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Vocabulary  Learning vocabulary requires review, review and more review  The more ways you review the more likely you are to remember the vocabulary.

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1 Vocabulary  Learning vocabulary requires review, review and more review  The more ways you review the more likely you are to remember the vocabulary  Write the words, say the words, read the words and then do it again in a different way  Flash cards  Matching words to definitions  Crossword puzzles  Hangman  Medical case studies  Connect word to body systems, use pictures, use colors example words related to cardiovascular system in red

2 Medical Terminology Medical terms can be broken into three distinct parts WORD ROOTS the central part of the word PREFIX beginning of word distinguishes a component of the word SUFFIX found at the end of the word and signifies specific features such as the circumstances of a illness, or an action that will be used Joining vowel most often “o” can be “e” or “i” Note: Reading medical word starts with suffix (left to right) Example: Cardi/o/logy

3 Prefix A, anwithout AbAway from AdToward AnteBefore AntiAgainst BiBoth, two BradySlow circumAround ConWith ContraAgainst DiploDouble dorsback DysPainful, difficult EctoOutside en, EndoInside, within EpiUpper, above ExOut from HemiHalf Hyperabove, high HypoBelow, InterBetween IntraInside within macroLarge malbad

4 Prefix MicroSmall MonoOne, single NeoNew OrthoStraight PanAll ParaBeside PeriAround PolyMany PostAfter, behind PreBefore, in front ProForward Pseudofalse RetroBackward SemiHalf SubBelow SuperAbove SupraAbove TachyRapid Transacross

5 Word Roots AdenGland AngioVessel (blood) AnkylCrooked, looped ArterioArtery ArthroJoint Aud, aurEar, hearing BlepharoEyelid BrachiArm BronchiBronchial buccacheek CarcinCancer CardioHeart caudTail CephalHead CerebroBrain CervicNeck CheilLip CholBile CholecystGallbaldder ChondroCartilage coccusround

6 Word Root ColColon ColpVagina CostoRibs CranioHead CutSkin CyanBlue CystoBladder Cyt, cyteCell DacryTear duct DactylFingers, toes denttooth DermaSkin DextrRight DuodenDuodenum EdemaSwelling ElectrElectric EmesisVomit EnterIntestine ErythroRed EsophagEsophagus EsthesiFelling faciface

7 Word Root FasciaBand, fibrous GastroStomach GingivaGum GlossTongue GyneWoman HemoBlood HepatLiver HydroWater HysteroUterus, womb IriIris (eye) KeratCornea, scaly labialip LacrimTear lactoMilk LaparAbdomen LaryngLarynx LeukoWhite LinguaTongue LipFat LithStone LymphFluid Mamm, mastBreast MelanBlack meningmembrane

8 Word Root MenoMenstruate MyeloBone marrow MyoMuscle NaresNose NecrDeath NephroKidney NeuroNerve OculEye OdontTooth OophoroOvary OphthalEye orchistestes OsteoBone OtoEar, hearing OvarioOvary OviEgg PartBirth, labor Ped, podFoot PedChild PhagiaSwallow PharyngPharynx PhasiaSpeak PhlebVein pleurlung

9 Word Root PleurOuter covering of lungs pneaRespiration, breathing Pneumolung ProctoRectum PsychoMind, soul PulmLung PyeloPelvis of kidney PyoPus RenKidney RhinNose SalpingoTube SeminSeed somabody SplenSpleen SpondylSpine squamScaly StomaMouth StricNarrowing ThermHeat ThoracThorax ThromboClot TrachiTrachea VasVessel VesicBladder visceraorgan

10 Suffix A, acPertaining to AlLike, similar AlgiaPain CeleHernia CentePuncture CrineSecrete DesisSurgical fixation EctomySurgical removal EmiaBlood Genesis, genicSource, origin Gram, graphPictures, report iaA disease Ic, is,icalPertaining to ItisInflammation or infection Orrhagiahemorrhage Lysisdestruction Malaciasoftening Megalyenlarged OidLike, similar OlogyStudy of omatumor osisCondition of

11 Suffix OstomySurgical opening otomyIncision into PathyDisease PeniaDeficiency PexyFixation PhobiaFear PlastySurgical repair PlegiaParalysis PtosisDrooping SpasmContraction StasisStoppage UmPertaining to UriaUrine scopePicture, inspection SclerosisHardening SarcomaTumor

12 Common Medical Abbreviations ADLActivities Of Daily Living Ad libAs desired AmbAmbulatory AmtAmount Approx.approximate BidTwice a day bmBowel movement B/PBlood pressure BRBed rest BRPBathroom privileges cWith CACancer CBCCOMPLETE BLOOD WORK

13 Common Medical Abbreviations CCUCoronary care unit C/OComplains of CPRCardiopulmonary resuscitation CVACerebral vascular accident MedMedicine NPONothing by mouth OOBOut of bed OROperating room poBy mouth PreopPreoperative PRNAs necessary QDEvery day QIDFour times/day TIDThree times/day

14 Interpret these words Apnea Dyspnea Bradypnea Tachypnea Orthopnea Arrhythmia Encephalitis Ophthalmology Otoscope Hypertension Hyperthyroidism Hyperthermia Hypotension Hypothyroidism Hypothermia Dermatology Hepatomegaly Tachycardia

15 Pre-Test Define the following words Apnea Arrhythmia Hypertension Hyperthermia Hyperthyroidism Dermatology Ophthalmology Orthopnea Dyspnea Polyarthritis Hepatomeglia Hemorrhage Encephalitis Emesis Dysmenorrheal Psychology

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