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Respiratory system. * Roots Nas/o: nose ( بینی ) * Nasolabial: pertaining to the nose and lip * Nasitis: inflammation of the nose * Nasopalatine: related.

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Presentation on theme: "Respiratory system. * Roots Nas/o: nose ( بینی ) * Nasolabial: pertaining to the nose and lip * Nasitis: inflammation of the nose * Nasopalatine: related."— Presentation transcript:

1 Respiratory system


3 * Roots

4 Nas/o: nose ( بینی ) * Nasolabial: pertaining to the nose and lip * Nasitis: inflammation of the nose * Nasopalatine: related to nose and palatine * Nasopharynx : the part of the pharynx above the soft palate * Nasogastric: pertaining to the nose and stomach

5 Rhin/o: nose, nose like structure * Rhinoplasty: surgical repair of the nose * Rhinoectomy: surgical removal of the nose * Rhinorrhea: discharge of mucus from the nose

6 Naris,nares: nostril ( سوراخ بینی ) * Anterior nares(nostrils): the ends of the nostriles that open into the nasal space and allow breathing in and out. * Posterior nares(choana): a part of openings in the back of the nasal cavity with the upper throat and allow the flow of air.

7 Sept/o: septum ( تیغه بینی ) * Septoplasty : surgical repair of the nasal septum * Septotomy : incision of the nasal septum

8 Sinus/o: recess, cavity ( سینوس ) * Sinusotomy : incision of a sinus * Sinusitis : inflammation of a sinus * Sinosoid : resembling a sinus

9 Antr/o: chamber,cavity(( سینوس فک بالا * Antroscope : an instrument for inspecting the maxillary antrum * Antronasal : pertaining to the maxillary antrum and nasal fossa * Antrostomy : the operation of making an opening into an antrum for purposes of drainage

10 Staphyl/o,uvul/o: uvula (( زبان کوچک * Staphylitis: uvulitis * Staphyledema : edema of the uvula * Staphyline: uvular * Uvulectomy: surgical removal of the uvula * Uvulotomy: the cutting off the uvula or a part of it * Uvuloptosis : a relaxed, pendulous state of the uvula

11 Pharyng/o: pharynx ( حلق ) * Pharyngalgia: pain in the pharynx * Pharyngeal : pertaining to the pharynx * Pharyngectomy : excision of part of the pharynx * Pharyngismus : muscular spasm of the pharynx

12 * adenoid/o: adenoids-pharyngeal tonsil ( حلقی لوزه ) * Adenopathy : Enlargement of the lymphnodes * Adenoidectomy : Surgical removal of the adenoids * Adenoiditis :inflammation of the adenoids * Adenomalasia : abnormal softening of gland

13 Laryng/o: larynx( حنجره ) Laryngocele : a congenital anomalous air sac communicating with the cavity of the larynx which may bulge out ward on the neck Laryngography : radiography of the larynx Laryngopathy : any disorder of the larynx Laryngoplasty : plastic repair of the larynx


15 Trache/o: Trachea ( نای ) * Tracheocele: hernial protrusion of tracheal mucous membrane * Tracheophony: sound heard in ascultation over the trachea * Tracheorrhagia: hemorrhage from the trachea

16 Bronch/o: Bronchus ( نایژه ) * Bronchiectasis: chronic dilation of one or more bronchi * Broncholithiasis: a condition which calculi(stone) are present within the lumen of the tracheobronchial tree * Bronchology: the study and treatment of disease of tracheobronchial tree * bronchoscope

17 Bronchodilator: a drug that causes widening of the bronchi.

18 Bronchiol/o: Bronchiole ( نایژک ) * Bronchiolitis: inflammation of bronchiole * Bronchiolectasis: dilation of the bronchioles

19 alveolus

20 Alveoli/o: alveolus, a small sac like dilatation ( ( کیسه هوایی * Alveolitis : inflammation of a dental or pulmonary alveolus * Alveolar: relating to an alveolus

21 Pneum/o, pneumon/o, pneumat/o, pulm/o, pulmon/o: lung ( ( ریه،گاز،هوا * Pneumobilia : gas in the biliary system * Pneumocephalus : air in the intracranial cavity * Pneumonopexy : surgical fixation of the long to the thoracic wall * Pneumonorrhaphy : suture of the lung * Pneumonosis : pneumonopathy * Pneumonotomy : incision of the lung

22 * Pneumonia: inflammation of the lungs with exudation and consolidation * Pneumaturia: gas or air in the urine * Pneumatocele: a usually benign,thin_walled, air_containing cyst of the lung, as in staphylococcal pneumonia * pulmoaortic : related to lung and aorta * Pulmonitis : inflammation of the lungs * pulmonary: pertaining to the lungs

23 pneumoencephalography: radiography of fluid containing structures of the brain after cerebrospinal fluid is intermittently with drawn by lumbar puncture and replaced by a gas PEG

