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Improving the NRM Knowledge System for Regions Nerida Hart, Program Manager, Knowledge for Regional NRM.

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1 Improving the NRM Knowledge System for Regions Nerida Hart, Program Manager, Knowledge for Regional NRM

2 Overview Land & Water Australia Knowledge for Regional NRM Phase 1 Knowledge for Regional NRM Phase 2 –3 packages Australian Agriculture and Natural Resources Online (AANRO)

3 Land & Water Australia Statutory research and development (R&D) corporation within the Australian Government Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry portfolio Established in 1990 as the Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation (LWRRDC) under the Primary Industries & Energy Research & Development (PIERD) Act 1989 One of 14 R&D Corporations and related companies Managed corporately, independent Board (CAC Act) $12.6m appropriation; ~$36m R&D spend (2006-7) >30 co-investing partners

4 What does LWA do? We’re in the knowledge business We buy, broker and manage research, we don’t do it Our research aims to support sustainable resource management

5 Knowledge for Regional NRM Programme Phase 1 - Early 2005 to June 2006 –Scoping, collaboration, initial delivery

6 Regionally identified knowledge issues from Phase One - examples Need to reduce fragmentation of information sources Ability to better define and communicate knowledge needs to establish a more relevant R&D agenda Support to further develop information-seeking and management practices

7 Phase One issues cont More information needs to be available at a scale relevant to regional decision-making Account for the diversity of circumstances and user preferences with regard to accessing information (variability across regions and individuals)

8 Knowledge for Regional NRM Phase 2 - July 2006 to June 2008 –Test concepts, develop products and services, commence implementation 3 packages of products and services

9 Where our services target the NRM Knowledge System

10 Package 1: Better Practice in Knowledge Management for Regions –Regional Knowledge Strategies developed through a 5-stage process which explores 3 lines of enquiry: Information systems mapping Information needs surveys (internal staff & external stakeholder) Narrative –Visit for full details Regional Knowledge Resource Kit & training package:

11 Package 1: Better Practice in Knowledge Management for Regions –Development: Pilots with 5 regional bodies Expert input from consultants Anecdote Pty Ltd Concludes December 2007 –Implementation: To be facilitated in regions across Australia by Regional Knowledge Leaders Commences January 2008


13 Package 2: NRM Toolbar –Version 1 (Released week of 2 October 2007): Includes customised NRM Search Engine, databases of Decision support tools, brokering services, events, knowledge needs and e-networks Development benefiting from collaboration with education investments through involvement of Limited See –Before the end of 2007: Regional Knowledge Bases NRM Toolbar interface –In first 6 months of 2008: R&D Directory Funding database Knowledge Market Report

14 Package 2: NRM Toolbar

15 Package 3: Knowledge Brokering for Regions –‘Gotta question’ Online form to submit questions available 1300 307 457 number now available –Systematic Reviews More than a literature search: questioning, searching, appraising, applying and evaluating A new way of thinking about NRM research synthesis Example from evidence-based medicine: Cochrane Collaboration Currently investigating options to pilot the approach

16 Package 3: Knowledge Brokering for Regions –Networks of expertise (Communities of practice) CoP for Knowledge Brokers initiated in October 2007 Potential new CoP being proposed for South Australia –Supporting NRM innovations Opportunistic support of region to region mentoring Developing a guideline to allocate funding –Collaborative Regional Investment Identifying opportunities for regions to collaboratively invest in research – as Knowledge Needs Database populated and ‘Gotta question’ requests received

17 AANRO – what is it? A national R&D bibliographic database for Agriculture and Natural Resources Management – contains research in progress and final reports Initiative of the Australian Government in partnership with the States, NRMSC, PISC & RDCs Integrated knowledge and discovery tool for research and extension information. Content sourced from RDCs, CRCs, and Federal and State Government Departments

18 National Agriculture and NRM R&D annual spend over $1bil - If we drop the ball now, we’ll need to reinvent it within 5 years, at much greater cost Crowded, fragmented scene – multiple databases with much cross over and duplication Publicly funded research outputs should be freely accessible and searchable online (Research Quality Framework, E-Research Strategy, Code of Conduct for Responsible Research, OECD) AANRO – Drivers for Redevelopment

19 Gateway AANRO StreamlineABOA Metadata: Author _____________ Title _______________ Affiliation ___________ Abstract ____________ ___________________ Subject _____________ Places ______________ URL _______________ AANRO Mgt Committee Redevelopment Collaboration: RDC’s, State Agencies, CSIRO etc. Research in progress Final reports Repository AANRO Interface Dig. Obj. Regional KB Public Regional KB Private Dig. Obj. Summary

20 AANRO - Now Management Committee established (6 – GRDC, HAL, DAFWA, DPI, Joint Team) LWA selected as agency to manage AANRO: Manage contracts with service providers Development of new system to meet needs Communication and Marketing Arrange training for participants Consolidate partner buy–in and ongoing support (contracts – over 30 agencies)

21 Linking other knowledge repositories - Regional Knowledge Bases to be included Integrated into agencies’ knowledge management systems: –Corangamite CMA, LWA, Meat & Livestock Australia, Fisheries RDC, Livestock Library –retain identity, use AANRO to improve their websites and manage knowledge assets (upload critical) Link to the NRM Toolbar to expose the research AANRO – Future

22 AANRO – Future cont. Currently testing various open source options with USQ Once testing is completed and the final report available we will go to tender for a hosting and development organization Goal is to be recognised as the trusted source for agriculture and natural resource management research and information for Australia One of the first discipline based repositories for Australia Launch date March 08

23 Any questions? Further information on the Knowledge for Regional NRM Programme can be found at The Regional Knowledge Resource Kit can be found at The NRM Toolbar can be found at

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