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THE ART OF STRATEGIC TALENT MANAGEMENT. Did you know?… A survey commissioned in metropolitan Atlanta by American InterContinental University (AIU) has.

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2 Did you know?… A survey commissioned in metropolitan Atlanta by American InterContinental University (AIU) has found that employers believe today's job seekers are better equipped for productive employment than their equivalents in the past…

3 When… Candidates possessed a quality education whether through a traditional school or via experience (90 per cent of respondents) New hires could immediately make a significant contribution to the organization (91 per cent of employers/managers) 'Responsibility' and 'communication' skills were rated highly among desirable attributes in new hires but being a 'team player' came as a close second Most hiring managers wanted to see more job candidates with a bachelor’s degree and three out of four felt that additional external skills training and certificate classes were needed Three out of four employers encouraged current employees to engage in outside training but far fewer offered financial assistance for continuing education to the same workers.

4 Phoenix Business Development Group… Provides coaching, mentoring and development to individuals, businesses and corporate environments helping them create portfolios that expand their marketability, accessibility and profitability.

5 Our Program Builds character and self – confidence Develops strengths through self – awareness Creates an understanding of accountability and responsibility Teaches problem – solving and critical thinking skills

6 Program Endorsements Our Professionals deliver a comprehensive, by design, on – demand program created to develop critical talents necessary to identify, create and capitalize on opportunities. The program uses career and business models as the vehicle for educating, training and creating 21 st Century leaders who will thrive and prosper in an international and global economy.

7 Participation has its Benefits Participants obtain a Work Readiness Certificate (WRC) upon completion of the program Access to HR Directors and Managers from Fortune 500 companies Accredited and Certified programs Improved communication skills Placement for qualified candidates

8 Our Clients Say… “I attended the “Influence of your Authentic Voice” seminar on Saturday, I interviewed on Monday and I got the job. And the money too!” – K. Johnson (32) Chino Hills, CA “Phoenix Business Development Group helped me create my resume. I uploaded it on and immediately began receiving calls for interviews. I was hired on the spot.” – C. Ware (19) Redondo Beach, CA “I had been in the same job for 17 years. I tried and tried and they would not promote me. After working with Tonya Haynes and the Phoenix Business Development Group team for six months, I realized that I am accountable for my own career. I have since been promoted, received a 20% raise and work from home.” – L. Zamorano (50) San Dimas, CA


10 “Success Defined by Results” Tonya Haynes: President of Phoenix Business Development Group and spearhead for Maximum Potential Achieved Entrepreneurial & Career Academy, exited Corporate America after 25 years in an executive leadership position. Ms. Haynes cast off her company persona to enrobe herself as an entrepreneur pursuing her passion of training and development, positioning people to achieve at their potential. In this new role Ms. Haynes has the autonomy and latitude to assist people with building their business and career portfolio in a manner that is productive for both the person and the company. To date, Tonya has facilitated training and development sessions that prepare individuals for successful career paths and assisted hundreds of business owners build financial health and wealth in their companies.

11 “Your Mission is Possible” Valerie D. W. Rowe: Drawing on her 20 years of leadership experience in communications, financial services, retail sales, and mortgage lending, Valerie inspires professionals and aspiring leaders to enhance their professional exposure, land great- paying jobs, and advance their current careers. She's helped hundreds of individuals and numerous organizations achieve extraordinary results through constant research and innovative strategies that are designed to streamline processes, increasing revenues, and BOOST an organizations morale and bottom line far beyond the basics.

12 “It’s A Jungle Out There” J. Eldridge Taylor, Jr: Possessing more than 23 years of experience in all aspects of sales and customer service enable him to draw on real customer situations during group and individual sessions with clients. His “working class” background enables him to connect with line employees as well as senior – most managers and provide meaningful insights, guidance and solutions.

13 Our Beyond the Basics Training Career Exploration Effective Communication Strategies Leadership Credentialing Time Management Serving the WOW! Factor Diversity & Inclusion Sexual Harassment Compliance Selling with WIIFM Meetings made Productive Teambuilding and much more…

14 The Experts Say… Work-related training is associated with significantly higher productivity. A 1% point increase in training is associated with an increase in value added per hour of about 0.6% and an increase in hourly wages of about 0.3%

15 Seeking Results Oriented Training? We can help…

16 CALL TODAY! 888.821.0611 Visit us on the web at

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