24 Pleur/o: pleura ( پرده جنب ) * Pleurotomy: thoracotomy * Pleurocentesis: thoracentesis * Pleurodynia : pain in the pleural cavity


26 Phren/o: diaphragm ( دیافراگم ) * Phrenoplegia: paralysis of the diaphragm * Phrenohepatic: pertaining to the diaphragm and liver * Phrenitis: diaphragmitis

27 Phrenic/o: nerve of the diaphragm( عصب دیافراگم ) * Phrenicotripsy : crushing and rubbing diaphragmatic nerve

28 * cost/o: rib * Costochondral: pertaining to a rib and its cartilage. * Costoscapularis: the serratus anterior muscle * Costogenic: arising from a rib,especially from a defect of the marrow of the ribs

29 * Epiglott/o: epiglottis * Epiglottitis : supraglottitis * Epiglottodectomy: excision of the epiglottis * Epiglottis: the lidlike cartilaginous stracture overhanging the entrance to the larynx,gaurding it during swallowing

30 * lob/o: lobe of the lung * Lobectomy: excision of a lobe as of the lung brain * Lobotomy: incision of the lobe * Lobulated: made up of the lobules

31 * mediastin/o: mediastinum * Mediastinography: radiography of the mediastinum * Mediastinoscopy: examination of the mediastinum by means of an endescope inserted through an anterior midline incision just above the thoracic inlet

32 * muc/o, muc/us: mucus * Mucocele: dilation of a cavity with mucus secretion * Mucoid: resembling mucus * Mucociliary: pertaining to mucus and to the cilia of epithelial cells in the airways

33 * steth/o: chest (pertaining to listening to) * Stethometer: an instrument for measuring the cicular dimension or expansion of the chest * Stethospasm: spasm of the chest muscle * Stethogoniometer: apparatus for measuring curvature of the chest

34 * thorac/o: chest (organ) * Thoracocyllosis: deformity of the thorax * Thoracodynia: pain in the thorax * Thoracomyodynia: pain in the muscle of the chest * Thoracoscope: an endoscope for examing the pleural cavity through an intarcostal space

35 * Tonsill/o: a small,rounded mass of tissue,especially of lymphoid tissue,generally use alone to disignate the palatine,tonsil * Tonsilotomy: incision of a tonsil * Tonsilitis: inflammation of the tonsil,especially the palatine tonsils

36 * pector/o: chest (pertaining to muscle) * Pectoral: thoracic * Pectoriloquy: voice sound of increased resonance heard sound of increased

37 * or/o: mouth * Orolingual: pertaining to the mouth and tongue * Oropharynx: the part of the pharynx between the soft plate and the upper edge of the epiglottis. * Oronasal: pertaining to the mouth and nose

38 Spir/o: Breath,Breathing( تنفس ) * Spirometer: an instrument for measuring the air taken into and exhaled by lungs * Spirogram: a tracing or graph of respiratory movements * Spirocheata: a genus of bacteria found in fresh or sea-water slime,especially when hydrogen sulfide is present

39 * capn/o: carbon dioxide * Capnogram: a real time waveform record of the concentration of carbon dioxide in the respiratory gases * Capnometry: the determination of end-tidal partial pressure of carbon dioxide

40 * coni/o: dust ( گرد و خاک، غبار ) * Coniosis : a disease caused by inhalation of dust * Coniofibrosis :pneumoconiosis with overgrowth of lung conective tissue

41 * Hilum: The area through which ducts, nerves, or blood vessels enter and leave a gland or organ. * Cilium or Flagellum : They have microtubule dependent molecular motors (dynine)


43 * _pnea: respiration,breathing ( تنفس ) * Bradypnea:slow breathing * Dyspnea:difficulty breathing * Hyperpnea:increase in the depth of breathing

44 * _oxia: amount of oxygen (( میزان اکسیژن * Anoxia:A total lack of oxygen

45 * _phonia: voice ( صدا ) * Dysphonia: hoarsness * Aphonia: loss of voice

46 * _Capnia: amount of carbon dioxide * Hypercapnia:the abnormal build up of carbon dioxide in the blood

47 * -osmia: smell * Anosmia: absence of the sense of smell

48 * -phas, -phasia: speech * Dysphasia: a speech disorder of a specified kind

49 * -ptysis: spitting ( خلط ،تف کردن ) * Hemoptysis: the spitting of blood or of blood-stained sputum * albuminoptysis: albumin in the sputum

50 * اختصارات سیستم تنفسی

51 ABG : Arterial Blood Gas ( گازهای خون شریانی ) ARDS: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ( سندروم زجر تنفسی ) BS : : Breath sounds ( ( صدای تنفس BS ABG ARDS

