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How To Get Off Diabetic Drugs: What the evidence shows Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., ABEM, ABFP, ACAAI, FACN

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1 How To Get Off Diabetic Drugs: What the evidence shows Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., ABEM, ABFP, ACAAI, FACN

2 What could be wrong with our current treatment? Practice guidelines are focused on drug “management”, not reducing drugs 87% of “experts” who make guidelines are financially linked to pharmaceutical industry (JAMA 287;5:612, 2002) Less than 11% of cardiologists’ Rx are based on science, the rest on pharmaceutical influence (WSJ, Feb. 25, 2009, Mar. 29, 2011)

3 The facts of diabetes management None of the diabetes drugs promotes longevity, but only make labs, like FBS and Hgb A1C look better In fact, intensive lowering of Hgb A1C with drugs increases the death rate 22% After 3 ½ years on Rx drugs the death rate was higher than without any drugs (NEJM 2008, 2010) After 5-8 years on a decades leading diabetes prescription medication, the death rate was 2 ½ times higher for folks on Rx drugs than for folks on diet only (PDR 2001)

4 Metformin (leading diabetes Rx) Glucophage, Fortemet, Glumetza, Riomet, and combos like glipizide & metformin, glyburide & metformin (Glucovance), ACTOplus met, Avandamet, Janumet Raises homocysteine, lowers folate & B12 Last 3 combo Rxs increase fractures 43% Avandia doubles heart attack, raises LDL, CHF & anemia, pulmonary edema, cancer, NASH Newer Rx drugs can lead to 30-43% more MI, 17% increased death (NEJM 2007, JAMA 2010)

5 ACCORD Study, NEJM 2008 10,000 pts. with all the best drugs for 3 ½ yrs, lowering HGB A1C increased death 22% Drugs increased renal failure 37% (dialysis costs over $60,000/yr), increased retinopathy, weight gain heart attacks, vision loss, heart failure and cancer In 2010, pts. taking blood pressure meds for 5 years had no reduction in heart attacks or death But Rxs increased their dementia 50% (NEJM 2008). Rx drugs = 50% increase in brain loss !!

6 So what lowers Hgb A1C naturally ? ALC, R-LA, Mg, C, D, gamma tocopherol, DHA, biotin, CoQ10, P5P, and much more, depending on individual deficiencies i.e., P5P traps glycated (fried) proteins & guides them out of the cell and prevents albuminuria. P5P deficit is a 100% identifier for Alzheimer’s But B6 cannot convert to P5P w/o zinc, which is lower in diabetics and depleted by Rx meds like statins, phthalates, HMT, processed foods diet, depleted soils, etc. Once on drugs it is a vicious downward cycle that depletes nutrients faster, fostering chronicity

7 What about just plain glucose control? Examples: R-LA, zinc, Mg, E-8, selenium, D, K, EPA/DHA, PC, Mn, CoQ10, chromium, vanadium, biotin, B1, and more are all essential to reverse IR (insulin resistance), metabolic syndrome and diabetes Insulin mimics: selenium, chromium, vanadium, biotin and manganese (known over 30 years) But vanadium or biotin assays should include B-OH-butyrate, B-OH-isovalerate, as functional assay examples to repair deficiencies As well, Vitamin K regulates insulin, CHO genes, and metabolic syndrome (undercarboxylated osteocalcin is the best test, and a surreptitious test of physician with knowledge gaps that promote chronicity of disease)

8 Diabetes, metabolic syndrome X, insulin resistance, NASH All often share hypertension, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, stubborn obesity, low HDL Yet treatment with top drugs does not help 77% diabetics are Mg deficient. Often Mg def. causes HBP, but diuretics lower Mg more. Yet insulin resistance requires Mg to correct it. Meanwhile lower Mg promotes chronicity via higher sugar, hgb A1C, insulin resistance, blood pressure and more Rx meds, plus arrhythmias and sudden cardiac arrest NSAIDs are major cause HBP (yet OTC and rarely addressed)

9 Yet as magnesium lowers Creates arrhythmias, like atrial fibrillation Treated with coumadin that poisons vitamin K2, pulls calcium out of bone, dumps it in coronary arteries and heart valves, leads to valve replacement, stents (given no choice of “bare”) But DES has 30% increased death at 3 years. High profile clinic record reviews show no RBC magnesium assay nor UnOs. So meanwhile patient is destined for ablation, a permanent heart destruction that is not even FDA approved.

