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PubMed Elsevier HS B&J, Taiwan Presented By: Gary Cheng Date:Feb 21 2012.

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1 PubMed Elsevier HS B&J, Taiwan Presented By: Gary Cheng Date:Feb 21 2012

2 2 Outline  What is MEDLINE/PubMed in NLM?  What is Index Medicus?  History of NLM and MEDLINE  MEDLINE®/PubMed® Data Element (Field) Descriptions  Introduction of PubMed/MEDLINE Function  LinkOut  MeSH  Limit  Subheading  Relative articles  Clinical Queries  My NCBI

3 3 Index Medicus MEDLINE 的前身為美國《醫學索引》是當前世界上最著名的大型生物 醫學文獻檢索刊物, 1879 年創刊,由美國國立醫學圖書館 (The National Library of Medicine) 編輯出版。 1 .期刊索引 月刊,每年ㄧ卷,每卷十二期,每期內容分三個部份,分兩冊 出版。 Part 1 :  Subject Section Part 2 :  Author Section  Bibliography of Medical Reviews 2 . MeSH 用於尋找 IM 主題檢索,每年隨 IM 的第一期出版。

4 4 Historical Record of Index Medicus

5 5 Milestones in NLM History 1836 Library of the Office of the Surgeon General of the Army established. 1879 First volume of Index Medicus published. 1956 October 1 Act of Congress moved Armed Forces Medical Library to Public Health Service (PHS) and rechristened it the National Library of Medicine (NLM). 1971 October MEDLINE was initiated to provide online access. 1993 October NLM's Internet World Wide Web site ( 1997 June 26 Web-based access to NLM's MEDLINE became available free of charge.MEDLINE 1998 October MedlinePlus created to provide access to consumer health information.MedlinePlus 2000 February 29, an online resource designed to give the public easy access to information about research studies, was

6 6 NLM Programs and Services Annual Report - Fiscal Year 1997

7 7 Content of Medline/PubMed  36 data bases in PubMed  MEDLINE was most important  5200 titles from USA  自 1966 至現在,一億六千多萬書目資料,且每個月以 20000 筆的速度增加。  Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®).

8 8 MEDLINE ® /PubMed ® Data Element (Field) Descriptions

9 9 PPMID- 19422719 TI - A complementary method for detecting qi vacuity. AB - BACKGROUND: Qi vacuity (QV) is defined by traditional Chinese medicine as a loss of energy in the human body. An objective method for detecting QV was notav ailable until recently, however. The automatic reflective diagnosis system…… AD - Department of Internal Medicine, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, No. 542, Sec 1. Chung-Shang Road, Changhua City, Taiwan. FAU - Chen, Ming-Feng MH - Adolescent MH - Adult MH - Case-Control Studies MH - *Diagnosis MH - Female MH - *Galvanic Skin Response MH - Humans MH - Male MH - *Medicine, Chinese Traditional MH - Methods SO - BMC Complement Altern Med. 2009 May 8;9:12. MEDLINE®/PubMed® Data Element (Field) Descriptions

10 MeSH  自然語言 (nature language) 與索引 (index term) - 以索引搜尋的目的在於增加檢索專一度 (specificity) 優點缺點 自然語言可搜尋似是而非或未可能會得到許多不相 經索引分類的主題關的文獻,未考慮同 義字或時態 / 語系差異 索引可透過索引可歸類相須重複檢索較花時間 關同義字 Note 常見索引 (index term) 分類系統例如美國國家醫學圖書館 的 MeSH (medical subheading) ,已經可以 時以自然語言及 MeSH 進行搜尋

11  以 MeSH 名詞搜尋並非萬無一失 - PubMed 常見狀態分類 (status subset) 標籤 狀態 MeSH 篇數 as supplied by publisher 出版商提供引用 - 381428 in process 加工中 - 418151 indexed for MEDLINE 加工完畢 ◎ 19035076 Note 還沒加工完畢的文章,僅用 MeSH 名詞是搜尋不到的 !! 破解 : your keywords AND (inprocess[sb] OR publisher[sb] OR pubmednotmedline[sb])

