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We provide complete solution to your need of plastic processing machinery including selection of proper product for various grades / quantity of plastics depending on application with the help of latest software and our in depth product knowledge. We satisfy after market needs by providing all spare parts along with prompt and efficient service too. Our quality & our service is take us towards our goal, nowadays we have 500 valued & reputed customer in India, we are serving in 18 countries , many large group is with us & supporting us like a ASTRAL POLYTECHNIK, PRINCE SWR SYSTEMS, SUDHAKAR IRRIGATION, NANDI GROUP. Most advanced manufacturing process technology, precision machinery, most stringent quality control standards and passion for new developments with the Continuous Research and Development  has taken the company to a new horizon. We believe in “ZERO DEFECT” A new generation product with highest customer satisfaction has been resulted in phenomenal growth of the company. Our 70% market share in this industrial segment has made us “MARKET LEADER” amongst all other player in Domestic as well as oversees market. Our motto is “CUSTOMER DELIGHT”

PVC Resin is Heat sensitive Material and can not extrude alone. PVC Resin need to be mixed with stabilizer and lubricants with filler. Stabilizer will improve the heat stability to PVC Resin and Lubricants improve flow properties of Pvc Resin with addition of filler it will give strengthen to end product as PVC Resin is polar material. With High speed mixer mixing will take place with all ingredients at certain speed , where Shear will take place. While mixing at high speed PVC Resin will shear in between bottom arc of vessel and Shear Blaed. As the heat generate PVC Resin Bulk density is improve and particle size too. Which will help to absorb additive . The compound need to be mix up to 80degree to 125 degree centigrade temperature to absorb additives in totality. We learn from above process with high speed mixture that compound mixed will need to be cool down to remove statics created due to shear of material as well as to normalize particle size of Pvc Resin. APPLICATION PVC Resin compounding Rigid and Soft Application. Color Master batch compounding. Calcium carbonate coating application. Rubber Industries. Textile bleaching compound application. Hydroscopic material mixing application. Paint & Coating Industries. Wet Coating, Ceramics, Dyes and Colours, Pharmaceuticals and other allied industries.

4 Why Radhekrishna High Speed Mixer Require for PVC Resin?
Advantage of Radhekrishna Mixer: Maximum production with economical operation at Low power Consumption as low as 25Paise/Kg(approx.) at versatile filler loading and without cross contamination. Economical operation with less labor cost with Atomization. Lower scrap rates in the extrusion lines due to the best mixing with dry blend quality. Even with high filer loading Maximum 05 batches/hour. Excellent improvement of resin bulk density to absorption additives before Filler as it is hydroscopic nature as well as Mixing with filler . Adequate designed with precise tolerances ( 4 Axis ) of bottom Arc to Shear Blade for faster rate of heat temperature as well as of Mixing Blade for faster and unique mixing. Zero wastage of compound due to decomposition of compound due to moisture . Perfect positioning of Temperature Sensor for unique compound mixing.

5 ???Why Radhekrishna’s Mixer ???
More than 18 years of vast experience in plastic processing industry. Bought out items those we use are of reputed companies like ABB, Elecon, Janatics, Fuji, Toho, Telemechanics etc……… For Better Sealing of mixer vessel we give silicon based Lid gasket for preventing material leak from vessel. To prevent powder infiltration inside bearing we have special technology called pneumaseal which reduces maintenance. Robust machine structure to sustain dynamic load of the machine. Better after sales service. Experience of selling machines in domestic as well as Export Market. Balancing of blades and pulley is done dynamically. Special TUNGSTEN CARBIDE COATING on edges of blade s preventing worn Out of blades. Inspection window for de scaling of minerals Quite Competitive price. Faster payback period. Less down time. Inbuilt Water Inlet & Outlet Piping with Pressure Guage in Structure. Inbuilt all Pneumatic Piping in Structure.

Master batch Feeding hopper made of SS 304 & pneumatically actuated discharge valve for auto feeding. Breathing cap made of PP non woven cloth. Quick release lid locking clamps. Discharge valve is provided with quick release gate for easy cleaning. The discharge valve is made of SS 304 & provided with hinge type mechanism for quick opening during frequent color changing needs. Lid gasket is made from Specially extruded silicon Foam to prevent powder leakage from mixer.