10 When the heart is broken, you need to identify and correct nutrient deficiencies, then safely get rid of the toxins that poisoned the heart muscle and its nerves. Taken with permission from

11 Diabetes, metabolic syndrome X, insulin resistance, NASH Often share hypertension, high cholesterol, triglycerides, obesity, low HDL Statins for lipids raise PSA, lower CoQ10, E, selenium, zinc (D6D), poison insulin receptors on cell membranes Statins are a known CAUSE of diabetes, depression, cancer, cardiac disease, Alzheimer’s, sudden amnesia But tocotrienols, for example are natural HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, without poisoning hepatic gene and all of statins’ other side effects

12 Common Rx drugs and toxins create & worsen diabetes Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome X, Insulin resistance, NASH, hypertension, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, obesity, low HDL, Alzheimer’s, & cancer are all related Giving CoQ10 has lowered glucose 31% yet blood pressure & statin drugs deplete CoQ10 DHA lowers glucose, restores insulin sensitivity to membranes (and is a natural ACE inhibitor, inhibits sudden MI 45%, stops arrhythmias w/o destructive ablation, reverses Alzheimer’s amyloid, etc.) Yet statins poison DHA conversion Phthalates clearly create diabetes, poison DHA, B- oxidation, create insulin resistance, NASH, cancer, etc.

13 A peak into the future reveals the future has been here all along We have 2 choices: (1) Turn off broken pathways with drugs and perpetuate chronic disease (the #1killer), or (2) Reverse deficiencies and toxicities, and reverse recalcitrant “chronic” disease For 3 decades we have had the tools with which to heal the impossible

14 Diabetes, metabolic syndrome X, insulin resistance, NASH related But…as examples, vitamin D3 restores insulin receptors only if in top quintile (JNB 2010). Yet commercial labs’ cut-off “norm” is for rickets prevention only, not for reversing diabetes Labs w/o quintiles have very limited usefullness Vitamin K2 is crucial for reversal of all these diseases (JACN 2009). But…. Rx coumadin poisons K promoting diabetes, osteoporosis, coronary valve and coronary artery calcifications (best fxn. test is undercarboxylated osteocalcin)

15 Diabetics’ complications are not inevitable, but the result of drug-driven medicine with 80% more heart attack, CHF, arrhythmias 80% more cancer Retinopathy and blindness PVD, gangrene, amputations 1 in 3 gets renal failure, dialysis leads to aluminum toxicity, Alzheimer’s Infections, other auto-immune diseases Worsening of disease out of control, Death All because of failure to look for and repair the underlying biochemical causes

16 Columbia University researchers show 95% of all disease has only 2 causes: Diet and nutrient deficiencies Environmental toxins, ubiquitous and unavoidable, Rx meds, food additives Taken by permission from Detoxify Or Die,

17 How do we create diabetes in the lab ? By using FDA approved processed food products and prescriptions medications, as examples, High fructose corn syrup (used to create lab animals with diabetes) High n-6, n-7, n-9, or n-0 to n-3 EFA ratio Trans fats (“No trans fats” is meaningless since Federal Register re-definition) Statins, anti-psychotic Rx, ACE inhib, etc. Heavy metals like ubiquitous arsenic, etc. But #1 is the category of phthalates/BPA

18 How do we create diabetes ? Using a dose of phthalates 5 times lower than EPA “safe” level creates diabetes in just 4 days (from government leading journal EHP 2006) Ubiquitous, unavoidable, in everyone Even wild animals in pristine areas are toxic Harvard researchers tell us decades ago there is no safe level of phthalates Phthalates poison fundamental B-oxidation of EFA in every cell, can create any disease Recycling concentrates phthalates in products

19 Phthalates “No BPA” as misleading as “No trans fats” Are also EEDs, damage membranes, mitochondria, calcium channels, & glands Cell membrane n-3/n-6 ratios have changed 60x, most cells are starving Program fetus for adult prostate, breast, and other cancers, recalcitrant obesity Damages brain development, mimics autism (Harvard study)

20 Heavy metals, ubiquitous Arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, etc. all solo can create diabetes and all its precursor diseases and sequelae 2003 NEJM proved lead’s 10 mcg/dL cut- off is not “normal”, but clearly damages brains. But “authorities” cling to this antiquated “norm” a decade later

