30 Emergency Preparedness Promotion of preparedness and continuity of service Comprehensive toolkit of resources for planning, recovering, continuity of service on Standing committee with representatives from each state FL: Nadine Dexter, Allison Howard, Geddy Paulaitis UFL to name representative Introduce disaster recovery awards Investigating development/contract classes 30

31 [ 6

32 New Classes Introduction to Evidence-based Practice in a Magnetic World 3 MLA contact hours Instructors: Toni Yancey and Sheila Snow-Croft Combatting Information Fatigue: Health Information Resources for Veterans 3 MLA contact hours Instructor: Terri Ottosen Coming soon for consumer health: Sexual Health Resources (Mandy Meloy) Health Information en Español (Mandy Meloy) Patient Informatics (Terri Ottosen)

33 Distance Education Beyond an Apple a Day: providing consumer health information at your library ¿No Comprende?: Spanish health information resources for English speaking librarians From Snake Oil to Penicillin: evaluating consumer health information on the Internet Coming Prescription for Success Geeks Bearing Gifts: unwrapping new technology trends

34 Webconferences  Hospital Librarians Conference  August 13, 2008 - Marketing with Janet Wagner, Associate Chair, Department of Marketing, Robert H. Smith School of Business, UMCP  Regional  Late June (?) - Technology related 34

35 Consumer Health Chat with CH Coordinator Terri Ottosen From the SE/A web site choose Member Services, then Staying Informed, then SeaCHat with Terri Online tutorials about funding and the NN/LM SE/A “Wishful Thinking,” has been completed Will be available on our website, possibly in YouTube video format Will also be available in Spanish

36 SE/A Assessment  SE/A evaluation project  Work with NN/LM Outreach Evaluation & Resource Center  Program area or member satisfaction  Mid-contract site visit by NLM 36

37 37


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