52 COLD : Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease ( بیماری مزمن انسدادی ریه ) COPD : Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease : Chest X-Ray ( عکسبرداری از قفسه سینه ) COPD COLD CXR

53 * :Laryngotracheobronchitis ( التهاب حنجره،نای،نایژه ) * :Pulmonary Embolism امبولی ریه ) ) * :Arterial Blood Gas * ( گازهای خونی شریانی ) LTB PE ABG

54 * :Pulmonary Function Test ازمایش عملکرد ریه ) ( :Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea تنگی نفس حمله ای شبانه ) ) :Respiratory Distress Syndrome ( سندروم زجر تنفس ) PFT PND RDS

55 : Shortness Of Breath ( تنفس کوتاه ) :Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ( سندروم مرگ ناگهانی شیرخوار ) :Tuberculosis ( سل ) SOB SIDS TB

56 :Tonsil and Adenoid(ectomy) برداشتن لوزه و شبه غده :Upper Respiratory Infection عفونت تنقسی فوقانی :auscultation and percussion T& A URI A&P

57 :bronchial asthma :chronic respiratory disease :intermittent positive pressure breathing BA CRD IPPB

58 : left lower lobe :left upper lobe :right lower lobe LLL LUL RLL

59 :right upper lobe : turn, cough, and deep breathe :ventilation/perfusion scanning RUL TCDB VPS

60 * Some of * conditions * & * Diseases *

61 : pneumonopathy( هرگونه عارضه ریوی ) :difficult breathing( اختلال تنفسی ) :expectoration( خلط ) :expectorant( خلط اور ) pneumonosis dysnea sputum aerosal

62 :very rapid respiration ( تندی تنفس ) :stop breathing( عدم تنفس موقتی ) :dysnea that is relieved in the upright position ( ( تنگی نفس در حالت خوابیده :inflammation of the pleura التهاب پرده جنب )) tachypnea apnea orthopnea pleurisy

63 : سم آ : پیدایش گاز در مجرای مهره ای : : وجود چرک و هوا در حفره جنب : خروسک، خناق ، التهاب حنجره و نای و نایژه asthma pneumatorrhachis pneumopyothorax laryngotracheobronchitis

64 :a discontinuous sound consisting of a series of short sounds,heard durin inhalation صدای غیر طبیعی در سینه،خس خس سینه :incomplete expansion of the lungs at birth or collapse of the adult lung( اتساع ناقص ریه ها ) Rale atelectasis

65 : ظرفیت حیاتی : هوای باقیمانده در ریه ها پس از حالت بازدم پویایی و تحرک تنفسی : : بیرون کشیدن مایع از حفره ی قفسه ی سینه Vital capacity Residual body pneodynamics Thoracocentesis

66 دستگاه ظرفیت سنج ریه : وسیله ای جهت ثبت حرکات قفسه ی سینه : pulmometer pneumatograph

67 * asphyxia: the condition that occurs when the body cannot get the air it needs to function * aspiration pneumonia: can occur when a foreign substance, such as vomit, is inhaled into the lungs

68 * antitussive: administered to prevent or relieve coughing (cough medicine) * asbestosis: the form of pneumoconios caused by asbestos particles in the lungs

69 * allergic rhinitis: an allergic reaction to airborne allergens that causes an increased flow of mucus * anthracosis: the form of pneumoconios caused by coal dust in the lungs; also known as black lung disease

70 * Ronchi: Course rattlin sound somewhat like snoring, usually caused by secretion in a bronchial airway * Wheezing: A continuous, course, whistling sound produced in the respiratory airways during breathing.

71 * Mesothelioma: A usually malignant tumor of mesothelial tissue, especially that of pleura or peritoneum. * Pleural effusion: The seeping of serous, purulent, or bloody fluid into a body cavity or tissue

72 * Emphisema : * A pathological condition of the lungs marked by an abnormal increase in the size of the air spaces, resulting in labored breathing and an increased susceptibility to infection. It can be caused by irreversable expansion of the alveoli or by the destruction of the alveolar walls.

73 Pulmonaryfibrosis: scar tissue in the connective tissue of the lung Sarcoidosis: Chronic inflammatory disease in which small nodules or tubercules develop in the lungs, lymph nodes, and other organs.

74 * Mesothelioma: A usually malignant tumor of mesothelial tissue, especially that of pleura or peritoneum. * Pleural effusion: The seeping of serous, purulent, or bloody fluid into a body cavity or tissue

75 * collapsed lung: a lung that is unable to expand to receive air due to a pneumothorax or atelectasis * croup: an acute respiratory syndrome in children and infants characterized by obstruction of the larynx, hoarseness, and a barking cough

76 * byssinosis: caused by inhaling cotton dust into the lungs and usually occurs after working in a textile factory * Cheyne-Stokes respiration: a pattern of alternating periods of hypopnea or apnea, followed by hyperpnea










86 * END

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