21 Routine IV chelation unnecessarily loads body with phthalates and cardiotoxic cyclohexanone, and forces dose through organs unprepared and usually untested for detoxication capability and readiness Caveat: Is useful for emergency chelation circumstances, but these even moreso need extensive assay of detoxification capability PR and PO program is 5X cheaper, safer, non- prescription, and with better results Barry YA, et al., Perioperative exposure to plasticizers in patients undergoing cardio-pulmonary bypass, J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg, 97:900-905, 1989

22 The 10 Reasons why diabetics are not cured No assay of underlying deficiencies, i.e. Minerals like chromium, vanadium, manganese, etc. are essential to correct, even for precursor hypoglycemia, before diabetes is diagnosed, or selenium to reverse SVT, thyroidism, or PSA Vitamins like B1 to reverse renal failure, B6 to reverse neuropathy, lutein to reverse macular degeneration, tocotrienols to reverse BNP, gamma tocopherol to reverse abnl. clotting, etc. EFA must also be balanced. DHA has corrected insulin resistance, arrhythmia, memory loss, etc.

23 The 10 Reasons why diabetics are not cured Failure to assay organic acids. Absolute nutrient levels inferior to functional assays which show individual needs i.e., ethylmalonate: shows need for Acetyl L- Carnitine, crucial for glucose & Hbg A1C control, neuropathy, insulin resistance, obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, dementia, etc. B-hydroxyisovalerate: crucial for biotin (controls CHO) B-hydroxybutyrate: for vanadium & chromium Quinolinate: a predictor of brain deterioration, often merely failure of B6 to convert to active P5P (requires zinc, but is depleted by statins, phthalates, diabetes,etc.)

24 The #1 reason why diabetics are not cured Failure to correct pancreas gland mitochondria and membrane insulin receptors Most diabetic membranes are simultaneously starving for the correct EFA, and choked with the wrong (n-6, n-9,7,0) fats Failure to do the “oil change” to create 4:1 ratio, plus correct “innards” of phosphatidyl choline, PS, Mg, and deficiency of 8 forms of vitamin E inside the bilayer “membrane sandwich”


26 The 10 Reasons why diabetics are not cured Failure to heal gut which houses ½ the immune and ½ the detox systems for whole body D-arabinitol: suggests Candida overgrowth which can produce thiaminase that destroys B1 leading to dialysis, thyroiditis, IBS, CHF, poor absorption, new food allergies as NS cause arthritis, more auto-immune diseases, etc. Indican: indicates dysbiosis at pancreas level Tricarballyate: inhibits magnesium absorption Hippurates: consume glycine needed for ROS, sepsis, bile, neurotransmitters, detoxification, etc.

27 If the gut isn't healthy, then nothing else can heal, for it houses half the detoxification system and half the infection-fighting immune system, 95% neurotransmitters, etc. taken from Detoxify or Die by permission from

28 But when patient is hypothyroid from phthalate EED (1) Need to repair the gland (selenium, iodine, manganese, zinc, PC, etc.) not poison further production forever with thyroid prescription (2) Need to repair thyroid receptors in membrane so if hormone is given it can work. Otherwise, hormones mysteriously fail. And quality nutrients have to be able to “flip-flop” or oscillate to work (no cheap synthetics). No such thought process is in mentioned in any practice guidelines

29 The 10 Reasons why diabetics are not cured Failure to heal the body energy source, the mitochondria where most disease starts, i.e. phosphatidyl serine, silica, PC, arginine, etc. Failure to detoxify at least phthalates and heavy metals and drug residues, since they are all used to create diabetes in the lab Failure to address mind, memory, motivation and mood, and body mechanics The ease of working blindly as a legal drug dispenser, promoted by insurances & guidelines

30 The 10 Reasons why diabetics are not cured 1.Vitamins, 2. Minerals, and amino acids plus 3. Fatty acids to fix what’s broken, heal gland, must flip-flop 4. Organic acids reveal individual needs above RDA 5. Membrane receptors (for insulin, hormones, cytokines) must account for “unseen” deficiencies 6. Gut cleanse, food allergies, diet 7. Mitochondrial repair 8. Detoxification, environmental controls 9. Mind, motivation, mood, memory, body mechanics 10. Ease of “mindless medicine”, is what insurance and practice guidelines dictate, and pharma controls them

31 Disease starts in the Mitochondria Kidney bean-shaped little organelles inside all of our cells It is where God’s miracle occurs where food molecules are turned into the electrical/chemical energy called ATP that defines “life” itself. Life is ATP, for when it stops being made, we are dead, the electricity has stopped flowing.


