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Floral Design TYPES OF FLOWERS!.

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1 Floral Design TYPES OF FLOWERS!

2 Types of Design Materials
There are four basic types of design materials: Line flowers Mass flowers Form flowers Filler flowers

3 Line Flowers Tall spikes of flowers with florets blooming along the stem Create the outline for an arrangement and establish the height and width as well as the curvilinear lines.

4 Line Flowers-Examples
Snapdragons Gladiolus

5 Mass Flowers Have the flower head on the terminal end of the stem
Draw attention to the focal point and add mass and weight to the arrangement. Cover floral foam and help fill in empty areas with flowers

6 Mass Flowers-Examples
Carnations Roses Chrysanthemums

7 Form Flowers Unique in shape or color
Create the accent or focal point or focal area of the arrangement to attract the viewer’s attention

8 Form Flowers-Examples
Bird of paradise Orchid

9 Filler Flowers Have small sprays of flowers or are like ferns
Used to fill empty spaces and to accent the other floral materials within the arrangement Also used to cover or hide the mechanics of the arrangement including the frame, supports, ties, etc.

10 Filler Flowers-Examples
Baby’s breath Statice


12 Form Filler Mass Round Design Pink Gerbera Daisies
White Chrysanthemums Purple Statice (Limonium) Filler Mass

13 Form Filler Line Mass Curved Design
Bells of Ireland (Moluccella laevis) Carnations (Dianthus) Wax Flower (Chamelaucium) Apple Line Mass

14 Identification of Types of Flowers

15 Line flowers!!!

16 Antirrhinum majus cv. – Snapdragon

17 Consolida ambigua cv. – Larkspur

18 Delphinium elatum – Delphinium

19 Gladiolus x hortulanus cv. – Gladiolus

20 Hyacinthus orientalis cv. – Hyacinth

21 Liatris spicata – Liatris

22 Matthiola incana – Stock

23 Moluccella laevis – Bells of Ireland

24 Polianthes turberosa - Turberose

25 Phalaenopsis cv. – Phalaenopsis, Butterfly Orchid

26 Dendrobium spp. – Dendrobium Orchid

27 Mass and form flowers!!!

28 Alpinia purpurata – Red Ginger

29 Alstroemeria aurantiaca – Alstroemeria, Peruvian Lily

30 Callistephus chinensis hybrids – Chinese Aster

31 Celosia argentea cv. – Celosia, Cockscomb

32 Chrysanthemum x monifolium – Chrysanthemum

33 Chrysanthemum x monifolium– Spider Chrysanthemum

34 Dahlia cv. – Dahlia

35 Dianthus caryophyllus cv. – Florists Carnation

36 Euphorbia pulchemima cv. – Poinsettia

37 Eustoma grandiflorum – Lisianthus

38 Freesia x hybrida – Freesia

39 Gerbera jamesonii cv. – Gerbera Daisy

40 Helianthus annuus cv. – Sunflower

41 Hippeastrum x hybridum v. – Amaryllis

42 Hydrangea macrophylla – Hydrangea

43 Iris spp. – Iris

44 Lilium cv. ‘Oriental’ – Asiatic Lily

45 Lilium cv. ‘Stargazer’ – Stargazer Lily

46 Lilium longiflorum cv. – Trumpet Easter Lily

47 Narcissus hybrid – Daffodil

48 Paeonia lactiflora cv. – Peony

49 Protea cv. – Protea

50 Ranunculus asiaticus - Ranunculus

51 Rosa cv. – Hybrid Tea Rose

52 Strelitzia reginae – Bird of Paradise

53 Tulipa cv. – Tulip

54 Zantedeschia aethiopica – Calla

55 Filler flowers!!!

56 Chamelaucium uncinatum – Waxflower

57 Solidago canadensis – Solidago, Goldenrod

58 Erica carnea – Heather

59 Forsythia x intermedia – Forsythia

60 Gypsophila elegans v. – Baby’s Breath

61 Limonium ferulaceum – Caspia, Misty Blue

62 Limonium perezii – Sea Lavender Statice

63 Hypericum spp. – Hypericum Berries

64 Limonium sinuatum cv. – Statice

65 Eryngium planum – Blue Thistle

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