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A Guide for Teachers and Resource Creators. is a new and exciting web collaboration that makes a world of sign language resources accessable.

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1 A Guide for Teachers and Resource Creators

2 is a new and exciting web collaboration that makes a world of sign language resources accessable to people across Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and soon to America and Canada. What is Sign Planet ?

3 is the Australian arm of It includes Special Sections for: Children – Which requires little to no reading skills and includes games, songs and more Adult learners – Which is specifically designed for parents and adults learning sign. Baby Signers – Which focuses on information and resources for those using sign language with babies and toddlers Teachers Desk – Which this presentation is focused on. There is also an ‘About’ Section, that includes useful information for beginners; and an extensive ‘Course database’ What does include ?

4 The Teachers Desk has been designed as the creation hub of From here you can Print, Search, Save, and Create Resources using Sign Images, description of ‘How To Perform’ the signs and Clipart (especially beneficial for those students with low literacy skills) Welcome to the Teachers Desk

5 From here you can access a range of pre made worksheets, charts, flashcards, song sheets, labels for the classroom and alike. You can save these resource on your PC, or simply print them as required. These resources can be searched, based on topic, keywords or sign images included, through the SEARCH section of the site. Teachers Desk - Print

6 From the SEARCH section you can : Search the PRINTABLE RESOURCES Search for a single Sign Search/View Signs by Category Search/View Signs by Learning Level View Signs through the Online Tutorial Teachers Desk - Search

7 cow To Save this image Right button click, select “Save Picture As” Search results will deliver direct matches and key word matches to help you find the exact sign you are looking for.

8 Teachers Desk - Search Click “View Image” To open Video files in a new window, at a larger size A bank of both adults and children signing is being built. Children often sign with less clarity and more enthusiasm Listings include Descriptions of how the sign is performed AJ (pictured below) signing dog with 5 taps to the leg instead of only 2….he always signs dog this way. It is important to remember that, just as a 5 year old may not “say” a word correctly they may not “sign” a word precisely either. Click to view

9 The CREATE section is the largest and most used section of the site. From here you can create your own resources via : Text To Sign Conversion Categories Learning Levels Phrase Interpreter (ALPHA VERSION ONLY) As each section is quite large on its own we will go through each individually Teachers Desk - Create

10 You can influence the outcome of your Text To Sign translation via the following chooses: State selection Include Fingerspelling Include Sign English filler words Teachers Desk – Create Text to Sign Conversation Step 1 – Select State As sign use within Australian states varies, each sign within the Image database has been classified based on state usage. If you are an experienced an Auslan user you should select “ALL”, and make selections between signs yourself, on the following screens. Alternatively, you may choose to select your state (E.g. NSW), and have the software automatically make selections between sign variations for you. As educators are usually aware of the differences and have specific sign preferences we recommend they select “ALL”. Step 2 – Include fingerspelling If you tick this box the software will include the fingerspelling for any missing signs. You may wish to use this option if you are translating complex terms, or peoples and place names, that would be fingerspelt. Step 3 – Include Sign English filler words A number of teachers asked us to include the option of including filler words (such as “did”, “is”, “had”, “am” etc.) that would not normally be signed in Auslan, to assist children, especially those with other learning difficulties, to read. This is optional. If in doubt we recommend NOT ticking this box. Step 4 – Type Text Type the text you wish to convert to images in the box and click CONVERT. We recommend the first time you do this to click the to get hints and tips about this feature

11 Teachers Desk – Create Text to Sign Conversation These features will be explained in coming pages Type the phrase or words you wish to translate and click convert. The screen on the far right will then appear if you do not opt to include “finger spelling”, the one below right has fingerspelling included.

12 When you convert a word that has multiple signs to choose from that sign will appear outlined (pictured right). Teachers Desk – Create Text to Sign Conversation Multiple Image Selection Click the sign you wish to use This is an example of “Simple” worksheet design. Print from here or copy/save images and or words for use in other software such as word.

13 We have developed an extensive list of Categories for you to choose from. If you choose to click “Learning Levels” instead you would be presented with a list of 9 learning levels based on “normal language acquisition” of young children. These are more appropriate for children under five years of age. Simply click the category/learning level that you are interested in to view all listings within that category/level …. Teachers Desk – Create By Category or Learning Level

14 Whether you choose to enter your own word list through the Text-To-Sign Converter, or selected a category or learning level, you will end up with a screen similar to this one, which displays the category “Fruit & Vegetables”. Teachers Desk – Create Worksheet designer You can remove images from your output by “unticking” the box to the left of the heading You can save these images for use in other software by selecting “save picture” when you click your ‘right mouse’ button. Or highlight items and use the copy and paste function

15 There are currently 6 output styles: Simple (from Text-To-Sign Conversion only) Dictionary Writing Worksheet Circle the Sign Circle the object Dice For all styles you can choose: The number of signs per sheet (and thus the size of the images) Whether or not to include the clip art images The font size and style The border size and color Very soon you will also be able to include sign descriptions as well! Teachers Desk – Create Worksheet designer NOTE You can save images and descriptions from the site to use in any software (For example within a word document) and create any style output you need.

16 Here are 2 different Dictionary Page examples that use Arial and “sign Alphabet” as the fonts Teachers Desk – Create Output Example - Dictionary

17 By selecting the “sign Alphabet” font you can create writing sheets entirely in Auslan Teachers Desk – Create Output Example – Writing sheet Modify sign size by selecting less images per page. You can also change the font size and style, box outlining and images displayed

18 You can choose to either display a sign and have children circle the correct “picture” or display the picture and select the correct sign Teachers Desk – Create Output Example – Circle the sign/object

19 These Dice Examples have been produced using the “In The Classroom” category. This category is great for “find the object” games within the classroom. Teachers Desk – Create Output Example - Dice

20 We are currently working on the first ever full English to Auslan translation software. In time this function will allow you to translate sentences from English grammar order to Auslan grammar order. Currently it is only in its formative stages and will convert limited phrases ……. Teachers Desk – Create Phrase Interpreter

21 Teachers Desk - Share The site includes a “Share” section that allows you to share your ideas with others and benefit from the ideas of others. You can also tell us what you need or would like to see on the site. Keep up to date with the latest additions to the site under the “New Features” section Plus you can get helpful hints and tips here that will help you make the most of the site

22 Teachers Desk - LOTE The site includes a special curriculum section that includes teaching notes and material to support signing children from babies to high schoolers. In conjunction with education departments and teachers across the country we are also developing an AUSLAN LOTE curriculum and full support material that will be available through this site soon!

23 Ideas and Application for the classroom Book translations Translate school readers and library books, to help both the signing student and their parents, other teachers and students improve signing skills. Labels and Flash cards Make signs for places in the school (E.g. toilet, library, staff room etc); classroom objects (desk, blackboard, window etc) to help everyone become familiar with signs. Reminder Sheets for non-signing teachers, tuck-shop helpers and alike Make up subject specific sheets of words/sign for teachers, and those other workers around the school to help increase overall communication between the signing student and those within their school community. Cloze Exercises (paragraph where words are left out) Create worksheets on the fly that substitute words ( E.g. Nouns in a sentence) with sign images as a bridge between Auslan and English grammar and writing. Communication boards Utilising both the clipart and sign images communication boards and social stories for pre reading and or learning delayed or multi disabled students. Song sheets, spelling lists, educational games, worksheets,........ The possibilities are endless! WHAT COULD YOU DO?

24 A World of Sign Language At You Fingertips

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