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To streamline your business needs Farhan Siddiqui (contact: +91-9650-867-474)

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1 To streamline your business needs Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

2  This is a presentation to give you a flavor of customized business software applications built on the most robust and secure technology called Oracle Application Express.  To give you a hint about how effectively and rapidly you can manage your business or your client’s business, by using the technology which is used to build software applications with a negligible waiting time. Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

3  The solutions are developed using the Oracle Technology’s tools, which provide most secure systems in the world, at a very low price.  The software applications, which are fully customized for the business needs, can be created in a very less turn-around time.  Data and document management with approval workflows to get rid of paper work and confusions.  The receipts or invoice printing uses the pixel- perfect dimensions. Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

4  Oracle Application Express is Oracle’s secure rapid application development tool to create business solutions that use very less computer resources.  It is safe, secure, manageable, scalable and multi-user.  Client-Server architecture by default, which means that you do not need to install the software application on all the computers in your organization. You can install it on one machine and use it over all the connected machines to which you allow. Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

5  The further slides will display a sample application which is developed on Oracle Application Express, and is being used by an organization to serve for its billing and invoicing needs.  It generates printable pdf reports  It provides searchable reports which can be customized by any end user easily.  A report can be exported as excel sheets and csv/text files.  A scheduled task to send daily reports via email, at a defined time or event of a day.  It runs perfectly on any internet browser. Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

6  Beautiful pie-charts to give you visibility of valuable data. Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

7  Searchable reports with better visibility of organization’s data Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

8  Robust and secure forms for data entry Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

9  Pdf reports for printing Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

10  Pixel perfect report printing Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

11  Beautiful and fast rendering charts Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

12  Useful graphs for better visibility Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

13  Sends excel reports via email at scheduled hours  Multi-user architecture by default  Able to handle thousands (and more) users at a time  SMS notification to desired contacts  Clickable and downloadable reports Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)

14  If you want to get such a customized solution for your business needs or for your client’s business, write to me at  Or you can call me at +91-9650-867-474 Farhan Siddiqui (contact:, +91-9650-867-474)


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