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Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction Process

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1 Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction Process

2 Flow Diagram Dehusking Deshelling Peeling Disintegration
Milk Extraction Virgin Oil Extraction Flow Diagram

3 Pictorial Representation
Dehusking Deshelling Peeling Disintegration Oil Extraction Milk Extraction

4 Process Machines Dehusking Deshelling Peeling Disintegration
MDH Series Deshelling MDE Series Peeling Disintegration MDI Series Milk Extraction MME Series MME-S Series Oil Extraction MCE Series

5 Process Flowchart Start Pick a mature green coconut
Proceed to the Dehusking Machine Start Fix the coconut on the assigned place and use joystick to dehusk the coconut Break the remaining shell using the second pair of blades by pressing the coconut against the blade and simultaneously rotating it. Locate the eye of the dehusked coconut and hold it gently towards the first pair of blades. Break the eye by pressing against the blades Proceed to the Deshelling Machine Proceed to the Peeling Machine Break the coconut shell into 5 to 6 pieces manually Insert each piece gently into the into the slot and collect the coconut meat from the collecting pan Feed the coconut meat into the hopper Proceed to the Disintegrator Machine Collect the coconut meat from the pan and place the meat inside a bowl and gently wash it with water

6 Collect the finely grounded coconut gratings from the collecting pan
Proceed to the Centrifuge Coconut Milk Extractor Machine Open the lid and fill the coconut gratings into the cloth sack and start the machine Collect the coconut milk emulsion into a container Is the solution transparent and clear Proceed to the Tubular Centrifuge Machine Collect the Virgin Coconut Oil from the outlet Feed the coconut milk emulsion into the storage tank and pump the milk into the inlet valve by operating the feed pump Yes No Store the Virgin Coconut Oil in a moisture free environment until ready for dispatch Stop

7 Useful Byproducts Dehusking Coconut Fiber Deshelling Coconut Shell
Peeling Coconut Skin Disintegration Coconut Water Milk Extraction Coconut Powder Useful Byproducts

8 Snapshot of byproducts

9 Products with Byproducts
COCONUT FIBRE Floor Mats Door Mats Brushes Mattresses COCONUT SHELL Phenolic Extruder Filler Mosquito Coils Activated Carbon COCONUT SKIN Paring Oil COCONUT WATER Coconut Vinegar Refreshing Drinks COCONUT POWDER Confectioneries Bakery products

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