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Additional uses of the SDRM Charlie Gorman John Jenkins Donny Seyfer.

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1 Additional uses of the SDRM Charlie Gorman John Jenkins Donny Seyfer

2 What is the SDRM? November 3, 2009NASTF General Meeting2 Secure method to support Immobilizer reset and key code dissemination through traditional aftermarket support channels Industry-wide cooperative effort with The Alliance, AIAM, NASTF, ASA, ALOA & NICB Security information available only to vetted “registered” security professionals Provides compliance option for CA SB1542 & enhanced customer support Allows automakers to leverage existing Service Information infrastructures

3 NASTF - VSC Chronology March 2003; ALOA raises security issues with NASTF November 2003; NASTF agrees to “issues assessment” meeting with locksmiths May 2004; locksmiths & automakers agree to perform gap analysis, NASTF engages the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) July 2004; locksmiths & automakers agree to form the NASTF VSC, volunteers from all stakeholder groups encouraged to join July 2005; Secure Data Release Model (SDRM) and Locksmith Registry conceptual model introduced – receives preliminary acceptance from automakers Sept 2005; ALOA announces shift from legislative focus to cooperative effort through NASTF to craft an Industry solution November 2005; NICB announces BOD support for SDRM & Registry model November 3, 2009NASTF General Meeting3

4 NASTF - VSC Chronology March 2006; parties agree on locksmith security standards, background checks, Registry ownership, roles and responsibilities, and funding model June 2006; SDRM and Registry architecture established July 2006; technical subcommittee formed to refine SDRM and Registry model, establish inter-system communication standards December 2006; communications standards ratified by technical workgroup, timeline established for POC and pilot testing February 2007; live demonstration of SDRM to NASTF Board Of Directors and adoption of the model by NASTF September 2007; system goes to pilot with 4 automakers and 10 locksmith companies participating January 2008; SDRM goes into full production operation with 14 automakers participating, several on 50 states basis June 2008; automaker participation and depth of coverage increases to include 50 state coverage for 90% plus vehicles sold in the USA November 3, 2009NASTF General Meeting4

5 SDRM Schematic November 3, 2009NASTF General Meeting5

6 Expand on what works Not just for Locksmiths Independent shops Use the SDRM for immobilizer, radio and module initialization. Dealerships Why not record security related repairs in the dealership? Theft Related Parts sales Mercedes could streamline their program. Make it easy to purchase parts while at the same time increase dealership and aftermarket security (Protect the vehicle owner) Carmakers SDRM offers the opportunity to increase security while at the same time increase aftermarket access. November 3, 2009NASTF General Meeting6

7 SDRM’s Future SDRM was designed to fit almost any OEM application. This flexibility means that the SDRM can expand to take on other tasks. Will diagnostic shops join NASTF’s SDRM? Will Automotive Diagnosticians and High Tech Locksmiths merge into one category known as Vehicle Security Specialists. Is SDRM the solution we need to open up access to all OEM sensitive data required for aftermarket repair parity? Will OEMs begin to use SDRM in their own dealerships? It certainly is a way to move the responsibility from the dealer principal to the technician level. Will the system become global? Other countries need a solution too. November 3, 2009NASTF General Meeting7

8 Panel John Jenkins –CAS New England –Company sells and supports OEM scan tools Donny Seyfer

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