33 Mitochondria Is a massive array of folded membranes, having the highest membrane density of anything else inside the cell. Diabetes starts with failing mitochondria Are more highly vulnerable to destruction from free radicals or naked electrons that are the result of the chemistry of living, repair, and detoxification Free radicals eat or drill holes in mitochondrial membranes, ruining their ability to make ATP for energy, repair, detoxification or conduct the electricity of life. So in essence, We are as healthy as our mitochondria

34 Over 30 years of evidence and clinical experience for reversal of diabetes, dropping medications Lombardo, Effects of dietary n-3 PUFA n-3 fatty acids on dyslipidemia and insulin resistance in rodents and humans, J Nutr Biochem 17, 2006 Nakamura, Pyridoxal phosphate prevents progression of diabetic nephropathy, Nephr Dialysis Transpl 22, 2007 Babaei-Jadidi, Prevention of the incipient diabetic nephropathy by high-dose thiamine and benfotiomine, Diabetes, 52:2003 ALC, B1, P5P, E-8, R-LA, biotin, B1, DHA, Chrom, Mg, Vanadium, Zinc, K2, D3, Selenium, etc. reverse peripheral neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, cardiac autonomic neuropathy, retinopathy, all diabetic precursors, parameters and complications.

35 Old rats “doing the macarena” after their mitochondria were restored One A-OX restored energy, reversed biochemical signs of age damage and reversed aging brain function, but it must be made in healthy mitochondria R-Lipoic Acid is one nutrient example crucial to stop all diabetes complications, highly referenced Hagen TM, Ames AB, et al, ®-alpha-lipoic acid-supplemented old rats have improved mitochondrial function, decreased oxidative damage, and increased metabolic rate. FASEB J, 13;2:411-18, 1999



38 The 7-M Program for an easy start Membrane repair: EFA balance, PC, E-8, D3, K2, PS, oil change Minerals: Mg, Zn, Cu, Sel, Mo, Van, Chrom, silica, boron, iodine; spaced Mitochondria: ALC, arginine, Mn, ribose, B, P5P, glycine, silymarin, PS, oil change Meals: no HFCS, no trans, no Olestra®, no fake sugars, additives, fried foods; need low fat <10- 20%, whole foods or macrobiotic





43 7-M Program Miscellaneous: gut (Candida, destroys thyroid & B1), hormones i.e., DHEA repairs PPAR (must repair gland & receptors) Metals: meridian pollutants like arsenic, including #1 xenobiotic = phthalates, pesticides, VOH, PCB, PFOA (teflon), PBDE (legislated flame retardants) Mind, mood, motivation, body mechanics

44 Phthalate/BPA sources Food packaging is No. 1 (plastic water, processed foods, soda bottles, infant formula, vinyl wrap for fruits, vegetables and meats), I.V.s & bags (chelation), plastic clothing, toiletries, nail polish, Rx capsules and coatings (SR), pesticides, vinyl flooring, glues, wiring (heats and outgasses), PC, lubricating oils, solvents, furnishings, computers, PVC, construction materials, auto interiors, detergents, carpets, dental glues & sealants, contact lenses: ubiquitous, unavoidable, levels rising.

45 Our foods wrapped in plastic look innocent enough, but plastics permeate food and get stuck in our bodies, poisoning B-oxidation of all essential membrane and mitochondrial fats. The average person daily gets minimum 3 mg of just one phthalate ester. taken from Detoxify Or Die by permission from

46 Average newborn baby Over 200/287 chemicals in umbilical cord blood. By age 6 has levels of 40 year old. Over 180 are blatant carcinogens Phthalates, PCB, Teflon, PBDE fire retardants in all U.S. humans (40x more and doubling q 2 yrs.) Arctic polar bears have human diseases; osteoporosis and hypothyroidism from our phthalates,PCB, Hg, VOH, OP/OC (EHP 2005) Newborn lifespan now projected to be less than parents’ lifespan (Olshansky SJ, et al, The potential decline in life expectancy in the United States in the 21st century, N Engl J Med, 352: 1138-45, 2005)


48 Beyond the phthalates/BPA in membranes and mitochondria are the PPAR = Peroxisomes PPAR = peroxisome proliferator activated receptors Peroxisomes are the organelles through which fatty acids control genes and function of all glands, membranes, receptors, mitochondria Phthalates damage PPAR resulting in diabetes, recalcitrant obesity, and all disease mechanisms.