Mixing tool is made from SS, having abrasive resistance and TUNGSTEN CATBIDE coating on edge. The tool structure is either 2 Tier or 3 Tier… The inside of the vessel is made from SS 304, thickness of 6mm & mirror polished to avoid depositing of material. The deflector is adjustable in angle & height, provided to achieve more rapid & better dispersion, even with highly filled materials. Discharge valve is level with container‘s bottom for fast and almost complete emptying of the mixing container. The right shape of tool for right application

Bearings with a lubricating grease line – For ease of lubrication. The pneuma seal is provided below the mixing tool to prevent powder infiltration into bearing and hence premature failure of bearings. The shaft / tank seal is guaranteed by gasket pack, equipped with adjustable air flow which is easy to remove for cleaning purpose. Limit switch prevents rotation of mixing tool when the lid is open Thermocouple for precise measurement of compound temp.

Due to Balancing problem , after five or ten years your pulley or belt will be worn out , so we are providing Motor & Gearbox Assembly which imported from Germany , so now your machine is maintenance free. Inbuilt Joints For Inlet & Outlet supply of Water. Mirror polished SS 304 Cooling cone with jacketed cooling container for water circulation, ensures better & efficient cooling cycle in least time. Pneumatically operated discharge valve

10 Control Panel Robustly built control Panel with remote control extension, for operator’s ease & easy to plug in during installation. No more outside pneumatic connections, so operator can easily operate it without disturbance & it can provide you maintenance free pneumatic lines Digital temperature indicators for Heater & Cooler Mixer. Hooter is also provided for Process completion audible alarm.


12 SCREW & BARREL SHREE RADHEKRISHNA EXTRUSIONS PVT.LTD , a renewed engineering company has been Serving in the field of manufacturing screw & barrel for last more then 20 years. Radhekrishna Extrusions manufactures screw & barrel from 20mm diameter to 150mm diameter OD and up to 4000mm length. Twin screw and barrel are the heart of extruders and play very crucial role in extruder. Radhekrishna Extrusions screws and barrels are manufactured under very precise stage wise inspection and quality check system. The company has all advance in house facilities to manufacturer the screw and barrels. The cast experience , technical know how and entrepreneur skill have made the company renewed in manufacturing screw and barrel in the field. Radhekrishna Extrusions following & believe in STAGE BY STAGE INSPECTION & doing by having very educated Quality Control Department & staff. Also having technically knowledgeable labors. Our policy no.1 is to provide best service to our all customers.

Radhekrishna Extrusions manufactures twin screw and barrels starting form 35mm to 110mm . Radhekrishna Extrusions manufactures screws and barrels according to present market needs like higher filler, low filler, application and ISI grade. We Radhekrishna Extrusions follow all standard manufacturing process and adhere all standard norms of manufacturing. We are manufacturing screw & barrel as per CMT , KMD Design.

Radhekrishna Extrusions manufactures twin screw & barrels starting from 20mm to 150mm screw diameter. We are also manufacturing screw & barrel As per Kolsite , Windsor, TTS (Thayson) design.

Radhekrishna Extrusions manufactures single screws and barrels starting from 20mm to 150mm screw diameter. GROOVED FEED BARREL : The grooved feed is used for achieving high shear and better transportation of material. As co-efficient of friction between granules and screw and barrel should higher to get Proper melting of the material, it’s imperative to have grooved feed in the barrel for Processing of polymers of olefin group. Application : LDPE / HDPE / PP Film Raffia / Mono Filament Application

16 Undulating root profile in the metering zone of the screw.
BARRIER SCREW The barrier screw design separates melted material from un- melted solid material Into separate channels. This unique mixing feature thoroughly homogenizes the Melt with little or no increase in its average temperature. Mixing is achieved with an Undulating root profile in the metering zone of the screw. Applications: LDPE / HDPE / PP Film ABS PVC Cable PVC Pipe & PVC Profile

