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Driving Efficient Cross-Border Trade Angela Baumann Solution Management SAP GTS SAP AG, 2005.

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1 Driving Efficient Cross-Border Trade Angela Baumann Solution Management SAP GTS SAP AG, 2005

2  SAP AG 2005 2 Challenges in Global Trade Global Trade Challenges for Enterprises Secure and streamline global supply chains Compliance with laws & regulations Flexible and integrated IT infrastructure Global Trade Challenges for Governments: Facilitation of efficient cross-border commerce Increased security and transparency Global standardization of data models

3  SAP AG 2005 3 Summary of SAP Today SAP AG in 2004 revenues: € 7.5 billion 91,500 installations More than 27,000 companies run SAP Providing more than 25 Industry Solutions 33,209 SAP employees (March 31, 2005) 12 million users in 120+ countries Integrate their business processes Extend their competitive capabilities Get a better return on investment at a lower total cost of ownership Unique Partner Ecosystem More than 1,500 partners Overall more than 180,000 SAP partner certificates

4  SAP AG 2005 4 SAP’s Product Portfolio SAP supports modernization projects through an open application infrastructure and an easy way to combine and adapt processes across systems and business areas SAP enables their customers to respond rapidly to changing market conditions SAP allow companies and their business partners to streamline work processes and exchange information SAP offers solutions to help to manage the change

5  SAP AG 2005 5 Challenges in Global Trade Today´s supply chains are unpredictable Unanticipated supply chain costs Automation is a goal, not a reality Continually evolving regulatory demands Need for visibility and security Different ways of communication Synchronizing the flow of goods with the flow of money is the next horizon for efficiency

6  SAP AG 2005 6 SAP´s Solution Approach for Global Trade Ensures trade compliance to eliminate risks of costly fines and penalties of non-compliance Helps to claim duty concessions and refunds to save money and increase competitiveness SAP™ Global Trade Services helps you to facilitate tighter national security, expedite customs clearance and claim refunds while trading globally Automate customs processes to expedite customs clearance and comply with requirements of customs authorities

7  SAP AG 2005 7 SAP´s Solution Approach for Global Trade Ensures integration Provides the necessary integration from duty assessment to tax calculation and remittance handling Complete shipment lifecycle Processes the entire shipment lifecycle: manifest, declaration, classification, bond management, inspection and audit Handles Risk Assesement including cargo, passenger, and immigration screening SAP™ Customs Management for Customs Agencies allows agencies to mitigate the risk associated with customs modernization projects as well as to improve customs operations while realizing lower costs through total cost of ownership

8  SAP AG 2005 8 SAP – Customers

9  SAP AG 2005 9 Driving Efficient Cross-Border Trade Thank you for your attention For more information please visit

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