49 Wang, PPARs: diverse regulators in energy metabolism and metabolic disease, Cell Res 20:124-37, 2010 Guri, Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors: Bridging metabolic syndrome with molecular nutrition, Clin Nutr, 25:871-37, 2006 Mitochondrial overload and incomplete fatty acid oxidation contribute to skeletal muscle insulin resistance, Cell Metab, 7:45-56, 2008 Yu, The function of porcine PPAR and fish oil effect on expression of lipid glucose metabolism-related genes, J Nutr Biochem 22:179-86, 2011 Conklin, Molecular replacement in cancer therapy: Reversing cancer and metabolic dysfunction, fatigue, and adverse effects of cancer therapy, Curr Ca Ther Rev, 2008 ;

50 Phthalates are backbone of blockbuster drug epidemics Phthalates poison/damage PPAR and DHA chemistry “No BPA” designation meaningless Only takes 4 days of phthalates for mice to develop insulin resistance (Alonso, EHP 114, 2006) at a dose 5x lower than FDA “safe” level Phthalates poison peroxisomes which control lipid HMG CoA reductase But rather than heal lipidemia w/tocotrienols, etc., Lipitor brought >$14 billion/yr) (Lombardo) Phthalates & Lipitor poison DHA needed to repair 504 cancer genes Cancer = #1 cause of death, 1-15 & 25-45

51 Phthalates are proven backbone of blockbuster drug epidemics Diabetes (phthalates used to create in lab) Lipidemia, coronary artery disease Cancer Hypertension Alzheimer’s Hormone deficiencies, arthritis, FM, IBS, MD, depression, CFS, neuropathy, MND, NASH, Impaired immune/infection/allergy, and disease of every specialty

52 Phthalate-poisoned peroxisomes: Poison B-oxidation & retro-conversion to DHA, #1 fatty acid of mitochondria, membrane receptors, heart, brain & retina. Create secondary carnitine deficiency, needed for fatty acid transport into mitochondria and control of hgb A1C Phthalates deplete catalase which raises H202, promoting all diabetic complications, Alzheimer’s, cancer metastases, oxidized LDL, accelerates aging & anti-oxidant loss Leads to domino effect to all disease

53 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) as an example of power of one fatty acid Reduces all diabetic complications Cuts MI 45%-80%, lowers triglycerides 28%, raises HDL 13%, lowers platelet aggregation & adhesiveness, can reverse arrhythmia, CAD plaque, inflammation, protein kinase C, CHF, Alzheimer’s, protects mitochondria, cell membrane receptors, calcium channels, controls 504 genes Siddiqui RA, et al, J Nutr Biochem 19:417-37, 2008

54 Phthalates are one reason why fatty acids alone cannot correct diabetes and insulin resistance Undamaged PPAR-a are required for fish oil to induce P450 4A2 (CYP4A2) for xenobiotic (toxin) detoxification Healing is stranded until undetoxified phthalate poisoning and unrepaired nutrient deficiencies are corrected DHA cannot work until phthalate poisoning is reduced Then DHA can double PPAR As well can DHEA, gamma-tocopherol, silymarin, PS, etc.

55 Practical phthalate/BPA depuration Avoidance/ reduction cut blood levels 56-96% in one week, local farmers’ markets ( Rudel RA, et al, EHP 119:914-20, 2011) Brassica (cruciferous) vegetables high in macrobiotic diet also avoids additives Omit/reduce HFCS, trans fats, additives Far infrared sauna (Mayo clinic studies reversed drug-resistant CHF), and more


57 No seminar should ignore phthalate/peroxisome connection Peroxisomes make catalase, carnitine, phase I & II detox ER & enzymes (GST, UDP-GT, sulfation) Peroxisomes control lipids, membranes, genes, hormone metabolism, all membrane receptors, and more. No conference on diabetes, chronic disease of any sort is complete until phthalate- poisoned peroxisomes are addressed

