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MR. PACE Veterinary Terminology. At the completion of this unit students will be able to Match scientific names with their appropriate species Define.

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1 MR. PACE Veterinary Terminology

2 At the completion of this unit students will be able to Match scientific names with their appropriate species Define medical terms related to each body system Identify prefixes, suffixes, and root words, in order to define medical terms Decipher directional terminology Define medical abbreviations Extract and interpret information from realistic medical documents

3 Scientific Names of Animals Common NameLatinSpecies Name DogCanisCanine CatFelisFeline HorseEquusEquine CattleBosBovine SheepOvisOvine GoatCapraCaprine PigSusPorcine BirdAvisAvian MouseMusMurine RatRattusMurine

4 Body System Terms Your body is made up of many systems, each having their own vital parts that work together. (Interdependent) This list represents your bodily systems and the specific parts that comprise them:

5 Body System Terms Skeletal : Bones and joints Muscular: Muscles and tendons Integumentary: Skin, hair, nails, and glands in skin

6 Body System Terms Sensory: Eyes, ears, nose, skin receptors, and mouth Cardiovascular: Heart, blood vessels, and blood Lymphatic: Tonsils, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, and lymph fluid

7 Body System Terms Respiratory: Nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, and lungs Gastrointestinal: Mouth, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder Endocrine: Hormones, Pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal glands, pancreas, and gonads

8 Body System Terms Nervous: Brain, spinal cord, ganglia, nerves, and sensory organs Urinary: Kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra Reproductive: Ovaries, uterine tubes, uterus, and vagina in females; testes, ducts, penis, urethra, and prostate in males

9 Medical Terms

10 Medical Terms Medical Terms are composed of word part combinations consisting of:  Prefix  Root  Combining vowel  Suffix

11 Medical Terms: PREFIXES Consists of one or more syllables Placed at the beginning of word Can NEVER stand alone  Like the train’s engine with its whistle  Leads the train and announces the coming train  Without the box cars there is not a complete train

12 Medical Terms: PREFIXES A-No, not, without away from Brady-Slow Dys-Bad, difficult, painful Epi-Upper Eryth-Red Hemi-Half Hemo-Blood Hyper-Above, increased, or more than normal Hypo-Below, Under, or decreased Infra-Below or beneath

13 Medical Terms: PREFIXES Inter-Between Intra-Within Meta-Beyond Poly-Many Sub-Below, under, or decreased Super-Above, increased, or more than normal Supra-Above, increased, or more than normal Tachy-Fast Trans-Across Ultra-Above, increased, or more than normal

14 Medical Terms: PREFIXES For example: operative  Pre- means before. Preoperative means before or preceding an operation  Peri- means around. Perioperative means pertaining to the period around an operation; before, during or after  Post- means after. Postoperative means after an operation

15 Medical Terms: PREFIXES PRACTICE a-, an- (without or not having) brady- (slow) de- (remove, take away, loss of) dys- (difficult, troubled) hyper- (high) 1._________ biotic (against life) 2. _________thermia (high temperature) 3. _________horn (remove the horn)

16 Medical Terms: ROOT WORDS ROOT-  Main part and core meaning of word  Gives you a general idea of what you’re dealing with

17 Medical Terms: ROOT WORDS TermDefinition Abdomin/oAbdomen Aden/oGland Audi/oHearing BioLife Brachi/oArm Bronchi/oBronchus Carcin/oCancer Cardi/oHeart Cephal/pHead Col/oColon Cyt/oCell Dent/i/oTeeth Derm/a/o – Dermat/oSkin Encephal/oBrain

18 Medical Terms: ROOT WORDS TermDefinition Gastr/oStomach Gynec/oFemale Hemat/oBlood Hist/o – Histi/oTissue Intestin/oIntestine Lapar/oAbdomen, loin, flank Lymph/oLymph vessels Mamm/a – Mamm/oMammary Gland Nas/oNose Opthalm/oEye Ot/oEar Steth/oChest Thorac/oThorax Trache/oTrachea

19 Medical Terms: SUFFIXES End of a word Indicates procedure, condition, disease, or disorder. Cannot stand alone  Like a caboose, its always last

