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BIG Writing A Ros Wilson Strategy

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1 BIG Writing A Ros Wilson Strategy
Set up classroom with candle & mozart, lights dimmed

2 The Big Writing Philosophy
Big Writing is the development of the ‘writing voice’ through fast, fun, lively and predominantly oral activities Pupils talk the ‘writing voice’ in a dedicated ‘Big Writing’ session & at other points in a week Based on the premise, IF A CHILD CAN SAY IT, A CHILD CAN WRITE IT

3 Philosophy Continued ….
The talking voice is not the same as the ‘writing voice’ BOYS LOVE TO TALK! WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE BOYS IS GOOD FOR THE GIRLS Talking voice vs posh [writing] voice- RW suggested that T and Ch speak in a posh voice at some point during the day. Talking voice is less formal than writing voice. Talking voice includes slang & dialect, truncated sentences, (get off! Go away! Come here!) superlatives, intonation & expression. Writing voice is grammatically correct.

4 The Four Generic Targets
VCOP Summary Vocabulary Connectives Openers Punctuation The range of ambitious vocabulary a pupil knows; WOW words. The range of ways pupils have of joining ideas, phrases & sentences The strategies pupils have for opening sentences; especially the 3 key openers: connectives, ‘ly’ words & ‘ing’ words The range of punctuation a pupil can use & the accuracy with which they use it. These are the 4 generic targets which impact on writing. Chanting- hand movements. Best writing- always writing at the best level. VCOP should be incorporated into all Literacy sessions in both reading and writing. It may not be a separate session, should permeate all sessions including in other subjects. Still need to teach the framework objectives, picking out other things as well.

5 The Punctuation Pyramid
Level 1 . 2 . ? 3 . ? , ! 4 . ? , ! … ’ “” 5 . ? , … - ! ’ “” : ; ( ) Mention ‘Kung Fu’ punctuation. Multi sensory approach. Appendix 1 Write on Target [Gold Book] included in handout. Philip Davies inset. The Punctuation Pyramid

6 BIG WRITING – The Method
One hour per week, plus daily stocking fillers Time comes from one literacy hour, Time should be split into 2 x 30 min sessions across a morning Will consider at end of session.

7 BIG WRITING – Different text types
Poetry Story Non Fiction Recounts Letters Pupil portfolio- plastic wallet files- special for BIG write only Special paper- recommend A5 lined (yr1) A4 lined with margin everywhere else. The three goals Three pieces of fruit to eat during the session Length, detail, description.

8 BIG WRITING – Teacher’s Role
To maintain the silence To provide 10min brain breaks To prompt pupils to build in VCOP [These are known as time prompts]

9 30 MINS It's BIG Writing time! 10 mins 30 mins 20 mins 15 mins
10 mins Check your punctuation! 30 mins Check your targets! 30 MINS It's BIG Writing time! 20 mins Check your openers and connectives. 15 mins Check your WOW words!

10 Time Prompts A clock should be visible to all pupils, ideally colour coded in 10min intervals. ‘You have had 10 minutes. Count how many sorts of punctuation you have used?’ ‘You have had 15 minutes. How many WOW words have you used?’ ‘You have had 20 minutes. Look at your openers. Have you opened with connectives…’ly’ words, ’ing’ words? ‘You have 5 minutes left.’ Sorts/different types of punctuation not pieces of punctuation After about 5 or 6 weeks, can reduce prompt to ’10 mins, what should you have included?’

11 Stocking Fillers Every day aim to finish one lesson 5 minutes early to do some quick VCOP activities. Encourage the children to ‘steal’ good examples of VCOP from authors. Gold book appendix 2

12 Write on Target The next day “Target Friday” the children will work in small groups or independently to focus on their target. This target will be set by the class teacher in direct response to their Big Write work. For example Target “Please use more adjectives” Work could be Write a list of interesting adjectives. Write three sentences that include two adjectives. This instant response means that children will make clear improvements in their writing before starting the next week’s work. Appendices Kung Fu Punctuation VCOP Activities All Write Now resources Write on Track intervention lessons Y6 linked to chapter 9 Writing Levels from Dunbartonshire linked to Criterion Scale Intervention Y2 READ CH 4 and 5.

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