12 12 使用 Limits 後, In process 、 supplied by publisher 、非 Medline 的文獻,將被排除~ 因為 Limits 條件大多是已加工索引完成書目才具有 PubMed Limits #9 勿與 Type of Article 併用 ( 區塊內 OR ;區塊間 AND) 破解 : your keywords AND (inprocess[sb] OR publisher[sb] OR pubmednotmedline[sb])

13 常用 MeSH 名詞副標題 (subheading) 組合 簡寫 副標題用途 AE Adverse effects 不良反應相關研究 DT Drug therapy 藥物治療相關研究 DU Diagnostic use 作為診斷工具研究 PK Pharmacokinetics 藥物動力學研究 PD Pharmacology 藥理學相關研究 PO Poisoning 毒理相關研究 PC Prevention and control 預防相關研究 TU Therapeutic use 治療用途研究 varenicline/drug therapy ( 後面不需加上 [mh])

14 Relative Articles  比對相關文獻 (related citations) 功能 內建語法會根據摘要、標題與 MeSH 名詞,配合字元權重 算出最接近的鄰居 (neighborhood)

15 Clinical Queries using Research Methodology Filters Category Optimized For Sensitive Specific PubMed Equivalent therapy sensitive/ broad 99% 70% ((clinical[Title/Abstract] AND trial[Title/Abstract]) OR clinical trials[MeSH Terms] OR clinical trial[Publication Type] OR random*[Title/Abstract] OR random allocation[MeSH Terms] OR therapeutic use[MeSH Subheading]) specific/ narrow 93% 97% (randomized controlled trial[Publication Type] OR (randomized[Title/Abstract] AND controlled[Title/Abstract] AND trial[Title/Abstract])) diagnosis sensitive/ broad 98% 74% (sensitiv*[Title/Abstract] OR sensitivity and specificity[MeSH Terms] OR diagnos*[Title/Abstract] OR diagnosis[MeSH:noexp] OR diagnostic * [MeSH:noexp] OR diagnosis,differential[MeSH:noexp] OR diagnosis[Subheading:noexp]) specific/ narrow 64% 98% (specificity[Title/Abstract]) etiology sensitive/ broad 93% 63% (risk*[Title/Abstract] OR risk*[MeSH:noexp] OR risk *[MeSH:noexp] OR cohort studies[MeSH Terms] OR group*[Text Word]) specific/ narrow 51% 95% ((relative[Title/Abstract] AND risk*[Title/Abstract]) OR (relative risk[Text Word]) OR risks[Text Word] OR cohort studies[MeSH:noexp] OR (cohort[Title/Abstract] AND stud*[Title/Abstract])) prognosis sensitive/ broad 90% 80% (incidence[MeSH:noexp] OR mortality[MeSH Terms] OR follow up studies[MeSH:noexp] OR prognos*[Text Word] OR predict*[Text Word] OR course*[Text Word]) specific/ narrow 52% 94% (prognos*[Title/Abstract] OR (first[Title/Abstract] AND episode[Title/Abstract]) OR cohort[Title/Abstract]) clinical prediction guides sensitive/ broad 96% 79% (predict*[tiab] OR predictive value of tests[mh] OR scor*[tiab] OR observ*[tiab] OR observer variation[mh]) specific/ narrow 54% 99% (validation[tiab] OR validate[tiab])

16 EBM Unfiltered Resour 語法 Save filter as ( 命名 )Query Terms ( 查詢語法 ) Therapy ‧ RCTs Therapy/Narrow[Filter] Therapy ‧ Clinical Trials Therapy/Broad[Filter] Diagnosis/BroadDiagnosis/Narrow[Filter] Prognosis /BroadPrognosis/Broad[Filter] Etiology /BroadEtiology/Broad[Filter] Qualitative /Broad interview*[tiab] OR psychology[sh:noexp] OR health services administration[mesh] 更多篩選機制 ( 包括 Costs, Economics, Clinical Prediction Guides) 參考 : 

17 Thanks for your attention

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