20 MEDICAL TERMS: SUFFIXES TermDefinition -algiaPain -cyteCell -ectomySurgical removal -graphyRecording of -iasisInfestation or infection -ismState or condition -itisInflammation -lysisDestruction of -megalyAbnormally large -ology/ologistSpecialist/study of -omaTumor -osisAbnormal condition -oxiaoxygen

21 Medical Terms: SUFFIXES TermDefinition -pathyDisease -peniaDeficiency of -phagiaEating, swallowing -plegiaParalysis, stroke -pneaBreathing -sclerosisAbnormal hardening -scopeInstrument for examining -sepsisInfection -spasmInvoluntary contraction -stasisControl, constant level -stenosisNarrowing -tomy -toxin Cutting, incision Poison

22 Medical Terms: COMBINING FORMS Many medical words need a letter to connect the prefix to the root or the root to the suffix

23 Medical Terms: COMBINING FORMS Vowel commonly used: “o” If the suffix starts with a consonant connect the root word and the suffix with the vowel “o” Root Word +CVSuffixNew word Cardi+-O--logyCardiology “heart”Study ofStudy of the heart

24 MEDICAL TERMS: COMBINING FORMS If the suffix starts with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) DO NOT USE the vowel “o”. Just attach the suffix to the root word. Root Word+SuffixNew word Hepat/o-osisHepatosis liver-disease processDisease in the liver

25 Medical terms: Combining Forms If the suffix begins with the same vowel as the root word, DO NOT repeat the vowel. Root word+SuffixNew word Cardi-itisCarditis heart-inflammation of-inflammation of the heart

26 Medical Terms: Suffixes Word Erthrocyte: Appendectomy: Cardiomegaly: Arthritis: Biology: Carcinoma: Stethoscope: Dermatitis: Hemolysis Hemiplegia: PRACTICE

27 Medical Terms: SUFFIXES Meaning Red Blood Cell To surgically remove appendix Abnormally large heart Inflammation of the joints The study of life Cancerous tumor Instrument for examining heart Inflammation of skin Destruction of blood Paralysis of ½ the body

28 Medical Terms: Practice Any of these combinations work:  Prefix + Suffix  Prefix + Root  Root + Suffix  Prefix + Root + Suffix Prefixes never stand alone Suffixes never stand alone

29 Medical Terms DICE ACTIVITY

30 Directional Terminology Doctors and Veterinarians use specific terminology to identify certain locations on the body

31 Directional Terminology Caudal – towards the tail Cranial – towards the head (Frontal)

32 Directional Terminology Deep – further from the surface Superficial – closer to the surface

33 Directional Terminology Dorsal – along the back or uppermost surface Ventral – along the belly

34 Directional Terminology Distal – part of the limb furthest from the body Proximal – part of the limb closest to the body

35 Directional Terminology Anterior – front of the animal Posterior – rear of the animal

36 Directional Terminology Median – body plane that divides the animal into “equal” right and left halves

37 Directional Terminology Sagittal – any body plane that is parallel to the median plane (doesn’t divide equally)

38 Directional Terminology Transverse – body plane that divides the body into cranial and caudal parts

39 Directional Terminology Lateral – the far side of the animal Medial – the near side of the animal

40 Directional Terminology Gummy Bear Lab Each student needs: 1 Lab Sheet 1 Plastic Knife 10 Gummy Bears

41 Medical Abbreviations Do you know these? LOL BFF GR8 2nte BRB IDK TGIF TTFN OMG NBDNBD BTW 2wdXVg

42 Medical Abbreviations How about these? lbs ml CWT hd tsp hr qt min

43 Medical Abbreviations AbbreviationsDefinition ad libAs much as desired sidOne time daily bidTwo times daily tidThree times daily qidFour times daily qhEvery hour w/oWith out statimmediately nnormal DSHDomestic Short Hair DLHDomestic Long Hair DXDiagnosis

44 Medical Abbreviations AbbreviationDefinition HxHistory RxPrescription SxSurgery FeLVFeline Leukemia Virus FIAFeline Infectious Anemia FIPFeline Infectious Peritonitis ECGElectrocardiogram ICUIntensive Care Unit ccCubic Centimeter mlMilliliter wtWeight

45 Medical Abbreviations AbbreviationDefinition HRHeart rate PCVPacked Cell Volume sgSpecific gravity TPRTemp, Pulse, Respiration UA, U/AUrinalysis IMIntramuscular IPIntraperitoneal IVIntravenous Sub-QSubcutaneous

