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Comics and Animation Jeopardy Game Brought to you by Memes TM “…what?!”

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2 Comics and Animation Jeopardy Game Brought to you by Memes TM “…what?!”

3 Da Rules We will read a question and any team may “buzz in” at any time or after we finish reading the question but before the timer bar finishes. We will stop reading the question when a team buzzes in. You “buzz in” by raising your hand. After we call on your team, you will have 10 seconds to answer. If your answer is correct, then your team will be given the allotted points, you will not lose points for incorrect answers, and no answer after being called on will count as incorrect. If a team answers a question incorrectly, the other teams will be given a chance to guess. Sweep a category (answer every question in a category correctly) and you will get an extra 500 points

4 Da Rules (continued) Teams can make opposing teams answer a question using a Reversal To initiate a Reversal any team member must stand up, point to an opposing team and say the word “Reversal!” before we finish reading a question The reversed team must answer the question. If they get the question wrong, they lose the allotted points, but if the reversed team gets the question right, the reversed team gets the allotted points and the reversing team loses the allotted points Teams will only get one reversal per round

5 Da Final Rule The judges have final say and any backtalk or questioning of judgment will not be tolerated!

6 Round 1 Round 1 Anime Terminology Showings Recap Obscure Villains OMGWTFBBQ?! History of CAINE Team 1Team 2Team

7 Intermission

8 Round 2 Round 2 Don’t Fuck Up! Fruity! Voice Actors, not Seiyuu History of Western Comics Team 1Team 2Team




12 Anime Terminology, 100 Back Tsundere Rie, the voice of Taiga, is famous for voicing this kind of character. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

13 Anime Terminology, 200 Back Gaijan/Weaboo Tally and sometimes Phoenix 000 Team 1Team 2Team

14 Anime Terminology, 300 Back Kudere Cool as ice. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

15 Anime Terminology, 400 Back Henshin/Transformation Scene The is the “money shot” sequence of many magical girl anime. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

16 Anime Terminology, 500 Back Ahegao 000 Team 1Team 2Team

17 Showings Recap, 100 Back Spider Sky/Face This visual effect appeared at the end of every Spectacular Spider-Man episode. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

18 Showings Recap, 200 Back Tachikoma These were both the pets and utility vehicles for Section Team 1Team 2Team

19 Showings Recap, 300 Back Tora Dora Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon wannabe. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

20 Showings Recap, 400 Back Tree of Life Souls are gathered here. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

21 Showings Recap, 500 Back Gentle Breeze The meaning of the word “Soyokaze”. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

22 Obscure Villains, 100 Back Hush This vindictive Batman villain wraps his head in cloth to avoid being identified as Batman’s childhood friend, Tommy. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

23 Obscure Villains, 200 Back Hydro-man This villain was created when Spider-Man accidentally knocked him off a cargo ship while battling Namor. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

24 Obscure Villains, 300 Back Ultra-Humanite Appearing in five issues of Action Comics from 1939 to 1940, he is the first recurring supervillain in comics history. Originally a paraplegic scientist, he later implanted his brain into an albino gorilla and declared himself to be the pinnacle of human evolution. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

25 Obscure Villains, 400 Back The Corinthian Having rebelled against the Dream King during his absence, this living nightmare set out on his own to organize serial killers across the US. He especially loves snacking on victims' eyes, and was brought to an end when the Dream King returned. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

26 Obscure Villains, 500 Back Vanisher This villain first appeared in X-Men #2 with the sole ability to teleport. Later he would go on to join with the X-Men to defeat Mutant Master. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

27 OMGWTFBBQ?!, 100 Back One More Day This poorly received Spiderman storyline was written by Joe Quesada and culminated in Peter selling his wife and future daughter (unknown at the time) in order to resurrect Aunt May. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

28 OMGWTFBBQ?!, 200 Back Mister Mxyzptlk He is allegedly the inspiration for all folklore regarding genies and leprechauns. Despite his near-unlimited reality-altering powers, this prankster spends most of his type tormenting Superman until he is fooled into saying his own name backwards. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

29 OMGWTFBBQ?!, 300 Back Freakazoid Super-teen extraordinaire Runs around in underwear Rescues Washington D.C. Unless something better's on TV Name this lunatic superhero with a chocolate-coated brain, co-created by Stephen Spielberg 000 Team 1Team 2Team

30 OMGWTFBBQ?!, 400 Back House of M In this storyline, mutants control the nations of Earth, oppressing normal humans. Peter Parker is married to Gwen Stacy, and Steve Rogers is an old veteran. Wolverine regains his memories. All of this is made possible by the reality warping powers of Scarlet Witch. The storyline concludes with the removal of almost every mutants' powers, leaving only a few hundred on Earth. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

31 OMGWTFBBQ?!, 500 Back Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, El Dorado, and Samurai In 1981, Warner Brothers executives believed that the Super Friends cartoon was too old and too white. Thus, they added the Wonder Twins to the cast along with four brand-new ethnic superheroes, whose powers the show's writers made up as they went along. Name any two of those four racist stereotypes. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

32 CAINE, 100 Back The SAC In the earliest days of CAINE, the group was kicked out of what UVA location. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

