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AWS Shipbuilding Conference May 11, 2011 Paul Hebert

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1 Implementation of NAVWELD Software to Support Electronic Welding Procedures
AWS Shipbuilding Conference May 11, 2011 Paul Hebert Manager, Welding Engineering

2 Procedure of Tomorrow (POT) Overview Strategy/Implementation
Objectives Advantages Software Selection Challenges Procedure of Tomorrow (POT)

3 #1 - Electronic Only #2 - All Inclusive #3 – User Friendly: Objectives
- Finding Procedure - Navigating Comprehension

4 Develop MIL-STD Specific Software
Software Selection => Commercial Standards (i.e. ASME) => MIL Standards (i.e. MIL-STD-248) Develop MIL-STD Specific Software

5 Software Selection Development
Team Members NAVSEA NSWC - Carderock NGSB-NN GDEB NMC Weld QC 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 SBIR Phase I SBIR - Phase II MANTECH NavWeld Web-based software application & database that assists the user in developing welding procedures according to NAVSEA requirements.

6 Software Selection NavWeld Modules
Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) Essential Elements NDE Tests Destructive Tests & Number of Samples Qualified Ranges Fabrication Document Requirements Welding/Brazing Procedure Specification (WPS) Welder/Brazer Performance Qualification (WPQR) Tracks Welder History

7 Software Selection NavWeld – Processes and Documents
Qualification Documents Fabrication Documents Arc TP248 ABS/NVR TP278 TP1688 MIL-STD-1689A Stud Resistance AWS D17.2 Brazing (Piping) 0900-LP

8 Strategy / Implementation
Engineers Revisions 40+ Years NAVSEAs PQRs SOSs 248s Grandfather Fab Docs Interpretations Issues Engineer Historian Evolution of Legacy Procedures Fortune Teller Clean Up for POT All Inclusive Review = Specifications / PQR’s / History Document for Each WPS

9 Strategy / Implementation
Welding Parameters Base Metal Preheat Cleaning Specification Legacy Procedures – Information in Multiple Locations Consolidate for POT Procedure = Handful of Pages = All Requirements = Certified = Approved Hand to the welder to use

10 Strategy / Implementation
Generic Legacy Procedures – Given Material / Process Multiple Filler Metals Special Exceptions Subtle Differences Multiple Joint Designs Make POT More Specific One filler = limited joint designs = minimal notes / exceptions One Technique in Legacy Procedure = 3 or 4 or 5 in POT (dbase – who cares?)

11 Strategy / Implementation
Legacy Procedure Revisions User to ID Changes => 800+ Pg. Procedure POT Revisions – Clear and Visible Revision Record - First Page of Each WTN = What + When + Why Changed

12 Advantages Creating PQR / WPS
Once PQR created - Print Qualified Range Report to ID procedure ranges

13 Advantages Creating PQR / WPS
Enables and Disables Fields Based on Inputs ***If you select ceramic backing you have to enter manufacturer and type***

14 Advantages Creating PQR / WPS
Bounces input against the spec and flags incomplete info ***Missing Minimum Travel Speed***

15 Advantages Creating PQR / WPS
Prompts user where to go in spec for rule

16 Advantages Real Time Revisions
Old System: Make change in MS Word + send to QA + QA send to repro + QA make distribution + recipients make changes to paper copy = Weeks NAVWELD System: Make Change in Dbase + Validate electronically + Revised Procedure ready for use = Minutes Real Time Revision = Double Edged Sword Person looks at procedure – we make change afterwards – he is using an outdated procedure. Caution Solution: Adding something no big deal – anytime Taking something away – we need to take the action to let user know.

17 Advantages Procedures Easy To Find

18 Advantages Consistent Format

19 Advantages Procedure Stand-Alone Printed Out

20 Advantages Green SSPs = 16 Proc X 500 pgs each X 50 copies = 400,000 pages (not counting revisions) SOPs = 91 Proc X 20 pgs each X 5 copies = 9100 pages (not counting revisions) Not counting electricity to create and copy + fuel to distribute Paper = .0038” thk. X 409,100 pgs. = 130 feet high stack

21 Advantages Electronic Data
Kiosk on shop floor / ship PDA – Foremen to carry procedure with them Weld Procedure Data Welder Qual data Eng Data User Job Assignment

22 Challenges A B C Computer Literacy – What about those who aren’t proficient with computers? - Ease of Use - Training Reliability - What happens if the computer crashes? Back-Up Paper Copy Back-Up PDF Copy Resistance to Change – Why can’t you leave the procedures the way they’ve always been? Involve users in the process Stress the advantages Listen Tenacity

23 ??????

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