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CCV Renewal – Update to CAURA May 2012. Presentation Objectives 1.To provide an overview of the changes in the renewed Common CV (CCV) and support available.

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1 CCV Renewal – Update to CAURA May 2012

2 Presentation Objectives 1.To provide an overview of the changes in the renewed Common CV (CCV) and support available 2.To introduce the Canadian Researcher Directory 1

3 Common CV Renewal: Background CCV launched July 2002 with the vision to reduce researcher administrative burden in the capture of CV information for research funding applications An important system in the Canadian research funding application process As of 2011, CCV includes 26 subscribing agencies; 100,000 registered accounts; over 32,000 CVs submitted in 2010-11 In 2008, CCV Board recognized that vision no longer fully achieved due to significant subscriber-specific customizations and out-of-date technology In 2009, Business Plan to renew CCV approved by the Board. Agreement signed by Tri-Council to share the cost of the CCV application renewal 2009-12: CCV Committees and Working Groups provide input Data Standards Committee: Defined new CCV Consolidated Data Set. Comprised of representatives from CCV subscribers, research institutions, standards experts and CASRAI Working Group of CCV Subscribers: Provided input into design. Volunteer representatives of subscribers, bi-monthly meetings where feedback sought on CCV design considerations. March 2012: New three year agreement signaling a renewed Tri-Council commitment to the CCV. Announced renewed CCV will go live June 19, 2012 2

4 Renewal: Addressing Current Pain Points CCV Today CCV Renewal Minimal data harmonization Data common to all subscribers is less than 25% - significantly lower than target of 80% set when CCV was launched Similar data being requested on multiple subscriber screens 100% Common Data Set: defined by CCV Data Standards Committee Subscribers select data required to support their specific program needs Researchers prompted to complete only the data required for task they are completing Data entered once; available to all subscribers Interfaces with PubMed and Research Institutions systems will minimize data input requirements Continuing to look at ways to reduce data entry and improve data standardization / integrity (e.g. ORCID) Built on aging technology using outdated web design principles Multiple popup windows; default browser configurations now prevent pop-ups Inflexible architecture structures do not allow for easy modification or changes to meet different stakeholder requirements Slow system performance (especially PDF Generation) New browsers, tablets and Apple products not fully supported Built using current web development best practices Supports current web navigation practices Device and browser independent - supports any browser or device (e.g. iPad, Macs, tablets, PC, Google Chrome) More dynamic management model allowing both CCV and individual subscriber agencies to manage CV data and templates at the agency or program in real time ‘Thin’ web architecture – processing occurs at the server level, not on the page Built on a fully redundant secure environment

5 Renewal Solution Overview Researchers complete only the agency data required Data provided in prior applications is pre-filled, saving time From this common data set, subscriber agencies individually create their program or function- specific CV templates CCV and its stakeholders establish/ refine Common CV consolidated data elements -------- Once satisfied, Researchers formally submit their CV to the subscribing agency abc Abc... abc Abc... Subscriber agencies receive submitted CV’s in electronic format to their specification abc Abc... abc Abc... abc Abc...

6 Renewal Solution Overview 1.Select CV Type: a)Generic: Entire CCV data set b)Funding: Select specific funding source and CV type 5  Improved navigation: system guides the user to enter only the data required by selected CV type

7 Renewal Solution Overview 2.Complete sections required by selected CV Type 6 Errorsspecificto the CVtypeselected  Data entered once, available for all CV Types Can preview at any time

8 Renewal Solution Overview 7 3.Specify to omit previously entered data in submission

9 Renewal Solution Overview 4.Resolve any outstanding errors and once satisfied with the CV, submit it to the Funding Organization –NEW: Ability to view history of CCV submission 8

10 Renewal Feedback to Date Most subscribers are excited about the new system and believe that it offers additional functionality that will appeal to researchers Subscribers believe that CV template approach is an improvement –Provides the flexibility required to meet their individual program requirements and can quickly and easily make changes to their CVs without development costs New organizations looking to join the CCV as costs to implement no longer prohibitive As with any new system, there will be a period of adjustment for fine-tuning and further improvements –Users should anticipate that extra time will be required to get familiar with the new system and additional data requirements 90% of data will be migrated from the current CCV Biggest change will be the requirement to enter contributions information as data; Linkage with PubMed has been included to reduce data input. Exploring options to add additional integration with other systems Ability to transfer data with research institution internal systems available –Search capabilities are not very user friendly – will be enhanced –The CCV form (PDF) is generic and is not currently formatted – will be addressed in future versions 9

11 Engagement Approach and Activities CCV Renewal Launch - June 19th Existing data will be migrated to new CCV Online training will be available How To: Collection of short step by step animated files located on the Home page (how to register, how to search, how to submit my CV, etc.) - May 2012 Webinar: June 20 and 27. Overview of all CCV features which will be recorded and posted in the How to section. Researcher (end user) Testing Request for Testing sent to random CCV account holders for feedback Interested in testing? Email Providing demos to organizations as requested Working with subscribers (funding organizations) to ensure that they also provide communications and training to their applicants 10

12 Canadian Directory of Researchers Can consent to be part of the Researcher Directory (public and/ or CCV subscriber view) To be used by: Researchers looking for collaborators Students looking for supervisors Journalists looking for SME Funding Organizations looking for peer reviewers, focus group participants, media experts Can locate researchers using the following criteria: –Country, name, type, language competencies, keywords. disciplines trained in, research discipline, area research, methodology, contribution type 11 Example

13 Canadian Directory of Researchers 12 PDF Following information will be available for all researchers in the Directory – at launch: Identification and Contact information Training and Credentials Expertise (based on RCS) Research Activities (Key Words) Publications Language Competencies

14 CCV Renewal Questions Renewal information available on the CCV Website: Kristina Casey CCV Executive Director (613) 954-7216 CCV Support and Information: 13

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