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2 Applications of Robots 1.Material handling 2.Welding 3.Surface coating 4.Light machining 5.Assembling 6.Inspection and testing 7.Space exploration 8.Defence applications 9.Domestic applications 10.Medical applications 2

3 Material Handling 1.Material handling refers to all operations in which materials are moved from one place to other. 2.Movement may be between different machines in a machine shop and between store house and machine shop. 3.Robots are used for loading raw materials and unloading finished parts. 3

4 Material Handling Applications 1.Injection moulding machines. 2.For pouring molten metal into sand moulds. 3.Loading and unloading CNC machines. 4.Feeding sheet metals to stamping machines. 5.For handling glass slabs. 6.Packaging and labeling systems. 7.For handling silicon wafers. 8.AS/RS systems and AGVs. 4

5 Welding 1.Welding is the process of joining two metal pieces by melting the metal at the junction of two parts. 2.Advantages of welding a)Joint is as strong as the base metal itself. b)Any metal or its alloys can be welded. c)Similar and dissimilar metals can be joined. d)Availability of inexpensive and portable welding equipments. 5

6 Welding 1.Disadvantages of welding a)Produces intense heat and harmful radiation. b)Produces toxic fumes. c)Skilled labour is required. 2.To overcome the drawbacks robots are employed. 3.Types of welding done using robots a)Arc welding b)Resistance welding 6

7 Arc Welding 1.Arc welding is the process in which the base metal is melted by the intense heat produced by the arc struck between the electrodes. 2.One of the electrodes itself acts as filler material. 3.Separate filler rods are also used. 4.Filler rods will have the same chemical composition as that of the base material. 7

8 Arc Welding 5.Types a)Shielded Metal Arc Welding b)Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) c)Metal Inert Gas welding (MIG) d)Plasma Arc Welding Transferred arc mode Non transferred arc mode 6.Hot ionized gas with free electrons is known as plasma. 8

9 Plasma Arc Welding – Transferred Arc mode 9

10 Resistance Welding 1.Resistance welding is the process in which the base metal is melted by the intense heat produced due to electrical resistance to the flow of electric current in the circuit formed through the work piece. 2.Force is applied at the weld site for fixing them. 3.No filler material is used and the electrodes does not get consumed. 10

11 Resistance Welding 4.Types a)Spot welding Two pieces are joined with discontinuous weld nuggets along the contour on the work piece. Robot is fixed with a specially designed spot welding endeffector. b)Seam welding Continuous air tight joint is formed with overlapping weld nuggets along the contour on the work piece. 11

12 Spot Welding 12

13 Spot Welding Animation 13

14 Robotic Spot Welding 14

15 Robotic Spot Welding Animation 15

16 Seam Welding 16

17 Seam Welding Animation 17

18 Surface Coating 1.Surface coating is the process of applying protective coating to the metallic or non metallic surface to prevent atmospheric damages and to render aesthetic looks. 2.Painting is done for this purpose. 3.Robots are used for spray painting as well as for applying primer before painting. 4.Robotic spray painting reduces paint wastage. 18

19 Robotic Spray Painting 19

20 Surface Cleaning 1.Hulls of large ships and boats gets scale deposits due to contact with sea water. 2.Scales must be cleaned to prevent rusting. 3.Also for stripping old paint for repainting. 4.Sand blasting is used for this purpose. 5.This is a tedious job when done manually hence robots are used. 20

21 Robotic Machining Robots are used for light machining operations like 1.Fettling 2.Grinding 3.Deburring 4.Drilling 5.Riveting 21

22 Robotic Fettling 22

23 Robotic Drilling 23

24 Assembling 1.The process of joining various parts into a single usable system is known as assembling. 2.Robots with higher payload capacity and dexterity are used to automate assembling. 3.Products are redesigned in order to ease robotic assembling and handling. 4.Vision guidance system and RCC devices are used by assembly robots. 24

25 Assembling Applications 1.Assembling shafts in the bearings. 2.Insertion of valves in the engine block. 3.Wind shield assembly for automotives. 4.Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. a)Using PTH components. b)Using SMD components. 5.Integrated Circuit (IC) assembly. 25

26 PCB Assembly – PTH Components 26

27 PCB Assembly – SMD Components 27

28 Inspection and Testing 1.Testing of windshield assembly for air leakage. 2.Checking dimensions like diameter of shafts. 3.Checking dimensions of prismatic components. 4.Checking dimensions of automotive body works. 5.Testing ICs. 28

29 Submarine Applications 1.Deep sea explorations are carried out using robots as humans cannot go much deep into the ocean due to high pressure. 2.The robot is equipped with a gripper, camera and propeller for locomotion. 3.The robot is controlled through a trailing cable called umbilical from a control centre located in a ship. 29

30 Submarine Robotic Vehicle 30

31 Submarine Applications 4.Robots are used for recovering objects from old ship wreck. 5.Used for installing communication cables, submarine oil and gas pipelines. 6.Used for positioning drilling jigs and its associated equipments for drilling on ocean bed to extract oil or gas. 31

32 Space Applications 1.Used for moving cargo from space shuttle to ISS. 2.Exploratory robots are sent to Mars by NASA for studying the planet. 3.Robots are safe to employ in the hostile environment prevailing in space and on other planets without risking human life. 32

33 Robot Installed in a Space Shuttle 33

34 Defence Applications 1.Robots are used for bomb detection and disposal. 2.Clearing land mines. 3.Robotic soldiers are being developed for use in battle fields. They are armoured vehicles with assault weapons and grenades. 4.Robots doing such dangerous job reduces to a greater extent the risk of losing human life. 34

35 Bomb Disposal Robot 35

36 Domestic Applications 1.Robots are also helpful in doing household works. 2.Robotic vacuum cleaner have been developed for cleaning the floor automatically. 3.Robotic lawn mower cuts the grass in the lawn automatically. 36

37 Operation of a Robotic Lawn Mower 37

38 Medical Applications 1.Robot nurse is employed by some advanced hospitals to administer drugs at right time to the patients as advised by a human doctor. 2.Tele robots are used for performing surgery on a patient situated far from the doctor. 3.The doctor operates the robot via a dedicated satellite channel by seeing the patient with a high resolution video camera. 4.This system can also be used for treating injured astronauts orbiting in space. 38

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