33 CAINE, 200 Back Applebee’s This popular after meeting dinner location was featured in works by Frank Miller and Dante. What is its proper name? 000 Team 1Team 2Team

34 CAINE, 300 Back Tom This alcoholic beverage consists of apple cider, simple syrup, and spiced rum. It is reputed to be sweet and devastating at the same time, and was named in honor of which Caine member? 000 Team 1Team 2Team

35 CAINE, 400 Back Strike Witches Peaches once bet that a certain series would NEVER be licensed in the US. This prompted the purchase of the ever popular maid outfit. Which series was it? 000 Team 1Team 2Team

36 CAINE, 500 Back Dan This alumni member lives on in glorious infamy for gaining Caine thousands of dollars from Student Council, before fading to obscurity. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

37 Don’t Fuck Up, 200 Back Chaos Head 000 Team 1Team 2Team When your figures start talking to you, you know you’re super special.

38 Don’t Fuck Up, 400 Back Higurashi 000 Team 1Team 2Team Don’t forget to bring your pesticide to this loli groundhog-month series.

39 Don’t Fuck Up, 600 Back School Days 000 Team 1Team 2Team If you’re going to have sex with most of the school, don’t let it end up on film; otherwise, you might find your head floating at sea.

40 Don’t Fuck Up, 800 Back B Gata H Kei 000 Team 1Team 2Team Sluts, you’re doing it wrong.

41 Don’t Fuck Up, 1000 Back Baka to Test to Shokanju 000 Team 1Team 2Team When herp-derp goes Super Saiyan.

42 Fruity!, 200 Back Death Note Did you know that Shinigamis like apples. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

43 Fruity!, 400 Back One Piece Once you take a bite of fruit in this anime, you’ll sink to the bottom of the ocean. On the plus side, you’ll gain special powers and spend the rest of your life as a pirate. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

44 Fruity!, 600 Back Ichigo 100 Strawberry panties! 000 Team 1Team 2Team

45 Fruity!, 800 Back Fruits Basket This series actually has nothing to do with fruit. Characters turn human when they get hugged by a member of the opposite gender. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

46 Fruity!, 1000 Back Spice and Wolf European economics, apples, and sexy wolf girls. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

47 Voice Actors, 200 Back Mark Hamill This voice actor appeared in both Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. He has also voiced characters in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Avatar: The Last Airbender (as Fire Lord Ozai), and Ultimate Avengers 2. He is perhaps best known for his shockingly evil laughter and portrayal of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series as well as reprising his role in the Arkham Asylum video game. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

48 Voice Actors, 400 Back Kevin Conroy This man. Is Batman. Also Superman, but mostly Batman. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

49 Voice Actors, 600 Back Neil Patrick Harris This famous actor is perhaps known better for his live action work, but he has voiced such characters as Peter Parker in Spiderman: The New Animated Series and the Music Meister in Batman: The Brave and the Bold (including a musical performance). He also voiced Nightwing in the slightly more serious Batman: Under the Red Hood. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

50 Voice Actors, 800 Back Jennifer Hale This prolific voice actress has appeared in The Powerpuff Girls, Spider- Man Unlimited (as Black Cat), Biker Mice from Mars, and Mighty Ducks (as Mallory McMallard). She also voiced characters in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Avatar: The Last Airbender (as Jun and Avatar Kyoshi), and several villains in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. She has also appeared in many, MANY video games. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

51 Voice Actors, 1000 Back Richard Cox This voice actor is best known for his roles in English dubs of anime. He appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 as Allelujah Haptism as well as voicing Inuyasha. He also appeared in X-Men: Evolution as Quicksilver and Transformers Cybertron as Scattershot. He also voices Snails in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

52 History, 200 Back Comics Code This self-censoring, started in 1954, was responsible for the strong censorship of comics in response to the public's concern about graphic material being presented to children. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

53 History, 400 Back Image Comics This comic publisher was founded after high- profile members in Marvel grew dissatisfied with the company’s policies regarding copyright. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

54 History, 600 Back Detective Comics #27 Considered one of the most valuable comics in existence, Batman first appeared in this. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

55 History, 800 Back DC Comics National Allied Publications is the original name of this current day comics publisher. 000 Team 1Team 2Team

56 History, 1000 Back 1941 Superman was the first animated series on television from DC, sharing a studio with Betty Boop and Popeye the Sailor. What year did this show air? 000 Team 1Team 2Team

57 Trollface.jpg, 200 Back Tally 000 Team 1Team 2Team

58 Trollface.jpg, 400 Back Honya 000 Team 1Team 2Team

59 Trollface.jpg, 600 Back Alex 000 Team 1Team 2Team

60 Trollface.jpg, 800 Back Phoenix 000 Team 1Team 2Team

61 Trollface.jpg, 1000 Back Peaches 000 Team 1Team 2Team

62 More Filler!


64 Even More Filler

65 Final Round 000 Team 1 Team 2Team 3 Famous Phrases

66 Even More Filler

67 Adult Swim has been known to troll its anime viewers at any chance they get, but what happened in 2005 takes the cake. One week after accidentally playing episode 20 of this series instead of the finale, they replayed the first three minutes of episode 20 before the finale just for the lulz.

68 000 Team 1Team 2Team

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