58 Why bring you through causes? Processed food components, to phthalates to membranes, to mitochondria, to the level of peroxisomes (PPAR)? Because this is where the drugs like metformin work All this has been known for decades. Do you really believe PDR’s “mechanism of action unknown” for billion dollar FDA-approved drugs


60 Organic acids & fatty acids are clues for phthalate poisoning Adipate, suberate, methylmalonate (ALC) EPA/DHA ratio >1:4 (remember “innards” PC) High long/odd chains: Arachidic ( 20:0 saturated ), behenic ( 22:0 ) (also high with canola), lignoceric ( 24:0 ), hexacosanoic ( 26:0 ),penta-, heptadecanoic Impaired DHA( 22:6n3 ) conv. ( repairs 504 cancer genes), biotin deficit raises odd chain as do phthalates Low K/Ca ratio (leaky cell membranes, damaged calcium channels) Low sulfation (imbalanced hormones), etc.

61 Yet most conferences never mention phthalate/BPA or any toxin causes Diabetes, insulin resistance Met. Syndrome X Syndrome X Chronic pain, FM hypertension Cancer dyslipidemia ASVD obesity epidemic POS precocious puberty CFS, MCS hormone deficiencies ADD, autism, etc. Cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, ENT, allergy, rheumatology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, etc.

62 Vitamin levels as crystal ball predictors of death Levels of vitamins A, C, and E predict 90% chance of early death (but statins lower vitamin E, Sel, Zn, CoQ10, etc.) Vitamins C & E cut ICU sepsis death 57% Gamma tocopherol upregulates PPAR in cancer cells leading to apoptosis (but “vitamin E” which is alpha-tocopherol does not and actually lowers gamma tocopherol) Gamma also lowers PSA, metastases, controls natriuretic hormone, BNP. BNP predicts death without diabetic or cardiac symptoms But these must be assayed to identify !!


64 Many clues to phthalate toxicity Elevated Behenic, lignoceric, arachidic, low DHA, odd-chain fatty acids accumulation Succinate, palmitate, B-carotene/A (low Zn), high cholesterol, coproporphyrins I, III, phthalate levels Suberate, adipate, ethylmalonate (carnitine) Hormones: DHEA, thyroid, testosterone deficiencies, need sulfation (but damaged by phthalates) that controls hormone metabolism. Phthalates trigger high cortisol. Detoxification: low catalase (raises LP, 8-OHdG, p-OH-phenyllactate), low sulfation

65 And all this isn’t new Melnick, RL, et al, Mitochondrial toxicity of phthalates, EHP 1982 Winberg LD, et al, Mechanism of phthalate-induced inhibition of hepatic mitochondrial B-oxidation, Toxicol Lett, 76:63-9 1995 Alonso-Magdalena, EHP, 2006 Lee D, e al, Low dose of some persistent pollutants predicts type II diabetes, EHP 2010

66 None of this is new, just ignored As an example, there is an absolute requirement of Phosphatidyl Choline for all membranes (Proc Natl Acad Sci, USA, 94:11946-50, 1997, Massachusetts Institute of Technoogyl) This nutrient has never appeared in any medical guidelines, nor have the absolute requirements for PS & DHA, or Zinc, etc., for D-5-D & D-6-D for EFA conversion (J Biol Chem (275;45:35215-23, 2000) Ignored repairs create chronicity of disease

67 And all this isn’t new Look at an example of one mineral rarely tested Subasinghe S, et al, The insulin-mimetic action of manganese involvement in cyclic nucleotides and insulin in the regulation of hepaic hexokinase and glucokinase, Biochem Med 34:83, 1985 Klimis-Tavantzis DJ, Manganese In Health and Disease, CRC Press, 1994


69 How diabetes is related to all disease Diabetes accelerates Alzheimer’s To repair memory loss, the same concepts are needed, i.e. DHA is an “amyloid eater”, low in all Alzheimer’s R-lipoic acid and ALC have restored brains to youthful levels Phosphatidyl serine made human brains 12 yrs. younger in 3 months All these nutrients are needed for diabetes reversal and release from medications as well

