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2 2 INTRODUCTION Since its association with Akon, has made significant progress towards being a leader in the artist discovery, and song distribution fields. Having the opportunity to sell their music, play on our weekly radio show, get featured on our web site, and enter our showcase, encourages artists to upload their music for it to be evaluated by our patented Dynamic Hit Scoring (DHS) technology. Through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, the DHS technology can predict the hit rating of song and therefore classify all the songs on the web site. Additionally, artists can incite their friends to help with the promotion of their songs with our facebook game called akon’s top promoter. Also, our iPhone application allows fans to have constant access to our large database of artists.

3 3 TEAM UPDATE Membership  Since March 2009 the Company’s membership has grown from 5000 to 76000 members and traffic has increased significantly. Team update  Recently, Steve Owens from Los Angeles has joined the team and has had a tremendous impact on the site content and traffic.  John Alexander has equally joined the team and brings his 30 years of experience in the music industry to the company; specifically he is handling our negotiations with EMI, Universal, The Grammy, ASCAP, BMI, Footprint Worldwide and MySpace Music.

4 4 DEMOGRAPHICS Courtesy of

5 5 LAST 3 MONTHS Using various social media promotion, the target to reach the top 25,000 th position in the U.S has been achieved. We are currently ranked 88,000 in the world.

6 6 LAST 12 MONTHS Over the last twelve months a number of factors have contributed to the growth of our membership  Development of functionalities  Showcase  Radio show  iPhone app

7 7 LAST 12 MONTHS - Development of functionalities  Development of functionalities such as: Multi genre DHS song testing, blogs, ranking system, and a social network inviter

8 8 LAST 12 MONTHS - Showcase  Showcase: flying in 6 artists ( from different genres of music to be showcased ( ‐ 2009) in front of major labels. 2 artists to be signed with major labels

9 9 LAST 12 MONTHS - Radio show  Radio show: The launch of Akon’s Hitlab radio show has allowed for major visibly through out Canada. The success of the show has sparked world wide interest for a Ryan Seacrest type distribution of the show (40 million$/yr revenue)

10 10 LAST 12 MONTHS - iPhone app  iPhone app: Since its launch 2 weeks ago, the iPhone/iPod has been downloaded to more than 26,000 devices. Users spend on average of 43 minutes on the app. The option to download songs will be available shortly.

11 11 RADIO SHOW Europe:  We are negotiating with Akon and Global Radio in London in order to have Global Radio produce the show in the UK and be our syndicating partner in Europe. Global Radio would receive 20% of the syndication revenue in Europe with the target of having between 300 and 500 radio stations in that market to play the radio show US:  Akon and I met with Lew Dickey, the owner of Cumulus Media which own 400 radio stations in the U.S., discussions are ongoing Canada  Astral Media is our partner. “Akon’s” radio show is now playing between 7 and 11p.m. in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Halifax. We have been negotiating a syndication agreement with Astral Radio for syndicating the show outside Canada with 80% of the revenues going to Hitlab and 20% to Astral

12 12 GRAMMY Discussions are ongoing with Peter Anton (V.P. Digital Media of The Recording Academy / Grammy) to  Create a link between the Grammy membership base and Hitlab’s membership base. Grammy members would get a discount rate to upload music and to evaluate their music on and Hitlab artists that achieve a certain benchmark score, let’s say 80% i.e. the top 20, could be exposed to Grammy producers  Hitlab Grammy in Asia: The idea would be to use Hitlab to host a Grammy associated event in Dubai which has expressed an interest in hosting such event. Think of an Indian that wins a Grammy in India that actually gets nominated for a Grammy in the US. This would accomplish for the Grammys what Slumdog Millionaire did for the Oscars.


14 14 ADVERTISING INVENTORY Home Page Take-over

15 15 ADVERTISING INVENTORY Big Box: 300x250px

16 16 ADVERTISING INVENTORY Skyscraper: 160x600px



19 19 ADVERTISING INVENTORY Pepsi School Contest Currently around the USA including Los Angeles teachers are going on Strike because they are not paid enough and students are having to school themselves right now until June. Funding for Education is a major thing in USA. If we were to create the Hitlab Contest.. write the best Song or Poem that is about your School or School life. We then send the winner to 10 different schools to perform. The performers are paid by Pepsi a very small talent fee and hotels & transportation is taken care of. The local school can charge money for the event and 100% can go to Teachers or Music Program. Hitlab in exchange for this receive a media buy year round, pepsi hitlab sponsorships, free sample cards to give out at events.