46 Medical Abbreviations AbbreviationsDefinition rbcRed blood cell wbcWhite blood cell DVMDoctor of Vet. Medicine CNSCentral Nervous System GIGastrointestinal DOADead on arrival DOBDate of Birth Female Male V/DVomiting and Diarrhea NSFNo Significant findings PEPhysical Examination

47 Medical Abbreviations AbbreviationDefinition LLeft RRight HBCHit by car bdgBit by dog NPONothing by mouth UTIUrinary tract infection CRTCapillary Refill Tme E&DEating and Drinking

48 Medical Abbreviations Common Abbreviations AbbreviationMeaning DDorsal DLHDomestic Long Hair DSHDomestic Short Hair DVMDoctor of Veterinary Medicine FFemale ICUIntensive Care Unit K-9Dog MMale

49 Medical Abbreviations Common Abbreviations AbbreviationMeaning NMNeutered Male OOwner S/RSuture(sew) removal S/SFSpayed or Spayed Female StatImmediately SXSurgery WkWeek y/ yrYear

50 Medical Abbreviations Patient History AbbreviationMeaning BMBowel Movement DDorsal DOBDate of Birth HBCHit By Car UUrine VVomiting V/DVomiting/ Diarrhea

51 Medical Abbreviations Physical Exams AbbreviationMeaning +Positive BARbright, alert, responsive CRTcapillary refill time DXDiagnosis FeLVFeline leukemia virus FIPFeline infectious peritonitis FIVFeline immunodeficiency virus HRhour Lleft N or (-)Negative NRNot Related NSFNo significant findings

52 Medical Abbreviations Physical Exams AbbreviationMeaning PEPhysical examination PxPhysical examination QARQuiet, Alert, Responsive Rrespiration RRrespiratory rate RxPrescription TPRtemperature, pulse, respiration TXTreatment URI Upper Respiratory Infection UTIUrinary Tract Infection WNLwithin normal limits (also: we never looked) WtWeight

53 Medical Abbreviations Pharmacy AbbreviationMeaning BID[Latin] Bis in die, twice a day CCCubic Centimeter DDays EODEvery Other Day HHospital KGkilogram MGMilligram

54 Medical Abbreviations Pharmacy AbbreviationMeaning MLMilliliter NPONothing By Mouth POby mouth, orally PRNAs needed QDEvery day QHEvery hour QidFour times a day TidThree times a day

55 Medical Abbreviations Laboratory AbbreviationMeaning BXBiopsy CBCComplete blood count CHEMChemical HWHeartworm PCVpercent of blood RBCred blood cells T4Thyroxine UAurinalysis WBCWhite Blood Cell

56 Medical Abbreviations Routes of Medicinal Administration AbbreviationMeaning IMIntramuscular INIntranasal IVIntravenious POby mouth, orally SQsubcutaneous

57 Medical Abbreviations Practice……. Administer 2cc per 10lbs, bid Rx: 6mLIM qid Vaccinate for FIA, FeLV, and FIP

58 Case Studies Physical examination Bilbo a neutered male dog, was quiet but alert and responsive. Body condition score was 5/9. Mucous membranes were pale but capillary refill time was normal. Respiratory rate was 40 breaths per minute with some increased effort; heart rate was 160 beats per minute. Thoracic auscultation revealed a grade 4/6 left systolic murmur in the mitral area; faint diffuse crackles were heard in the lungs, no arrhythmias were heard. Abdominal palpation was unremarkable. Pulses were fair and regular.

59 Capillary Refill Time (checking for dehydration)

60 Case Studies imal/education/reference-library/case- studies/h1n1case-study.jsf?SSOTOKEN=0 imal/education/reference-library/case- studies/h1n1case-study.jsf?SSOTOKEN=0

61 Case Studies Physical examination Yofie NM, DLH, was thin but BAR and aggressive at times during PX. His mucous membranes were pink, with a CRT of less than 3 seconds; his TPR were all WNL. His body condition score (BCS) of 3/5 represented wt loss since his last office visit, 3 yr ago (BCS: 4/5). His activity score was 7/10 ("10" being normal activity level as perceived by the client). Auscultation of the heart and lungs and abdominal palpation were WNL.

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