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Par3 Profile & FloWave Presentation Presented By Ashok Ramachandran.

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1 Par3 Profile & FloWave Presentation Presented By Ashok Ramachandran

2 Presentation Outline About FloWave FloWave Solution Segments Standard Framework FloWave Benefits FloWave Features FloWave Products Sample Screen FloWave Fit

3 About FloWave A flagship product from Par3 Brings the best of the breed of BPM & RAD benefits FloWave bridges Business & IT gaps Why FloWave – Simple, Rapid, Agile – Empowers business users to manage business process themselves – Minimized implementation efforts, Cost effective – Ease of maintenance – A differentiator in winning projects – Low cost support system – Quick prototyping, shorter sales cycle

4 FloWave Solution Segments Prototyping Tool Business Process Management Iterative Development Rapid Application Development Build Workflow application Build Web application Package Application

5 FloWave Process Transformation

6 FloWave Standard Framework Delivers a number of standard built-in framework features Application Security Audit Workflow Versioning Alerts & Notification ReportsMulti Browser Support Support field level versioning. Upgrade & Rollback to any version of the process Configure access rights up to granular field level in a click Perform root cause analysis by capturing WHO, WHAT & WHEN Automated alerts, reminders & escalation notification

7 Common Central Repository Complete visibility to management Access information anytime, anywhere Respond to business changes Adopt & enforce regulatory standards Increase productivity & efficiency FloWave Benefits (Process Management)

8 Iterative/Progressive Development Accelerated Development Standard application framework Application process versioning Easy application maintenance Significant Cost savings / Quick ROI FloWave Benefits (Rapid Application Development)

9 No Coding, drag & drop configuration of Forms & Workflows Data Security – Field, Forms, State, Row level Transitions – Sequential, Conditional, Looping, Branching Actions – Approve, Reject, Submit, Void, Multi- approval Notifications, Reminders, Escalation and Alerts Self serviced & managed reports FloWave Features

10 FloWave Solution FloWave Designer – eForms designer - A flexible, drag & drop process form designer FloWave Connect – Workflow designer - Draw your business process flow. FloWave Portal – A web portal to collaborate anytime & anywhere FloWave Manager – A tool to perform administration function FloWave Designer FloWave Connect FloWave Portal FloWave Manager

11 FloWave Solution - Portal

12 FloWave Solution – Portal Dashboard

13 FloWave Solution - Designer

14 FloWave Solution - Connect

15 FloWave Solution - Manager

16 FloWave Fit Organization with following environment & initiatives Transform manual paper process Transform Excel/Word process Lack of business control & monitoring Track & trace process information Streamline operational bottleneck Require quick go-to market solution Quick response to business process changes Geographically spread business operation Operation that requires multi-department collaboration Go green initiatives & regulatory enforcements

17 Q&A

18 FloWave – Your key differentiator for success No coding, its just configuration Contact:

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