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The Perfect Call Center Services. Abetting revenue generation through cross-selling and up-selling while perking up customer satisfaction scores and trimming.

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1 The Perfect Call Center Services

2 Abetting revenue generation through cross-selling and up-selling while perking up customer satisfaction scores and trimming your operational expenditure, Perfect Communications lends a bracing touch on shareholder values. In a short span of existence, Perfect Communication has lined up entire range of contact center services like inbound call center, outbound call center, data management, customer support etc. Our professional know-how has taught us that the success of our outsourcing business hinges on a good technology base, talented workforce and constant focus on the fulfillment of client objectives. Perfect Communications works in tandem with companies ranging from small businesses, fostering booming partnerships and marketing mixes, which in turn produce lucrative results and success to all the partners allied with us. Our singular intention is to support you and adhere to our commitments helping us surpass your expectations. Leveraging its predictive analytics and real time decision modeling, Go4Customer has consistently enhanced end-client experience and sales conversions across all touch points of customer lifecycle management. Our company motto ‘We Put Your Customers First’ underlines all our commitment to help our clients streamline their costs and experience enhanced customer service. Perfect Communications is a Pakistan-based Call Center Services company that provides performance-driven and high quality services. It aims to fundamentally reshape the face of call center services and customer relationship management (CRM) through strategic solutions that fulfill its clients’ overall mission. Perfect Communications facilitates ‘Business Performance Improvement’ rather than mere cost savings and is a notch closer to 'Business Transformation Outsourcing'. INTRODUCTION

3 OUR SERVICES Inbound Outbound Web Enabled Assured Value-added Benefits: 100% Operational Transparency 100% Recording State-of-the-Art Technology Professional and Well-Equipped Associates Specialized Quality Monitoring System Real Time Reporting Perfect Blend of Quality and Excellent Customer Service Perfect Communications is the nation's most trusted provider of call center services. Our state of the art call center can provide live operator, live chat and web based support. Perfect Communications is recognized within the call center industry, clients, as the benchmark in providing the highest level of quality in customer service. Being the leader in the industry and having vast experience in the call center industry, Perfect Communications has been there for businesses, professionals and organizations. Regardless of the size of your company or your call center service needs, a unique, one of a kind program will be designed just for you. Perfect Communications is the only outsourcing choice that your company should turn to. We deliver highly trained staff and cutting edge technology to all of clients, as well to our client's customers. Perfect Communications is a pioneer in providing call center services.

4 Perfect Communications Inbound Call center offers dynamic support for all your Inbound communications. Maximum phone productivity, better market coverage, skilled & professional talent pool, faster ramp-up of new campaigns, higher lead generation, wider customer base, increased sales are some of the reasons why we are a popular choice for our clients Inbound support needs. OUR INBOUND SERVICES ANSWERING SERVICES ♦ Phone Answering Services♦ Product Information Request ♦ 800 Answering Services♦ Medical Answering Services CUSTOMER SERVICES ♦ Application/Claim Processing♦ Billing Queries ♦ Customer Retention SALES & ORDER FULFILMENT ♦ Order Taking♦ Sales Closure ♦ Up-Selling & Cross-Selling TECHNICAL SUPPORT ♦ Troubleshooting Products & Services

5 OUR OUTBOUND SERVICES SALES ♦ Sales Outsourcing♦ Telemarketing ♦ Product Launches♦ Prospecting Market Research ♦ Significance & Techniques♦ Research Surveys ♦ Customer Satisfaction Surveys♦ Opinion Surveys CREDIT MANAGEMENT ♦ Credit Authorization♦ Credit Verification ♦ Collection VERIFICATION SERVICES ♦ 3 rd Party Verification♦ Insurance Verification ♦ Employment Verification we serve our customers with top-notch outbound call center services and our proficiency has earned our global clientele. We follow a proven result oriented process with guaranteed value for money. And it’s not just about money – our outbound BPO services have functioned as extensions of our customer companies and produced remarkable results.

6 OUR CLIENTS Dish Network DirectTv Verizon Brinks Security ADT Security E.ON Energy & Gas Supplier (U.K) Opus Energy & Gas Supplier (U.K) Orange Mobile Network (U.K) T-Mobiles Home Insolence Services ADT Canada Bell Canada Rogers Canada Landline Telecom U.S.AU.KCANADA We value our clients, their feedback, and satisfaction. Our expert professionals assist in the growth of our client’s business and use their feedback to continually perfect our Service levels. Customer satisfaction derives from Perfect Communications commitment to quality and the dedication of our team to transform your business needs into effective services. Our valued client list includes:

7 GLOBAL CLIENT BASE Our client-base forms the epicenter of all our business activities. Perfect Communications has worked with numerous small, mid and large-sized companies in a wide range of verticals and at all stages of growth. We are a highly resilient and responsive organization that values our clients requirements and suggestions. The majority of our clients are based in Europe, USA, UK, Australia, in addition to domestic sector clients. Amidst a client-oriented culture, we place a premium on giving our clients measurable and qualitative service experience. We regard our clients as our long term partners and work towards cementing a long term continuous work relation. We believe in making clients for life. We really esteem our cross-section of clients and continuously update our client service standards to make them feel more valued. Array Of Clients:

8 CASE STUDIES ABOUT CLIENT BACKGROUND The client was Canada's national communications company engaged in cellular, Digital PCS, paging and data communications, cable television, high-speed Internet access and video retailing. STRATEGY The company preferred to choose Perfect Communications in early January 2004 to be part of the its main Marketing plan, which allowed Perfect Communication’s contact center in Karachi & Islamabad to execute the offshore assignment. The program was inherently a challenging one for three main reasons: High costs of Cable Internet access as compared to Dial-up Low penetration of high-speed Internet in the Canada market, vis-à-vis Dialup. Technical nature of the selling process PERFECT COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTION Based on its own understanding of the program requirements, Perfect Communications set up operations. Some of the salient points during the implementation phase included: ♦ Stringent focus on high quality recruitment & training (especially blending technical training & selling skills training) ♦ Alignment of Performance metrics/ incentives to the objective of maximizing sales per hour (SPH). ♦ Setting up of complete technology infrastructure including the custom reports, systems for remote 3rd party sales verification, remote client monitoring. OUTCOME Within 5 weeks, Perfect Communication began to achieve the SPH targets as well as outperform the client's in-house centers. What the client has to say : “The performance of the team has exceeded all our expectations. There are no more questions we have about outsourcing to Pakistan!” - Vice-President Operations.

9 CONTACT US OUR PHONE NUMBERS U.S Number+1-845-605-4555 Ahtisham Ahmed +923-323-5531135 Mubashir Ahmed +923-331-2860405 OUR E-MAIL ADDRESSES SKYPE Perfect.communication,pa-101 Feel Free to Contact us

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