20 20 ADVERTISING INVENTORY Pepsi Jingle Search Where Pepsi needs a new jingle, Hitlab can offer its members and Pepsi users the opportunity to participate in a Pepsi jingle search contest. Hitlab can use past jingle successes and failures to predict the potential success of a new jingle. Users will submit their songs to be analyzed against a database comprised of past Pepsi jingles. the winner wins prizes and the jingle could be used for a Pepsi ad campaign. Pepsi drinkers will discover a promo code under the cap or inside Pepsi cases. The promo codes would allow drinkers to participate in a contest that can have them meet akon, and for artists to potentially sign with his label. The promo codes will also be used for the giveaway of different prizes such as concert tickets, song downloads, and merchandise (Akon, Hitlab, and Pepsi). Pepsi giveaways

21 21 ADVERTISING INVENTORY Thumbs and description text Home Page slide Contest Package Home Page slide: 470x290px Thumbs: 106x106px Contest page: width: 250px Contest page

22 22 ADVERTISING INVENTORY Branding in Music Video: Superstar Featuring AKON (price: TBD) Pamela spend the summer of 2009 in the US. She worked with amounts of well-known producers such as Diane Warren (Mariah Carey, N Sync, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson and many others), Glen Ballard (Alanis Morissette, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, No Doubt and many others…). She also had studio recording with world acclaimed artist AKON, both recorded 2 songs to be released later this year, one in English and one in French, which make the first song ever to be recorded by AKON in French. She also shoot a music video for her upcoming song Superstar produced by AKON and featured in a Disney Movie to be released in 2010. Pamela performed in Los Angeles at the R&B Live Club leaving the audience stunned at the end of the show! Pamela will be for sure the next great talent to look for in 2010! Please click here to watch the video:here

23 23 WEBSITE ADVERTISING RATE CARD Standard Banner 300x250 Title Banner 160x600 or 200x600 ImpressionsCPMPer-Month 20,000$25$500 30,000$24$720 40,000$23$920 50,000$22$1100 60,000$21$1260 70,000$20$1400 80,0000$19$1520 ImpressionsCPMPer-Month 20,000$22$440 30,000$21$630 40,000$20$800 50,000$19$950 60,000$18$1080 70,000$17$1190 80,000$16$1280 Non-contract open rate:

24 24 WEBSITE ADVERTISING RATE CARD Standard Banner 125 x 125 or Music Player Button (3 - Month Contract) Contract open rate: ImpressionsCPMCost Per Month3-Month 40,000$11$440$1320 50,000$10$500$1500 60,000$9$540$1620 Standard Banner 125 x 125 or Music Player Button (6 - Month Contract) Standard Banner 125 x 125 or Music Player Button (12 - Month Contract) ImpressionsCPMCost Per Month6-Month 40,000$10$400$2400 50,000$9$450$2700 60,000$8$480$2880 ImpressionsCPMCost Per Month12-Month 40,000$9$360$4320 50,000$8$400$4800 60,000$7$420$5040

25 25 WEBSITE ADVERTISING RATE CARD Filler Banner 125x125 (3 - Month Contract) Contract open rate: Filler Banner 125x125 (6 - Month Contract) Filler Banner 125x125 (12 - Month Contract) ImpressionsCPMCost Per Month3-Month 40,000$10$400$1200 50,000$9$450$1350 60,000$8$480$1440 ImpressionsCPMCost Per Month6-Month 40,000$9$360$2160 50,000$8$400$2400 60,000$7$420$2520 ImpressionsCPMCost Per Month12-Month 40,000$8$320$3840 50,000$7$350$4200 60,000$6$360$4320 Front page site take over: $5,000 7 days unlimited hits. Site take over: $20,000 4 days unlimited hits.







32 32 SHOWCASE INVENTORY Media Visibility Sponsorship Collaborator - Name and Logo of the company on all communications tools ($5000) Peel Street Visibility -Flag type Banners (10) $5000 -DJ Tower (1) $5000 -Stage (1) $5000 -Private Lounge (2) $5000 each Included Advantages -Sampling (To be confirmed) -Logo and Video Messages displayed on screen

33 33 MOVING FORWARD - Hitlab The Hitlab website in Hindi in final review ( ‐ hindi/index.htm) and we intend to launch a radio show in India hosted by Aadesh within the next 45 days

34 34 MOVING FORWARD - Hitlab China  Joint venture under negotiation with Footprint worldwide, a music and entertainment company that reaches 30+ million 18 ‐ 22 year old college students in 2000 campuses throughout China. Site in Chinese:

35 35 MOVING FORWARD - Hitlab TV  We are currently in discussion with Eternal Crescent Media. Who’s management team Untitled will manage the production of Akon’s Hitlab TV show. They have confirmed that William Morris Endeavors are on board as the agent, and that Left/Right is also interested to be a partner

36 36 MOVING FORWARD - MySpace application  Subsequent to meetings with MySpace, we are currently creating an application that will give users the ability to purchase DHS credit, analyze their songs and display their scores directly on their MySpace profile. The aim is for MySpace to include the app automatically in every profile in order to create a substantial revenue share opportunity for both parties

37 37 MOVING FORWARD - Facebook Top Promoter Application  The application is in the final stage of approval and will allow fans to promote Hitlab artists by inviting friends and friends of friends. The fan that has the most invites becomes a top promoter and gets to meet Akon on a monthly basis. Bonus points are given when artist’s tracks are actually purchased on

38 38 MOVING FORWARD - SMS Campaigns  Discussions are ongoing with Source Evolution in Montreal for promoting and selling music through SMS short codes (carrier billing). Certain songs could be targeted on certain area codes in order to optimize the sales of music.

39 39 Thank you very much!


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