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Interactive Multimedia Games Development COM631 Hatchi.

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1 Interactive Multimedia Games Development COM631 Hatchi

2 Lecture overview Overview of Hatchi Core mechanics Monetization strategy

3 Hatchi core game play Retro virtual pet, raise egg to adult and release Requires constant care, keep it alive Engage emotionally and connect Discover all variations and evolutions

4 Evolution stages Baby Child day 1 Teenager day 3 Adult day 5 You can release it in the forest after day 7 (or buy the “Fake ID” to release it earlier) Pet dies after getting sick (hygiene and food).. Needs medicine and on-going care.

5 Game length and progression To discover and collect all variations of evolutions can take up to 8 weeks playing every day If you are lucky and get a different one each time You can reduce this by using the “Release fake ID” or complete the game in a few minutes buying extras (Force Evolution x 24 and Release Fake ID x 7) Would cost between £5 - £7

6 Interactions Status bar meters show status/needs of pet 6 meters with values that decrease with time Looking after the pet means it will be smarter, happier and require less attention Four main categories Feed, wash, read and play

7 Feed Food with likes and dislikes Apple, bread, hamburger, cake, ice-cream, chicken and pizza Adds to energy meter Can add or subtract from happiness meter

8 Washing and games Washing makes the Hygiene meter grow by 85% Games use energy. If the energy levels are low, you cant play games Games are hatchi squares, roshambo, hatchi catchi and whack-A-hatchi Games increase happiness and can give you coins

9 Games

10 Games give you coins

11 Interactions (Time dependant)

12 Lights, energy and resting Light can be turned off to let Hatchi sleep Restores energy but reduces other levels

13 Game ending Release Hatchi Forest Sanctuary Hatchi grave yard

14 In-world economy In game currency = coins Earn by playing games or pay real money

15 In-app purchases Hunger filler: 25 coins Smarts filler: 100 coins Active filler: 100 coins Happy filler: 150 coins Energy filler: 200 coins Trait changer Change Trait (Randomly): 900 coins Change Gender: 1250 coins

16 In-app purchases Extras, purchases that change core game play Release Fake ID: 1000 coins (Releases the pet before 7 days) Force Evolution: 2000 coins (move pet to next stage of development) Resurrect Pet: 4000 coins (Resurrect dead pet) Coin doubler: 6000 coins (Doubles the coins you earn) Vaccination: 10000 coins (Makes the pet immortal)

17 Monetization Paid and in-app purchases

18 In-app purchases – relative costs

19 Hatchi Relatively simple game Hybrid monetization strategy Needs to achieve a balance between core game play mechanics and in-app purchases

20 Pou

21 Interactive Multimedia Games Development COM631 Hatchi

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