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1 Prefix Combining Form Root Suffix Veterinary Terminology.

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1 1 Prefix Combining Form Root Suffix Veterinary Terminology

2 2 A-, an-Without,lack of, notAnemia: lack of blood Asymptomatic: without symptoms Anti-Against, opposingAntibiotic: against microbial life Brady-Abnormally slowBradycardia: abnormally slow heart rate De-Down, fromDehydrate: remove water from Decay: break down Dys-DifficultyDyspnea: difficulty breathing

3 3 Hyper-Excessive, abnormally high Hyperthermia: abnormally high body temperature Hypo-Insufficient, abnormally low Hypothermia: abnormally low body temperature Mal-Bad, poorMalocclusion: poor positioning of the teeth Poly-Many, much, multiple Polyuria: producing much urine Tachy-Abnormally fastTachycardia: abnormally fast heart rate

4 4 -cyteCellErythrocyte: red blood cell -ectomyTo surgically remove Lobectomy: to surgically remove a lobe -pneaBreathingTachypnea: abnormally fast breathing -itisInflammationArthritis: inflammation of the joints -logyStudy ofBiology: the study of life

5 5 -omaTumorCarcinoma: cancerous tumor -peniaDeficiency ofLeukopenia: deficiency of white blood cells -scopeInstrument for examining Microscope: instrument for examining minute objects -tomyCutting, incisionCystotomy: cutting into the urinary bladder

6 6 Cardi/oKAHR-dee-ohHeart Cephal/oSEH-fal-lohHead Dent/i, dent/oDEHN-tee, DEHN- toh Teeth Mamm/a, mamm/oMAM-mah, MAM- moh Mammary gland Nas/oNAZ-zohNose

7 7 Ophthalm/oAfh-THAL-mohEye Ot/oOH-tohEar Steth/oSTETH-ohChest Thorac/oTHOR-ah-kohThorax Trache/oTRAY-kee-ohTrachea

8 Latin Bases

9 Try It On! 1. Stethoscope 9. Dysuria 2. Thoracotomy 1 0. Tonsillectomy 3. Ophthalmology 11. Tachypnea 4. Otitis 12. Polyarthritis 5. Anemia 13. Bradycardia 6. Mammology 14. Cytopenia 7. Tracheoma 15. Cephalitis 8. Declaw

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