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ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume). Plants and Extrusion Systems.

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1 ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume)

2 Plants and Extrusion Systems

3 Coperion: Together - for Our Customers' Success America EuropeAsia 2,000 employees 20 subsidiaries worldwideEUR400m sales GEORG FISCHER +GF+ (50,1%) West Private Equity / WestLB (49,9%)

4 ZSK MEGAvolume Compounding with large screw channel volume MEGAcompounder with high torque Introduced at K‘ 1995 MEGAvolume with large screw volume Introduced at K‘ 2001 represents a second ZSK series

5 ZSK MEGAvolume Compounding with large screw channel volume MEGAvolume with large volume for products with low bulk density for processes with low specific energy input (< 0.1 kWh/kg)

6 Weller, Diameter ratio: OD / ID Specific torque: M d / a 3 OD = Outer screw diameter ID = Inner screw diameter a = Center distance 2-flighted profile OD ID a Characteristic dimensions of co-rotating twin-screws

7 OD to ID Ratio

8 Weller, ZSK Standard OD / ID = 1.25 ZSK-Variable OD / ID = 1.44 CONTINUA OD / ID = 1.71 ZSK Super Compounder ZSK MEGA Compounder OD / ID = 1.55 OD/ID Free volume and permissible torque as a function OD/ID Free volume Torque Balanced ratio of free volume and torque Development of the ZSK

9 ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume) ZSK Standard D a / D i = 1,25 Same Center Distance ZSK MEGAvolume D a / D i = 1,80 ZSK Super Compounder D a / D i = 1,55 ZSK MEGAcompounder D a / D i = 1,55 Increasing Volume Increasing Torque and Volume Torque ZSK-variabel D a / D i = 1,44 Flight Dep[th Free Volume and Allowable Torque shown as a function of Flight Depth Free Volume Balanced ratio of free volume and torque

10 ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume) Better Feed Lower Sheer Lower Material Temperature Lower work on the product - depending upon the process can produce better quality Reliable Devolitilization Result: Deeper Flights Allow Higher Screw Speed v u v u Sheer speed gamma = v u /h h max h' max D a /D i = 1,8 D a /D i = 1,55 ZSK Mv

11 RPM 1.22 OD/ID1.44 OD/ID1.55 OD/ID1.71 OD/ID Ave Shear Rate (sec^-1) Effect of OD/ID & RPM on average shear rate

12 ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume) Higher Volumes through Expansion of the Barrel Bores and Deeper Cut Screw Flights MEGAcompounder D a / D i = 1,55 MEGAvolume D a / D i = 1,8 DiDi DaDa

13 ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume) Progression of Free Volume

14 ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume) Application Examples Experiences with Process Technology and Production Processing of Highly Filled Compounds - Increase of throughput up to 50% with the same RPM - Increase of filler (SiO 2 ) from 15% to 20% Production of Powder Coatings - 60% higher discharge efficiency - Possibility of feeding higher rates of fines Food Extrusion - 60% more throughput in the production of pet foods

15 ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume) ZSK McDesign TypeStandard ZSBZSK MvDesign TypeStandard ZSB 25Tie Rod neuTie Rod4034Tie Rod40 Tie Rod4043Tie Rod40 50Tie Rod5854Tie Rod58 Flange5862Tie Rod70 Flange7076Flange92 Flange9298Flange120 (118)Flange120125Flange133 Flange133---

16 ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume) ZSK MvCenter Distance Torque (Md / Shaft) Max. SpeedMax. Power (kW / Hp) Gearbos Lube Oil System 32 MC26, kW / 72 Hp Splash with cooler 3426, kW / 83 Hp Splash with cooler 4333, kW / 173 Hp Recirculating 5441, kW / 331 Hp Recirculating kW / 511 Hp Recirculating 7658, kW / 929 Hp Recirculating kW / 1704 Hp Recirculating kW / 3539 Hp Recirculating

17 End Barrel ZSK 62 Mv ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume)

18 Tie Rod Arrangement for the ZSK 62 Mv

19 ZSK Mv (MEGAvolume) Arrangement fo ZSK 32/34 Mv

20 If you need even high rates

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