70 How diabetes is related to cancer, and all disease Diabetes is also an example of a slow cancer. High sugar and low oxygen are also fertilizers for cancer (BNP shows hypoxia when no symptoms are present, porphyrins show hbg poisoning, phthalate levels axe EFA B-oxidation Tocotrienols, D3, K2, DHA, Selenium, E-8, G-Toc, etc. are needed to stop diabetes and metastases B-carotene to reprograms p53 cancer gene to wild Pancreatic enzymes dissolve sialoglycoprotein coating that makes cancer cells “invisible”

71 Clearly to become an expert in the cause and reversal of diabetes parameters is the basis for understanding all disease disease There are very few medical mysteries What is a mystery is how a profession that is supposed to guide folks to heal got so misguided and pharmacy-focused that it actually promotes chronic disease, the #1 cause of death

72 American Academy of Pediatrics Flaunts example of unconscionable ignorance in Feb. 2013 Wall St. Journal & official guidelines Adult onset diabetes epidemic in children is a complete mystery to them, “maybe it is due to obesity” (they do have the same causes!!!) It’s official: They advise it should be treated as a metformin deficiency until further study No assays for deficiencies causing the diabetes, complications, or deficiencies caused by meds Spend $3000 for a CME week of drug-course, but not $1 a week to learn how to reverse symptoms without drugs


74 There are 2 types of physicians Focused on chronicity Rules: follow academy practice guidelines misguided piecemeal look for causes, if ever don’t read (WSJ calls Drs. who read new information “unconventional”) don’t learn molecular biochemistry of healing are working totally blindly keep patients medicated, and keep patients returning or Focused on causes, identify and correct deficiencies and toxicities that caused it have taken the responsibility and learned decades of proof for avoiding medications and instead for finding the causes. They know that God designed the body to heal.

75 How to drop diabetes drugs (1) Identify and repair the deficiencies, especially in cell membrane insulin receptors and mitochondria Sometimes it’s as simple as n-3, PC, PS, Mg & ALC (2) Depurate causative xenobiotic toxins Sometimes as simple as 1-6 weeks of clean diet (3) Keep learning how to improve upon both causative and correctable parameters. (4) Focus: Biochemical individuality of total burden reigns

76 Evidence examples Wang L, et al, Changing ratios of omega-6 to omeha-3 fatty acids can differentially modulate polychlorinated biphenyl toxicity in endothelial cellls, Chem Biol Interact 172:1:27-38, 2008 Wei M, Association of bisphenol A with diabetes and other abnormalities, J Am Med Assoc 301:7:720-22, 2009 Kim JA, et al, Role of mitochondrial dysfunction in insulin resistance, Circul Res 102:401-14, 2008 Lowell BB, et al, Mitochondrial dysfunction and type II diabetes, Science 307:384-7, 2005 Carwile JL, et al, Canned soup consumption and urinary bisphenol A: A randomized cross-over trial, J Am Med Assoc, 306;20:2018-20, 2011 For enormously more details plus over 1,000 complete references,

77 We create and perpetuate diabetes with FDA-approved and FDA-ignored food additives and medications Just a few examples of the top culprits used to create diabetes in lab HFCS Hydrogenated trans fats disguised as “No trans fats” by reducing definition to <500mg/”serving” (plus GMO, pesticides) Statins, and many other drug categories Phthalates/BPA (no current FDA limit)

78 These recommendations could be made to patients by responsible physicians It’s not rocket science to avoid HFCS and hydrogenated oils, processed foods additives Reducing plastics reduced phthalate levels over 50-96% in one week Next nutrient corrections and further detox when learn molecular biochemistry of healing Over 1000 references prove diabetes reversal with these, yet not in any guidelines Complete denial of responsibility for public education

79 5 Ds for dumping drugs Diet (4 P: processed sugars, HFCS processed fats, trans, Olestra, packaged phthalates priority foods, Brassica, G, G & B, revs glucuronidation, PC) Dysbiosis Deficiencies Detox Directions for life

80 Original sin was complete denial of responsibility When God asked, “Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?” The man said, “The woman you put here with me…she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” (Genesis 3:11-14)

81 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” (Gen 3:1) Later that day, “the Lord God said to the woman, ’What is this you have done?” (GEN 3:13)

82 “The serpent deceived me” ( Genesis 3:13) taken from Detoxify or Die by permission from

83 And the serpent is still deceiving us. taken from Detoxify or Die with permission by

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