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EFFECTIVE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. Nowadays, for any group of people whether it is a commercial organization or an official body the contemporary business.

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2 Nowadays, for any group of people whether it is a commercial organization or an official body the contemporary business environment demand effective means for managing and controlling organization.

3 TeamWox is an all-in-one enterprise management system, which combines a comprehensive set of all the vital fundamental tools critical for organizing effective management of any organization within the framework of a single cohesive technological solution. The system allows organization to optimize and streamline its various business processes, identify any inefficiency within established operations and eliminate them from the work processes. As a result, all this leads to the increase in transparency and effectiveness in managing the organization, increased productivity and labor quality of employees, and reduced running and administrative costs. TeamWox System

4 This is a virtual personnel department, where all information on employees is stored in the current module: addresses, telephone numbers, personal data, and other information. Here it is also possible to store all the documents associated with any specific employee: contract of employment, scanned copies of the passports, medical insurance documents, and any other documents. Team In addition, the module includes several automated reports displaying the working time of employees, vacations, and organizational structure.

5 The possibility to quickly formulate and delegate the daily tasks, deliver them for handing directly to the required staff members, and supervise the execution status of the tasks – this is an aspiration of every manager. TeamWox also provide such possibility to its users. Tasks The “Tasks” module provide a quick and easy means to create a task, assign responsible staff members for handling the task, supervise work, promptly discuss and finalize any arising issues and questions related to the task at hand, and move on. For convenience, it is also possible to include any related documents, diagrams and graphs, graphical, audio and video materials when working with tasks.

6 The organized and centralized storage place, quick search and easy access to the needed and most recent documents – these are the critical productivity concerns of any organization. TeamWox effectively deals with this issue. The “Documents” module allows storing in electronic form and exchanging any types of documents within the organization. The implemented versioning and collaborative work systems provide effective means to dramatically slash the time spent in documents preparation process. Documents Often in medium and large size organizations the time spent in preparation of the documents is a time-consuming and frequently overdue process. TeamWox helps to eliminate this problem. Here you will find a simple and convenient scheme for working with documents.

7 Using TeamWox it is possible to swiftly and easily exchange the documents, modify them, control and work with different versions of the same documents starting from the raw initial drafts to the latest finalized versions of the documents, assign the documents for completion, reviewing, approval, and more. Documents Thanks to the built-in documents versioning support, it is now possible to dramatically accelerate the group work with the documents. This functionality feature will always show what modifications have been done with the document and who did it. In addition, the versioning support allows finally to forget about the common practical problem called “this is not the recent version of the document”. As a result, with the help of TeamWox the speed and efficiency in processing the documents within the organization is dramatically increased, which makes the overall process much more manageable and transparent.

8 Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a normal functioning of any organization without this communication facility in place. TeamWox implements all the standard common email functionalities with several additional functionalities and features. First, all recognized emails automatically linked and stored in the communication history of the specific organization and contact in the system. Second, email messages can now be simply assigned to the competent or responsible employees within the organization for processing, instead of resending and forwarding the email messages back and forth. Third, any documents and attachments from the email messages can be saved and stored directly in the system and vise versa, and much more. Email module in TeamWox improves the overall work and saves working time of employees. E-mails

9 This is the database of all external legal entities and contacts with which your organization maintains any form of communication and mutual relationship. Here the system centrally stores detailed information about your clients and other organizations and individual contacts, keeps track of all co-operation and communication history with them, and generate automatic reports. Organizations and Contacts The important feature of such database is its interconnection with all other modules within the system, which provides a facility for all types of information related to any one specific organization and contact to be stored in one centralized place: all email correspondence and chat communication are stored automatically in the history and it is possible to add various documents and other information directly in the records of specific organization and contact in the system.

10 Board This is essentially an internal corporate forum facility. The “Board” module is an ideal tool for internal interaction and broad discussions within the organization. For example, using this easy and convenient tool the directors and managers can quickly and easily organize virtual meetings, relay any message to staff members within the organization, stimulate open discussions, and receive prompted and unbiased feedback.

11 Cost TeamWox Enterprise Management System is available at a fixed price of 10 thousand US dollars and the system has no limitation on the number of users in the system. This cost also includes free annual subscription, which grants the access to free system updates and free technical support services for a period of one year. After the expiry of the initial subscription the product will continue working in a fully-functional mode, but without the additional services and benefits that are normally available with the annual subscription. The subscription is optional, and can be renewed on the annual basis only. The annual subscription cost is 6 thousand US dollars. ORDER NOW!

12 About Us Our company is in the software development industry since 2000. The main products of the company are: the online trading platform for brokers and banks, and also TeamWox Enterprise Management System. Throughout the history of our company, we have introduced our software solutions in many companies worldwide and we have proved ourselves as a reliable supplier of the advanced technological business solutions. CYPRUS 22 Griva Digeni Ave./Off. 301 Limassol, 3106, Cyprus Tel: +357 25 875134 Fax: +357 25 580191 UNITED KINGDOM Surrey Technology Centre, 40 Occam Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7YG, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1483 685410 Fax: +44 (0) 1483 685411 CHINA 26/F Shanghai Times Square Office Tower 93 Huai Hai Zhong Road, Shanghai, 200021, China Tel: +86 21 51176331 Fax: +86 21 62888068

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