17 MADDOC - BARRIER SCREW Medoc – barrier screw is used to break down particles by forcing material to flow over barrier flights , in a similar manner to barrier screws. Application : HDPE Pipes XLPE Cables Lay Flat Pipe LDPE Tubing PP Film Maddoc Maddoc & Barrier Both in One Screw

SCREW & BARREL FOR : PIPE PLANT PVC Pipe Manufacturer (U PVC, R PVC , S PVC , CPVC) HDPE Pipe Manufacturer PVC Braided Pipe Plant PVC Suction Hose Pipe PVC Soft Tubing Pipe SHEET PLANT Air Bubble Sheet Plant PP Sheet Plant HIPS Sheet plant PVC Sheet Plant Thermo Forming Sheet Plant FILM PLANT PVC Film Plant Lamination Film Plant Blown Film Plant Tape Plant Multi Layer Film Plant CABLE MANUFACTURER (ANY TYPE OF MATERIALS) COMPOUNDING PLANT INJECTION MOULDING MACHINERY BLOW MOULDING MACHINERY ANY TYPE OF PLASTIC PALLET MANUFACTURING

After Many years of experience & research & development , we have found new technology , which we have described below : 1.Screw Pair -  First Zone Will Be Tungsten Carbide Coated : We think you are also aware that the First Zone(Melting Zone) takes higher or more load in the comparison of other zone, so that's why we are coating of Tungsten Carbide on surface of same zone so it will give you better life against higher filler loading & other particles. 2. Front Barrel will be HSS Sleeve Fitted : For Same reason , we provide sleeve on front barrel ( which will be fitted on Melting Zone) , Which made from "High Speed Steel", it also give better life against wear & tear.

20 Glimpse of Process for Screw & Barrel
• Screw & Barrel made out of EN -41B (Moscow make steel),Nitride steel. • The material is T conditioned by thermal process. • Screw profile is done on thread milling machine. • Honing of barrel is done to achieve superior internal bore surface finish. • Screw is highly polished by special purpose polishing machine. • Stabilizing is done to remove all stresses developed. • Screw & Barrel is nitride harden ,skin hardness maintain 68 to 70 HRC. • Nitrided layer thickness maintained up to 0.47 to 0.50 • Screw will be straight with in 0.07 m. m. on turn over by hydraulic press. • Close clearance and exacting machining tolerance for screw and barrel. • All the procedures are done under Strict Quality Control

21 Procedure of Screw Raw Material – (We are using EN-41B (Moscow-Steel) Material.) Chemical Analysis – (We are using EN-41B Material but it is Original composition or not , to check we do a test for it.) Gun Drill – ( It is mainly used to check that Screw is Straight or not. Secondly it is also used for water cooling & drilling in barrel.)

22 Procedure of Screw Toughening – (When we use Raw material it has uneven hardness so to maintain its hardness this process is used.) Blank Operation – (It is used for Pre – Stage machining for zone wise flight cutting) Spline Cutting – (As per Gear Box Spline Screw is used to Spline for Windsor and Kolsite Design.)

23 Procedure of Screw Flight Cutting – (There are two options for Flight cutting) 1. We can cut it on CNC Machine 2. We can manually cut it on Thread Milling Machine. Inspection By us – (We check that everything is O.K or not.) Thread Milling Machine CNC Machine

24 Procedure of Screw Stabilizing Operation – (If there are Un-Even Stress or Scratches on Screw, these process is used to remove that.) Polishing – (This process is used to polish the Outer Diameter which we keep.) Grinding – It is used to maintain Final Size and for Finishing.

25 Procedure of Screw Inspection – (We check that every thing is done in proper way or not until previous process.) Gas Nitriding – (It is used to maintain hardness of Screw.) Straightening – (When the screw comes from Nitriding it is not straight as before so this process is used to Straighten the screw)

26 Procedure of Screw Inspection – (In this inspection it is checked that Screw has maintained the hardness of 65 to 68 HRC or not and 0.4 to 0.5 Deep) Final Grinding – It is used to maintain final Size & Finishing. Buffing & Polishing – It is used to completely polish the screw and give a new look to it. Metal Hardness Tester

27 Procedure of Barrel Cutting :
First of all we are cutting the bars & make the Proper length of barrel. Rough Bore – (This Process is used to make bore on Deep Gun drill Machine.) Tuffning - (When we use Raw material it has uneven hardness so to maintain its hardness this process is used.)

28 Procedure of Barrel Final Bore – (In this Process we can get Final Size of Bore.) Thread Cutting – It is used to cut Flanges. Primary Inspection.(With the help of Bore Gauge & Micrometer we are measure the Bore of Barrel & Outer Diameter.)

29 Procedure of Barrel Honing – (This Process is used to achieve complete Mirror Finishing, If we put our fingers on barrels than our fingers also Slide.) Secondary Inspection - With this process we are Inspecting bore & Center Distance of barrel that Every thing is ok or not) Hopper Mounting Cutting & Vent Cutting – (This process is used for material feeding and Vent Cutting)

30 Procedure of Barrel Dowelling – (This process is used to match Gear-Box Side Flange with, Barrel’s Flange and if it is Twin Barrel than it is necessary to match Front & Rear Barrel.) Drilling Operation – (This process is used to pierce hole in Thermocouple.) Nitriding – (It is used to maintain hardness of Barrel.) We have our own Nitriding furnace at our work place.

31 Procedure of Barrel ↓ Third Inspection
Polishing – (This process is used for polishing barrel to get proper finishing.) Matching – (In this process it is checked that screw is running properly, in Barrel or not {Free Rotation}.) Final Inspection – (After finishing all operations final inspection is done.)

POINT: 1 – WE ARE PURCHASING EN-41-B FROM M/S GIRDHARILAL AGRAWAL: Actually M/S GIRDHARILAL AGRAWAL is ISO certified dealers of Musco Company in all over India for the EN-41-B material, RADHEKRISHNA, KOLSITE & WINDSOR are using their material from them, so here in local market EN-41-B is available for 60 Rs/kg only but where we are purchasing it for 120 Rs/kg, now see the difference between ours & others. POINT: 2 – WITHOUT DOING MATERIAL TEST, WE ARE NOT STARTING THE WORK: Which material we are purchasing , it having the 90% of Mild Steel & 10% of heard metals like aluminum, silicon, nickel , phosphorous , carbon , chromium & which material other manufacturer purchasing from local vendor it having 95 to 98% of Mild steel & 2 – 5 % of heard metal , so in the comparison of other manufacturers ,our material is very higher grade, however we are doing test on it in ISO laboratories, after getting the positive report we are starting the work on it, either we are not starting the work.

33   POINT: 3 – BENIFIT OF OUR IN HOUSE CNC MACHINES & NITRIDING FURNACE: We are having all CNC machines which having of WINDSOR & KOLSITE , so we are same in machineries , moreover we have our own nitriding furnace, it is so benefit of us , normally others do nitriding process – total cycle time 96 hrs – 8hrs purging time (with ammonia gas passed through the furnace & inside atmosphere with totally ammonia gas & temperature achieve 530ᵒc) + soaking time 72 hrs. (With 530ᵒc & ammonia gas pressure maintain) + 16 hrs. Cooling time up to 150ᵒc, but we are maintaining soaking time 80 hrs. Instead of 72hrs to get better nitriding hardness & case depth. We are maintaining 0.5mm in-depth layer of 64 to 68 HRC in Screw & Barrel.     Point: 4 – WE ARE PROVIDING TUNGSTEN CARBIDE COATED SCREW PAIR We would like to inform you & we think you also aware of that the First Zone(Melting Zone) takes higher or more load in the comparison of other zone, so that's why we do coating on surface of same zone so it will give you better life against higher filler loading & other particles. Point: 5 – WE ARE PROVIDING HSS SLEEVE FITTED BARREL For Same reason, we provide sleeve on front barrel (which will be fitted on Melting Zone) which made from "High Speed Steel", it also give better life against wear & tear.

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